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Shirley McLaine's website provides weekly radio shows for a monthly or yearly fee, with full access to archives.

The interview airs March 26, 2006 at 6:00 pm PST, thereafter in the archives.

Enhanced Contactee and Emissary of the Zeta Reticulians, Nancy Lieder has lead the campaign to inform and prepare the public about Planet X, the planet the ancient Sumerians knew as Nibiru. Her ZetaTalk website, debuted in 1995, has developed a well documented track record of earth changes while the non-profit organization, Troubled Times, has become a leading authority in offering solutions to surviving the upcoming pole shift. Nancy is a much sought after guest for various media events, and ZetaTalk has been translated by fans into 21 different languages worldwide. Now retired from a career as a consultant and manager in the systems field, Nancy lives in central Wisconsin, walking her own talk on how to prepare for the Troubled Times ahead.