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Signs of the Times #1114
USNews: Bush´s military service in question – again [Sep 8] The White House used an inappropriate–and less stringent–Air Force standard in determining that President Bush fulfilled his National Guard duty. Even using this lesser standard, the president did not attend enough drills to complete his obligation to the Guard during his final year of service. For several experts contacted by U.S. News, how President Bush received his honorable discharge from the Guard remains a mystery. [and from another source] Why Bush left Texas [Sep 14] Linda Allison, the widow of Jimmy Allison, the Alabama campaign manager and a close friend of Bush´s father, said that the younger Bush´s drinking problem was apparent. Some use of drugs was involved. It is notable that in 1972, the military was in the process of introducing widespread drug testing as part of the annual physical exams that pilots would undergo.
Signs of the Times #1113
Man when stuff comes in, it's hard and heavy! On September first [Sep 1] something went whosh past the Sun and possibly between the Sun and the observation telescope. The following pics were taken September 1st. For what it's worth, SOHO has gone ‘So what?’ and the viewing doors are closed. The webcams at the Antarctic have been down as well. Look carefully for anomalies. They're there.
Signs of the Times #1112
In the very words we use to describe this, and all tragic events. Passed down from their Latin and Greek origns.
CATASTROPHE: \Ca*tas"tro*phe\, n. [L. catastropha, Gr. ?, fr. ?
to turn up and down, to overturn; kata` down + ? to turn.] 1. An event producing a subversion of the order or system of things; a final event, usually of a calamitous or disastrous nature; hence, sudden calamity; great misfortune.
DISASTER: \Dis*as"ter\, n. [F. d['e]sastre; pref. d['e]s- (L. dis-) + astre star, fr. L. astrum; a word of astrological origin. See Aster, Astral, Star.] 1.
An unpropitious or baleful aspect of a planet or star; malevolent influence of a heavenly body; hence, an ill portent. [Obs.]
Signs of the Times #1111
Earth's Magnetic Field Is Fading [Sep 9] ‘Earth's magnetic field is fading. Today it is about 10 percent weaker than it was when German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss started keeping tabs on it in 1845, scientists say. If the trend continues, the field may collapse altogether and then reverse. Compasses would point south instead of north. ... [Right]: A simulation of Earth's magnetic field structure. [Left]: An image of what Earth's magnetic field might look like during a reversal, something humans may have to worry about thousands of years from now.’ [Note: always eons away, not in our life time, too terrible to think about.]
Signs of the Times #1110
Global Quakes in sweep sets have continued, a Sep 10 Double and a Sep 11 Medium, then the seismos down for days, but accompanied by a London/England derailments.[and from another source] Train Chaos after Derailment. [Sep 13] Commuters were left facing delays after a train derailment and a power failure. In the first incident an empty train that was to run from Cannon Street came off the rails as it approached Dartford station in Kent at 7.45 AM. [and from another source] 'A regional commuter train derailed a few miles outside of Cuneo on the line connected with Turin. The accident occurred at 7.20 AM today. The train conductor and a passenger were killed, 30 others were injured.'
Signs of the Times #1109
The Observer [Sep 12],,1302604,00.html ‘Something strange is tugging at America's oldest spacecraft. As the Pioneer 10 and 11 probes head towards distant stars, scientists have discovered that the craft - launched more than 30 years ago - appear to be in the grip of a mysterious force that is holding them back as they sweep out of the solar system. The strange behaviour of the Pioneers - which swept by Jupiter and Saturn in the Eighties - was discovered by John Anderson and Slava Turyshev of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and Michael Martin Neito of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The Sun's gravity appeared to have a grip on the craft.’ [and from another source] This diagram appeared in the 1987 edition of the New Science and Invention Encyclopedia published by H.S. Stuttman, Westport, Connecticut, USA. The article was discussing the purpose of the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes. Clearly shown is “Nemesis” a popular name for our sun’s binary companion, a dead star. Why does this diagram clearly shows the approximate location of Planet X (a.k.a. the 10th or 12th Planet)? Planet X is presented as a matter of fact in this respected encyclopedia. Some have suggested the paths of Pioneers 10 and 11 were chosen as to get a triangulated fix on Planet X, a suggestion this chart would support. [Note: since the Pioneers were sent in the direction of Planet X, now in the inner solar system, perhaps caused by the additional gravity pull of Planet X.]