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ZetaTalk: Earth Changes
written May 30, 2003

It should be noted that the body of ZetaTalk, collected over the years and representing great consistency and accuracy, is valid, with the exception of the date of passage. We have explained in our recent White Lie write-up that this was done to foil those who would Entrap and Enslave the common man to their advantage. There is great consternation and confusion in the halls of power, where those who would kill hundreds of millions of what they consider undesirable worker, reside. How can they trap people in their homes, in their cities, by rouse or by blowing up bridges or releasing poisonous chemicals if they cannot learn the exact date! Thus they show their claws, as the Bush Administration did when they moved to level Orange within days of May 16 when we gave the White Lie, false dates specifying May 20 as rotation slowdown and May 27 as the passage date.

Date related material within ZetaTalk, such as visibility by the unaided eye 7.3 weeks before passage, or 7 weeks as it is sometimes stated, was valid to the target date of shortly after May 15, 2003. This date of May 15, 2003 was used as a target, easily remembered, and given by us as by this date Earth changes would be in such a state, and visibility of the inbound glowing monster about to devastate Earth so widely acknowledged, that ZetaTalk as a body would not be discounted. Most of mankind, not learning by any route that a pole shift is upon them, will use Earth changes as a guide, and most will not even notice the Glowing Red second sun visible throughout the day when the red light bends to the viewer and viewing conditions are optimal. On this date, May 30, 2003 the Earth is poised to experience great quakes and stretching of rifts, so that discussions of the exact date of rotation stoppage or the shift will be replaced by frantic efforts to deal with one disaster after another.

This is the signal that mankind will use for certainty when wondering when and if to move to their safe locations, and risk losing what operating in their heretofore normal life in the mainstream of human society provided to them. Should they leave the house, the job, risk angering the employer, create a rift in a marriage, ruin the credit rating, disrupt school plans, sever ties with friends who already think them berserk, or remain plodding in what is considered their normal life? Dropping bridges and buildings, breaking dams, derailing trains, satellites and magnetic guides useless to planes and ships which will go awry, shuttering quakes along fault lines, erratic tides, suddenly spawned hurricanes and tornadoes, and rivers awash with debris overflowing their banks and creating crisis in lowlands where travel will be impossible for those trying to escape. The exact date of passage will be replaced, thus, by the immediacy of dealing with crisis, and those who would entrap and enslave mankind suddenly finding their plans ignored by those they expected would follow orders like drones.