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Planet X Placement Points
on June 4, 2003

At 01:00 UTC on June 4, 2003, as Yuzhno Sakhalinsk (just above Japan) faced Planet X, a massive quake occurred there, and a Global Quake occurred, which was unreported in the quake databases.

Yuzhno Sakhalinsk, RussiaGalapagos IslandsKongsberg, Norway

 Minor Global Quakes occurred as the Atlantic Rift hoved into view of Planet X at approximately 6:00 UTC on June 4, 2003 and faced Planet X at 12:00 UTC on June 4, 2003, but a significant Global Quake occurred when the Atlantic Rift escaped view at approximately 18:00 UTC on June 4, 2003.

Pohakalua, HawaiiHockley, Texas, USA
Where magma bobbling has been evident around the S Pole (Antartica, New Zeland) and around the N Pole (Norway, Alaska, Siberia), on June 4, 2003 this started in Hockley, TX! As the Atlantic Rift is grabbed and held back, the America pile up against it, and for the N Atlantic plate this can be relieved by the SE sliding or torking into the Carribbean.