Email Exchange - Baraboo News Republic / Nancy Lieder

December 23-26, 2012

In response to a request from a reporter on the Baraboo News Republic, sent to Gerard of the, for Nancy Lieder to explain why her predictions did not happen, the following was delivered via email. The reporter did not specify what predictions he was referring to, and in fact through repeated email exchange never clarified his request, but as the Mayan Calendar had just passed, I presumed this was what he was referring to. His tone was clearly hostile. Where the Zetas clearly stated that December 21, 2012 was not the date when the Mayan Calendar would end, and that it had in fact ended well prior to that date, disinformation agents had been trying to link ZetaTalk and Nancy Lieder to the failed Mayan Calendar predictions. "I\'m writing a story about the Nibiru cataclysm and would like to interview Nancy Lieder. How can I reach her? Basically, I\'d like to know why her predictions did not come to pass." I replied.

I received your request forwarded from Gerard of the Pole

Mentioning my name is inevitable because NASA keeps mentioning it. My name and only my name as the bugaboo who should not be listened to. The big threat. Not the hundreds of people making false prophecy, writing books, etc, just me. See When Liars Confess in and NASA Attacks Nancy Lieder Again

If you are referring to the Mayan Calendar, ZetaTalk never said 12/21/2012 was a valid date. In fact, the opposite. Per the Zetas, the Mayan Calendar and the Gregorian calendar cannot be lined up, and any examination of the facts shows that. The Mayan had 3 calendars - Ceremonial (repeating every 260 days and only holidays included), Astronomical (eclipses and planetary lineups), and Long Count (just one day after another, like a long rulers, with no links to either of the other calendars). There is no way to hook anything to the Long Count, but a domineering and loud mouthed archeologist forced his educated guess on the others, though the argument is still out there and many feel the end of the Long Count has already passed. It has. Thompson, the pushy archeologist, even included carbon dating of a glyph on a wooden temple beam as his "proof" that his date is correct. The carbon dating had a 3-5 year variance. See my YouTube on the matter and 2012 Revisited

The real threat, which is becoming increasingly obvious to the common man, is the passing planet Nibiru, which NASA and the establishment (wealthy elite and politically powerful and even the Vatican) have chosen to deny because they fear panic in the people, or should I say sheeple. One has only to glance over the offerings on the or my newsletter archives to see the plethora of images of this passing monster on NASA's SOHO and Stereo images, and in photos taken using a welders lens, red filter insert from an old floppy disc, or even thick piece of paper as filters. See Red Filter Revolution and SOHO Says So and SOHO Confirmation

Your recent Barabooms, from snapping rock, which moved along the line where Wisconsin is ripping open as the Seaway expands, from Clinton, WI to Baraboo. You will note that the Penninsula, ending in Green Bay, tears down toward Madison with a series of lakes, showing tearing in the past. Naturally, the official excuse was "fireworks" even though such booms are occuring elsewhere all over the world. Snapping rock. See N American Yin-Yang

The reporter responded with a complain about having his request for an interview declined. Clearly, even more hostile. With no clarification on what prediction he was talking about, I pressed forward with more facts, trying to guess what he was seeking.

You are, in a manner of speaking, having an email interview. My reason for denying you an interview is because I sense you're not planning to be fair, as you already have a derogatory opinion of my work. If I ask you why you've stopped beating your wife, what does that say about my attitude about YOU? A reporter who comes with an attitude is not going to give a fair report. I have a dedicated Search Engine on my websites. Did you bother to enter "Mayan Calendar" in one and see what pops up?

You ask why "the predictions" did not come true. What predictions? In that 12/21 just passed, I assumed it was the ERRONEOUS statements some are ascribing to ZetaTalk, that the Mayan Calendar is the end, and Nibiru will "collide" with the Earth. In the links I sent to you, if you bothered to follow them and read, it shows that ZetaTalk never stated either of those. The hype about the Mayan Calendar did NOT come from ZetaTalk. It has always been a "passage" in ZetaTalk, though Wiki says otherwise. Do you know that Wiki has "Nibiru Collision" and "Nancy Lieder" and "ZetaTalk" all going to the same article, titled "Collision"? They won't change it either, and I've asked them to clarify that ZetaTalk said "passage", but they have it locked to any edits. Many of the ZetaTalk fans report they explored ZetaTalk because of this intense bashing and attempts to discredit, sensing something was there else .. why bash! See Wiki's Shame And the fact that NASA mentioned me and only me, by name, is a big red flag. The truth is the big threat, during any cover-up, and ZetaTalk is the truth.

What prediction are you referring to? The arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system? Arrived as stated for years, and in fact precisely at the RA and Dec predicted 7 years prior to 2003. The path and exacting RA and Dec were given ahead of the winter of 2000-2001 observatory peeks by amateur and PROFESSIONAL astronomers in France, Canada, and the US. They all found a dim star NOT on the star charts at the Zeta location. Then during the winter of 2001-2002 infrared imaging showed it at the moving Zeta coordinates, the dim star no longer where it was formerly, now moved along the path described by the Zetas. Teams in Africa, France, and in Florida found it in infrared, just as the JPL infrared balloon had in 1983 Then during the winter of 2002-2003 CCD imaging with a rented scope was done in Arizona, and again the moving dim star, now surrounded by a glow as the vast tail was by now reflecting sunlight too. All this detailed information is linked from the main Planet X Photos page Planet X arrived, but did not PASS, and the reason for that is detailed on my websites also.

Or perhaps it was the 7 of 10 plate movement prediction, that was to start at the end of 2010? This is moving more slowly than predicted but IS occurring AS predicted. See Sunda Sunk along with the predictions on an increase in earthquake frequency and magnitude and the Earth wobble which is the cause of the erratic weather. See Wobble Temps and has the Sun and Moon in the wrong place so frequently. See I give interviews to those who have done their research, and are interested in the FACTS, not playing a game of stick-the-pig to make points with bar buddies.

The reporter chose not to include any of the dramatic prediction accuracy that ZetaTalk enjoys, nor even a mention that NASA cites Nancy Lieder by name, and only Nancy Lieder by name, bypassing ex-military John Moore and the former CNN science writer Marshall Masters (both of whom espouse a Planet X theory) or supposed professor James McCanney who predicts that a barrage of comets will create cataclysms on Earth, or Major Ed Dames who has predicted "kill shots from the Sun" to occur since 1998, his first failed date. The reporter, in the article he did release, was clearly grumpy about not being able to pin a failed December 21, 2012 prediction on Nancy Lieder, as planned, but found something else to grouse about.