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Planet X Near the Sun - on SOHO, Stereo, and Magnetosphere Simulator

December 23, 2008 Planet X showed up on LASCO. So manu similar sightings have now occurred on SOHO and the Stereo images they are virtually an everyday occurrence now. This is despite NASA's attempts to edit them out.

On March 27, 2009 Planet X showed up on SOHO as a Winged Globe (center image). What is astonishing is that this is the exact depiction of Planet X by the ancients.

The Moon has had an extreme orbit since Planet X is roiling the particles flows around the Ecliptic. Way too far to the North between New and Full Moon, too far to the South between Full and New Moon. This is extreme and can be easily verified by the man on the street. Why isn't this in the media? This causes the face of the Man on the Moon to rotate too much, up to 45° during a 24 hour period where only 8° is expected. And the shadow on the Moon is also not what is expected. Check this out!

In the Fall of 2009 the Earth's magnetosphere began doing controtions. This was not caused by the Sun, which was virtually asleep and had a near record run of days without sunpots during this time.

In 2008 NASA announced a hole in the bowshock of the Earth's magnetosphere, 4 times the size of Earth, which just happens to b e the diameter of Planet X. By July 31, 2010 this portion of the bowshock could be seen deforming on the magnetic simulator.

As an example of how this magnetosphere twisting is not from the Sun, here's an episode on July 21, 2010. The magnetosphere was twisting, yet the Sun was asleeep! It is not from the Sun, but from the near presence of Planet X