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Signs of the Times #11 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
This morning at approx. 5:47 CDT [Jun 5], I watched the Sun rise here in eastern Missouri. There was a thin haze or cloud cover that allowed the Sun to shine through, but not very brightly. I was able to view the entire disk of the Sun with my 8x binocs. I saw three very dark spots, two horizontally opposed at about the 7-8 o´clock position and another slightly smaller dot at about the 1-2 o´clock position. These were very small, yet perfectly round, and completly black. What the hell were they? [Note: per the Zetas, a mothership, or many, as a Sign to Mankind and a warning of the pending shift.]
Signs of the Times #10 (via email to Nancy)
Wolfowitz: ‘Iraq War Was About Oil’ Article states: Oil was the main reason for military action against Iraq, a leading White House hawk has claimed, confirming the worst fears of those opposed to the US-led war. Article at: [Jun 5]
Signs of the Times #9 (via email to Nancy)
An interesting phenomenon that I and many family and friends have noticed within recent days [Jun 5] here in Michigan: car-deer accidents are running unusually high for this time of year. We're seeing lots of deer dead along roadsides, and even deer herds congregating near our interstate highways as though they're spooked.
Signs of the Times #9 (via email to Nancy)
[Jun 4 French Live Radio interview with Veronique]
Signs of the Times #8 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
I intentionally arose this morning [Jun 4] early to catch the Sun rise in south central Florida. The Sun has been oddly setting out of it´s normal place (W) in the NW. I was most surprised to find the Sun rising in the NE. I have fished for many years fresh and salt water and viewed many a Sun rise. The Sun is now rising and setting in the wrong place! [Note: this is an illusion due to a 3rd Gravity influence, Planet X, moving between the Earh and Sun, pushing light up and rays north.]
Signs of the Times #7 (via email to Nancy)
Today [Jun 3] from governmental sources in Kazakhstan we have heard that real goes motion a pole and beside us unrolled program of preparation to natural disasters. [Note: a physical pole shift will happen and a plan to deal with the natural disasters that will accompany this was unveiled.]
Signs of the Times #6 (from godlikeproductions Message Board)
My roommates work for CBS News. Everbody in the biz knows something is up. The local stations reportedly are taking dozens of calls a day [by Jun 3] about that anomaly near the sun. Planet X is not hidden, if you can´t see it, you´re lying.
Signs of the Times #5 (via email to Nancy)
I set two battery run clocks to the official time a couple of weeks ago, and they are now [June 2] almost three minutes behind the official time. Plus there is a huge discrepancy between the current time on the Euro-Med Seismological Centre and the current time on the USGS - like about 15 minutes. Plus the USGS is leaving out tons of earthquakes as apparent just by the currrent listing for the EMSC today. Only three of the many greater than 4.5s were listed! Also, I checked the LASCO [SOHO] site this AM first off, and that really messed up shot on May 30 was still there, but by the time I checked your website out and went back to the LASCO site to show a friend the shot, it was already gone. There does seem to be big blocks of time missing as well. Well, there are a lot of us keeping track of all this stuff, and they can't get away with it forever!