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7.9 Cap
on Nov 17

On Nov 17 a series of quake struck the Aleutian Islands. Of the dozens of quakes, the cap seemed to be 7.9. Quakes of 8.0 or higher put the affair in a different, to be avoided, category of earthquake statistics. How did it happen that 4 quakes, among the dozens, were 7.9 but not one dared sneak higher.

2003/11/17 06:43:44.0 69.9N 171.9E Mw7.9 A LIC NEAR N.CST OF EASTERN SIBERIA
2003/11/17 06:43:22.0 54.0N 178.5E Mw7.9 A LOR BERING SEA
2003/11/17 06:43:16.0 52.4N 177.2W Mw7.9 A EVRO ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.
2003/11/17 06:42:59.0 50.1N 175.7E Mw7.9 A FLN RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.