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Signs of the Times #1628
Airing now once a week on Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows for the month of July. For those unable to listen to audio on their PC's, the scripts for the various shows become available as links from the ZetaTalk Media page as soon as the show airs. Currently available for the shows for July 5, July 12, July 19, July 26.
July 5 - The Passage, a Short Story, Strange New Neighbors (Part 4) The Passage is a story about several different groups as they experience a pole shift. The Passage was first written as a script, then later as a short story. It is the short story that is being presented here, with character descriptions from the script. Part 4 and the final part of The Passage, the short story, continues. A group from the Dome City is introduced to life on other planets, many of whom are frequent visitors to the Dome City. Their guide the boy from the ranch, long a contactee and familiar with the routine. Taken on an observation ship piloted by the Zetas, they first visit an amphibious octopus, an old friend of Billy's. On a planet baked by a hot sun, they meet hominoids covered by protective skin plates. Another life form comes as a duo, a living ball of water enclosing an intelligent jellyfish, and Billy goes for a swim. Poisonous planets, where the group must stay in the ship, include a gaseous planet with a manta ray type life form. And the residents of the Dome City soon discover they have new neighbors, also in a Dome City, who are not entirely human!
July 12 - Increasing Illness as the Pole Shift Approaches Emanations from the core of the Earth creating albinos such as the White Buffalo, and mutations in frogs and other creatures. Albinos on the increase, worldwide. Relationship to white eye-less fish in caves. How climate change changes to germs around you. Epidemics of known diseases and re-emergence of older diseases and how this relates to climate change and repressed immune systems. Why immune systems are dropping and what to do about it. Morgellons as an example. Sun scald that has emerged since 2003 and the arrival of Planet X, and its effect on crops and people. Extent of crop failure due to weather swings and how poor nutrition affects the immune system. Stress diseases, and how to counter them. The basis of anorexia and why it is on the increase. Auto-immune diseases and how to counter its base cause. Why cancer is often a death wish and why it responses to a renewed will to live. Why attitude it the most important ingredient during troubled times, and why live after the pole shift will improve dramatically.
July 19 - The Big Lie, How the Cover-up is Managed The limited number of individuals in the know until recently, as Planet X was not visible to the common man. Who were these individuals, and by what route did they learn of the pending passage? Amateur astronomers in the know. The press from the public when the Second Sun became visible in 2003. How the increased earthquake activity was handled. How word spread from friend to friend, and who the elite give clues as to their bunkers and plans. The arms of the cover-up, including NASA and observatories, scientists working for universities or corporations, the media, and heads of government. The 3 stages of the cover-up, and how we are in the last stage at present. How the elite share these secrets among themselves. What world leaders were aware prior to the year 2000, and who is aware at present. The real agenda during the meetings of heads of government from around the world in France and Europe on the May 28, 2003. Why the passage is an impossible message for a government to deliver to its peoples. Why face to face meetings are the only venue for discussion about Planet X, and what heads of government are negotiating when they meet.
July 26 - The ZetaTalk Saga, how ZetaTalk Began Excerpts from the chat logs in 1995, when ZetaTalk began in an AOL chat room. How Q&A with the Zetas has changed since the early days. The love/hate relationship with ZetaTalk that expressed from the beginning, and the compelling fascination that ZetaTalk holds for both camps. Hostility toward ZetaTalk, the early expressions of this, and how the Zetas responded with debate, from the start. Range of questions posed to the prolific Zetas in the early days, and the first words from the Zetas on pertinent issues. Speculation on the source of ZetaTalk, due to the astonishing detail and scientific knowledge displayed, and demands that Nancy provide proof that the Zetas are real. Nancy's story, her first meeting with the Zetas as a child, pre-birth agreement, participation in the Zeta/human hybrid program, introduction to a hybrid child, early encounters with MJ12 as a contactee, brain modification to enhance telepathic communications with the Zetas, and introductions to life from other planets.
Signs of the Times #1627
The katkam webcam in Vancouver is also showing an orb to the right of the Sun, at sundown. Note at 20:36 the clouds are in front of this orb, but not in front of the Sun. Thus, this is not a lens flare. At 20:38 the cloud is heavily over the orb, and through the middle of the Sun, showing a different cloud obscuring pattern also.
Signs of the Times #1626
From Italy: This time there can be no more excuses: it's on SOHO, and what else could it be! [and from another] From Nancy: I see a dim spot toward the center, which might be Planet X as the dust is closest there, reflecting back to the Sun. Notice the light reflecting from this cloud also streams away from the Sun, but not along the lines of light spreading out from the Sun. Planet X is not at the Sun, but more mid-way toward Earth, so the angle would be different. [and from another] I was hoping you could possibly explain this picture. Photo take in Springfield, MO on Aug 2, 2006. [and from another] Nancy: Sure can! That dot in the center of the photo is a light overload. The fact that there is a second body, smaller than the Sun, with a similar dot indicates a second light source. My guess, Planet X!
Signs of the Times #1625 [Jul 22] Wanta on June 12 entered into a negotiated settlement with U.S. authorities ending his quest to recover an estimated 27.5 trillion in funds first generated by Wanta on behalf of President Ronald Reagan at the end of the Cold War. After Reagan left office, the money was earmarked for the American people with Wanta as legal trustor. Wanta was framed, arrested, arraigned before a US Judge in New York, released when the judge threw the case out, rearrested without a warrant on the US courtroom steps, extradited illegally to Wisconsin on a trumped-up tax charge, suffered false witness, jailed for 22 years, experienced three attempts to murder him in prison plus unsuccessful official efforts to have him certified insane, released into house arrest in Wisconsin where he languished for many years, and falsely reported by the lying CIA to be dead. Presently, the 4.5 trillion is being held by Bank of America in Richmond, Va., as the Federal Reserve Board is illegally blocking the release of the money to the U.S. Treasury, the American People, AmeriTrust and Wanta. [and from another] This is a story that is more true than not, but there is more behind it than is being told. The official explanation is that the money was given to undercut Russia's economy, but just look at the timeframe. This was a time when these individuals, well aware of the coming pole shift, the coming passage of Planet X, were planning to build enclaves, planning to have secret bunkers, planning to have a manned moon mission program and the like. All of this is tremendously expensive. A great deal more money than the Wanta money was siphoned aside, a great deal of money-laundering, drug running and the like, to get money for dealing with the pending pole shift. Would the truth be known, the American public would be horrified, especially when social services like universal health care are denied in the US. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProductions Live, written July 29.]
Signs of the Times #1624 [Jul 19] Passengers on the ship were thrown into the ocean after a steering problem caused the ship to tilt 30 degrees to the left right after it departed from Florida's Port Canaveral on its way to New York. [and from another] [July 25] The US Coast Guard and Air Force were attempting to rescue 22 crew from a cargo ship carrying nearly 5,000 cars last night after it rolled almost on to its side and began taking on water 230 miles south of the Aleutian Islands. [and from another]  To all extent it appears to be a steering problem, but what made the automated equipment go awry? This equipment has been in use for many, many decades and of course uses stabilizing gyroscopes that utilise magnetics. Thus this is a magnetic anomaly, a type of magnetic surge that caused the gyroscopes to be off kilter. The ship was adjusting. The ship was attempting to adjust to what it perceived as reality. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProductions Live, written July 29.]
Signs of the Times #1623
An Earthquake Every Two Weeks? It's Happening Near Cleveland [Jul 13] Without damage or injury and sometimes unnoticed, a corner of suburban Cleveland has become the earthquake capital of Ohio, shaking on average every two weeks since New Year's Day and making people wonder: What's next? Earthquake experts don't know why the repetitive quakes have come at this time. Eye-catching series of earthquakes -- measuring from magnitude 2.0 to 3.8 [and from another] Power returns to most areas hit by blackout [Jul 21] New York state was facing the largest blackout in the history of America and had lost more than 85 percent of power in New York state. the exact cause remains unknown, but indications so far point to a downed 345,000 volt power line east of Cleveland, Ohio, on the "Lake Erie loop" -- a series of transmission lines around the lake. [Note the common factor, Cleveland, Ohio affected by the stretching St Lawrence Seaway.]
Signs of the Times #1622
The Red Sea Parts Again [Jul 19] Satellite images show that the Arabian tectonic plate and the African plate are moving away from each other, stretching the Earth's crust and widening the southern end of the Red Sea, scientists reported in this week's issue of journal Nature. Last September, a series of earthquakes started splitting the planet's surface along a 37-mile section of the East African Rift in Afar, Ethiopia. Over a period of three weeks, the crust on the sides of the rift moved apart by 26 feet and magma-enough to fill a football stadium more than 2,000 times-was injected along a vertical crack, forming a new crust. [and from another] Death Toll From Indonesia Tsunami Hits 659 [Jul 22] The death toll from the Indonesian tsunami earlier this week climbed to 659 with 330 others missing. Towering waves crashing into a 110-mile stretch of Java's southern coast. [Note: more plates on the move, as per the Scripted Drama.]
Signs of the Times #1621
Hezbollah Drone Attacks Israeli Warship [Jul 14] Hezbollah rammed an Israeli warship with an unmanned aircraft rigged with explosives and set it ablaze Friday, after attack jets smashed Lebanon's links to the world one by one and destroyed the headquarters of the Islamic guerrilla group's leader. The attack on the warship off Beirut's Mediterranean coast - which left four sailors missing - was the most dramatic incident on a violent day in the conflict that erupted suddenly and appeared to be careening out of control despite pleas from world leaders for restraint on both sides. [and from another] Syria calls for Hezbollah cease fire [Jul 14] In a significant move, the Syrian ambassador to London, in an interview with the BBC, called on Hezbollah to stop firing missiles at Israel. [and from another] Israel gives Syria ultimatum [Jul 15] Israel gave Syria 72 hours to stop Hezbollah's activity. [and from another] Is the sudden Israeli confrontation with Lebanon incited? Look at the rhetoric from the mouths of spokespersons for the US and Israel. Iran and Syria must stop their activities! Lebanon attacks, and now we are engaging Syria and Iran! Just what the Bush Administration and Israel wanted! While the reluctant US military is stuck in Iraq at present, trying to bring the troops home and slip away as quickly as possible, the Bush Administration is trying to force them into a war with Iran. A move to invade and control the oil fields in Saudi is only a step away, with the excuse that the Middle East is now further destabilized and the oil fields need protection. Hezbollah has been infiltrated, as one might imagine, by Israeli agents, and why would it not? In the past it has been a major headache for Israel. This was an Israeli arranged kidnapping, with the soldiers in the hands of Israeli agents. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Hezbollah Attacks.]
Signs of the Times #1620 The Swiss formation looks quite crooked and misshaped in its geometry...and impression that gets supported by the new aerial-pictures. Peter Jetzer and Beni Sidler of the Swiss Crop Circle Reserach Group were at the site and found a very mechanically flattened lay, crooked pathways, off symmetry and last but not least postholes in the circle's centres. [and from another] Researchers examining the Poland circle quickly realized that it was a false crop circle and besides very primitive one. [and from another] A 3D circle, the first of its kind, also emerged in 2006 and is a hoax. The clues here are the use of straight lines, almost exclusively, where the real circle makers have always used circles and curved lines almost exclusively. Second, this is clearly an aberation of the Magnetic Resonance theme, with the theme defaced. Magnetic resonance reverberates out in all directions, as magnetic fields do. The original circle makers show the relationship in time, during a given year, that there are three trimesters in a year which man considers to be composed of four seasons, for instance. What is this hoax portraying? Not a magnetic reverberation in all directions, but something pulling in one direction. In that the most sophisticated hoaxers are attempting to dilute the magnetic message given by the legitimate circle makers, they are giving you a clue as to what the establishment fears. They are telling you that your compasses will begin getting even more erratic, and they hope you do not take note the relationship of these problems to the crop circle message. [Note: new ZetaTalk: 2006 Hoaxes.]
Signs of the Times #1619
Ken Lay, Enron icon, is dead [Jul 5] 'His death was totally unexpected. Apparently, his heart simply gave out. Lay, 64, was admitted to the Aspen Valley Hospital overnight with a massive coronary. He was to be sentenced on Oct. 23. Lay's charges carried a maximum penalty of 45 years in prison for the corporate trial and 120 years in the personal banking trial.' [and from another] It is no secret that Enron was wired into the Bush/Cheney White House. Enron was an attendee at Cheney's secret energy policy meetings, and Lay was a major contributor to Bush during his years as the Texas governor. Kenny Boy, as Bush called him, was a consummate insider. He knew secrets, and was looking for a pardon from Bush so he could avoid a certain prison sentence. Given the desperate situation the GOP is in these days, almost certain to lose control of both houses of Congress so that the lawless White House would be called to account, and given the intractably low polls for Bush, Bush declined. Perhaps later, upon leaving the White House, but Lay would have to go to prison in the meantime. Lay implied he would amuse himself in prison by giving interviews and writing a book, if Bush did not change his mind, and his heart attack was arranged. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Ken Lay.]
Signs of the Times #1618
Both Bush and Condi were extremely nervous on July 5 while holding photo ops in DC. Condi was meeting with someone from Turkey, and Bush with someone from Georgia, both countries that border Iran. The N Korea missile tests had just occurred also. Condi was nervous, and Bush stuttering. Why are they so discombobulated? [and from another] Bush To Welcome Georgian President Saakashvili [Jul 5] 'Some analysts are suggesting that the timing of the meeting, scheduled just ahead of the upcoming Group of Eight (G8) summit in St. Petersburg, is intended to send a signal to Russia.' [and from another] Gül to have talks in US on July 5 'Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül said yesterday he would be in Washington for meetings on July 5, aimed at establishing a common ground between NATO allies Turkey and the United States on a range of topics including the Iraq war. The goal of the trip is the completion of a strategic vision paper outlining future relations between Turkey and the United States.' [and from another] Uzbekistan tells U.S. military to leave [Aug 6] 'The government of Uzbekistan hand-delivered an eviction notice to the Penta gon on July 29, via U.S. Embassy officials in the capital of Tashkent. The official document ordered the U.S. to close its military base in Karshi-Khanabad in the south of the country within 180 days.' [and from another] Bush and his Secretary of State are showing their reaction to a setback. What was anticipated to be a conference laying the groundwork for an attack against Iran has turned into a disappointment. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written July 8, 2006]
Signs of the Times #1617
Discovery Astronauts Start Inspections [Jul 5] 'About three minutes after liftoff, as many as five pieces of debris were seen flying off the tank, and another piece of foam popped off a bit later. The latter piece struck the belly of Discovery, but NASA assured the seven astronauts it was no concern because of the timing. Hale said Discovery was so high when the pieces came off that there wasn't enough air to accelerate the foam into the shuttle and cause damage.' [and from another] NASA managers are indeed being warned, in the most obvious manner. The stage has been set, with a type of injury so similar to the Columbia's official reason for disintegration that it could not be missed. If the official reason for Columbia's demise was foam striking the shuttle, then here we have multiple pieces of foam striking the shuttle. Hello! This on top of a crack in the foam found days prior to liftoff, and ignored. For those NASA managers who have heard the story of why and how we took down Columbia, and dismissed the story as baseless, this was a blatant warning. After all the attention given inspections, after all the internal debate and scrutiny, they still had multiple foam problems. Is this possible? Not under normal circumstances, and indeed the foam cracks occurred as a warning, not because of any NASA failures. Will the foam strikes cause reentry problems for Discovery? No, but attempting to ferry back information on the position and trajectory of Planet X from the ISS will. They've been warned, and this is now in the hands of man. If astronauts die, their blood is not on our hands, but on their stubborn managers and the arrogant leadership in the White House. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written July 8, 2006]