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Brazil Connection
from Nov 25 to 29
from USGS

The Houston Connection continued but also joined for the first time by extreme bobbling in Riachuelo, Brazil and area in a tear zone above Buenos Aires where lowland rivers empty into the Atlantic. As the Pacific compresses, and the Atlantic widens, this puts stress on the centers of Plates as well as along fault lines on the edges of plates. Thus, the extreme bobble at Wake island, Houston, Riachuelo, and the S Pole, none of which are along the edges of plates. This stress took several days to settle down.

Nov 25 /Riachuelo, BrazilNov 25 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 25 /South Pole, AntarcticaNov 25 /Wake Island, Pacific Ocean
Nov 26 /Riachuelo, BrazilNov 26 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 26/South Pole, AntarcticaNov 26/Wake Island, Pacific Ocean
Nov 27 /Riachuelo, BrazilNov 27 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 27/South Pole, AntarcticaNov 27/Wake Island, Pacific Ocean
Nov 29/Riachuelo, BrazilNov 29/Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 29/South Pole, AntarcticaNov 29 /Wake Island, Pacific Ocean