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PUFOIN is pleased to announce an upcoming 5-part series on the Planet X debate. Activists from both sides of the debate have been invited to share their views on the Planet X equation. Whether you believe that there is an in-bound planetary object, which is impacting the weather and current Earth changes or you feel it is simply all hype, this 5-part series is sure to stimulate your mind!

Are we the creation of an Alien Race of Humanoids? Did the Sumerian's posses knowledge beyond our wildest beliefs? What about the battery discovered in Iraq, which dates back before any known technology? Are the Annunaki race the missing link?

Time reveals all but only YOU can be the judge in this debate. If Planet X is truly an in-bound planetary type object and is heading into our inner solar system, life as we know it will be forever changed. In their wisdom, is it plausible that our world Governments are hiding the truth in order to prevent world chaos? What happened to the numerous Mars probes? Why does SOHO go off line so often during "critical" events? How come NASA won't properly image the Cydonia region on Mars? Why aren't all of the Hubble Telescope pictures shared with the public? Why have the Observatories been revitalized in the Southern Hemisphere?

These questions are all very valid but often have very routine answers from the Government agencies. The problem lies in the fact that both sides of the debate have what appear to be valid positions and can provide reasonable explanations to support their position. They can't both be right! The truth is out there. It is plain to see. But, exactly what is it?

Some of our guests are Jim Hickman (MUFOIN & The Hickman Report); Mark Hazlewood (Planet X); Maarten Keulemans (Exit Mundi); Mac Tonnies (Cydonian Imperative); Robert Williams (Common Sense Central) and Nancy Lieder (Zeta Talk) with excerpts from Zecharia Sitchin, Jason Martell and other renowned researchers and science writers well known for their solid research on the ancient Sumerian's; Annunaki and human development. Our list of contributors is growing daily as the debate continues to heat up!