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Houston Connection
from Nov 11 to 23
from USGS

During the period from Nov 11 to 23 Hockley, TX, a suburb of of Houston, was oddly erratic. Wake Island and the North and South Poles exibit this kind of bobble, and where seen on occasion elsewhere usually indicates stress to be followed by quakes in the area. On the days below, only Houston and a rare other part of the world were so bobbled! What's with Houston? Houston is on the border of the portion of the SE United States being pulled down during the Atlantic Rift stretch, and may be pulling apart there.

Nov 11 /Beijing, ChinaNov 11 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 12 /Beijing, ChinaNov 12 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 13 /Lusaka, ZambiaNov 13 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 14 /Lusaka, ZambiaNov 14 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 15 /Tiksi, RussiaNov 15 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 17 /Tiksi, RussiaNov 17 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 18 /Tiksi, RussiaNov 18 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 19 /South Pole, AntarcticaNov 19 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 22 /South Pole, AntarcticaNov 22 /Hockley, Texas, USA
Nov 23 /South Pole, AntarcticaNov 23 /Hockley, Texas, USA