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The Passage (of Planet X), What If?

We should collect questions ahead of time. I will put that out, on the Message Boards and as a link from my media page. I will direct them to send ME the questions, rather than Lou, as he will get several hundred. I'll ask that they preface the subject with SEP02 so I can easily identify them in the queue.

The Lou Gentile Network wrote:

How about Tues. Sept. 2? You can have all 3 hours - 9 PM to Midnight Central.

Nancy Lieder wrote:

The venue I'd like to try is entertaining what IF, as for this whole past year, this has not been addressed. This was big in the early days, and from 1995-2000 we had really fruitful discussions on the Troubled Times lists about what to do, IF. Now, mind you, most of the solutions evolved, most of the problems to be addressed, are a reality NOW, crop problems, the power outages, the cell phones not working and TV signals down, the earth moving so trains are derailing and bridges falling, sea level rising, on and on. Back then, it was all theoretical, but now it is REAL even without the pole shift having happened as yet. The reason these discussions are NOT taking place now is that the establishment does not want people to be anything but utterly dumb about what is heading their way. I think those photos I sent to you present a case the public is NOT getting. It should no longer be IF, but this is what the establishment is insisting upon.

So lets put it in the context of theoretical. THIS is what the public wants! And has not gotten. They of course would like to have the truth, but this is not likely to happen. We should all bear in mind the toddler, broken bones and in pain, abandoned in a city because his parents are either dead or ran off in madness because THEIR parents, the church and state, abandoned them. Hungry dog packs, smoke all around, not knowing which way to walk, crying all the time. Now multiply this by serveral hundred million! We need to empower his parents, not keep them ignorant! Lets empower them with what they need to know! Where do they go, what do they do, what steps should they take, what is of primary importance in stuff to take along or collect, whom should they trust, what about situations x, y, z, etc.