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Lou Gentile Show
March 5, 2004

LOU: .. by the Zetas, the Zeta Reticulans, and basically they are telling here that Planet X is inbound. We have had Nancy on the show numerous times, here in the Lou Gentile show. The Zetas have lied to us many a time before, last year telling us that Planet X was on its way, it never happened, the dates, now they won’t tell us, but Nancy is only trying to get the information. Some of you love Nancy, others despise her, Nancy knows my position on Planet X. But I like Nancy, I respect what she’s doing, and ah, I just like Nancy, Nancy is Nancy. She’s another human being, she’s a person, she’s nice, she’s not an a-hole. And I find that, ah, even though Nancy may have some contradictory information that a lot of people find as being very, ah, scary, that maybe she’s even trying to scare the public. You know, one thing, I look at people for what they are, and when you find people, I really don’t find Nancy Lieder to be a threat. However the information she’s giving out may scare a lot of people. I just find there’s a lot of people out there that don’t even know her and they email her and pester her, sic the IRS after her, whatever the hell they do, do all kinds of thing to make her life a living hell. One has to wonder where that’s coming from. One has to really wonder where that is coming from. Think about that. If you have information that you’re getting out, whether its true or false and there are people who are making your life a living hell because you’re getting attention from what you’re saying, on radio shows or message board or chat room and things like that. Something is going on. Its kind of bizarre. So anyway, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, Nancy Lieder, welcome to the show, dear.

NANCY: Hey, hi, Lou, thank you for that wonderful introduction.

LOU: Well you’ve been on here enough where I can say it.

NANCY: Well the big lie was the date, you know. If you go outside of the date which they admit they lied about, on purpose, its pretty accurate, you know. In 1995 they talked about weather changes. They were the only ones that described the weather that we have today, and the progression, how its getting steadily worse. Quakes increasing and high tides increasing, increasing illness. They have a remarkable track record on these predictions, and really, except for the date, its pretty darn good. I would also like to say that there is no prophet that is 100%, but in this case they say ‘we deliberately lied’, a white lie, about the date. So, anyway, I’ve got some interesting information for you, Lou. As usual, when I come on your show I put a link on my home page on the right hand side of all the little hot links right under the banner, you know the Zeta face, the ZetaTalk banner. Way up on the right hand side it says ‘Lou!’. And if you click on that you’ve got a page, and I’ve got stuff to show you, and give you an update. Since we were on last, end of January, the 30th, been about a month, and this is stuff that is new since that time.


NANCY: So the first thing I want to show you, are you there, on that page?

LOU: Yeah, I’m there.

NANCY: Al righty. Um, I’m just going to linger briefly on what people like to call the lens flares. I get a lot of photos from around the world, have, oh, I don’t know, 2-3,000 probably now, many of the pages that I put up have a series of photos, someone will send me 6 of them over a period of half an hour that they take, or something, and then there’ll be, and, and, these are, to my knowledge, not doctored. I think when we started the photos last April, when we first began to be able to get anything on film rather than just from a telescope, there was some attempts to put out doctoring. There is, I would say, maybe 10% possibly lens flares, because, um, where people might have been mistaken or I might have been mistaken and said ‘oh, that must be Planet X’ and it turns out to be a lens flare. But they are not all lens flares, and these are not doctored. These people are private individuals who take this on their own time and pour it in. And I’ve been accused of running a staff of Photoshop doctors, I don’t have the time to do this myself. I don’t even own Photoshop. So here we have something that, I wanted to show you the correlation I get worldwide all the time. And this is something I’ve commented upon to myself, ‘oh, wow, here from some other side of the world, the same phenomena appearing at the same time’, you know. And now this is photographers that are using filters, so that they reduce the Sun’s glare and can see what other light sources there are around the Sun. People say, ‘why can’t I see Planet X, I look at the Sun, it’s so bright I can’t look at it, ach.’ Get a welders lens or whatever. Well that’s the point, the glare overwhelms your eye so you can’t see this stuff, but its there.

And one of them is, these are either moon swirls, we call them personas, but what the moons are swirling around like um, twirling devishes in a long row, and swirling. They don’t go round and round Planet X, they trail behind, and they dance around each other in a swirl. When that swirls turns so that its pointing toward the Earth instead of lateral like a long streak, it captures the light and funnels it, so that it looks, by looking down that tube, like something round. So often the moon swirls are what we are seeing. And here I would presume that to be the case. Notice how they cluster and hang, sort of like maybe Planet X is somewhere where they’re hanging from. And I don’t think we see Planet X the actual corpus, which is 4 times as big as the Earth. Venus is also the same size as the Earth, that’s 4 times as big as Venus. We consider Venus a morning star, so take something 4 times that size, shroud it in dust so that the light is scattering, and put it fairly close between you and the Sun somewhere, and you may not see that, it may look just like, um, well I’m not sure what it would look like, but I’m suspecting that none of these are the actual corpus of Planet X and they may all be moon swirls. The next is the dust cloud. Now I know this looks weird, but remember these are behind filters, to reduce the Sun’s glare, and we get this a lot. Now it went away for awhile but now its come back, but it has a consistent appearance, even a consistent shape, among all these photographs from around the world.

So, this is something that I just wanted to point out, and not linger on for long, but if anyone is interested, click on the Photos link on my home page and [in there you can ] cick on What’s New [in photos]. Every few days I put out what I get, and What’s New goes all the way back to August, early August, so you can see the progression should you want to. And the changes. And when I find a correlation in photos from around the world in any given period I mention that when I do these photos up and put them on the web. So, talking nonstop, having drunk 4 cups of tea, Lou, do you want to get a word in edgewise?

LOU: I’m having fun listening to this. So how have your daily chats been.

NANCY: Well I don’t actually do the IRC chats. I have throughout the 7-8 years that ZetaTalk has been around, I’ve variously gone on sci.astro and debated aggressively, lately I’m on the GodLikeProduction message board, posting. I did run IRC chats for about a year. IRC, primitive, everybody lists their comments across the log, and we have some of those on the web, but they were very disrupted. I have a fan club and a hate club, and it runs about 50/50. And you find it very pointed when you said ‘why it is that there’s this opposition.’ If I’m talking about ‘oh, look at the photos, look here.’ and giving physical evidence for people to look at and suggesting that they think for themselves, what on Earth is so scary about that? You know, that there should be such heated opposition. Part of that is hating the messenger, attacking the messenger. But most of that is because, what we call the establishment, the people who own corporations, who run countries, who don’t want panic in the public, who want their people to show up for their jobs , who don’t want the value of their stocks to drop, who don’t want runs on banks, the bank failures. They consider this message frightening and upsetting because its true. This is something that’s come into our solar system, its been hoving in from Orion, all the prophecies about something round about the millennium causing cataclysms, the Bible talks about Armageddon and the rivers running blood, and so many countries have folklore. Its true. And they don’t want people thinking about this until they’re good and ready to have people panic. And that will be at the very last minute, when its comfortable for them. Well we think that everybody should be armed with the truth. And if they want to quit their jobs and run for the hills, when they decide its time, too bad for the bankers. The money doesn’t mean anything in the future, and it really doesn’t mean anything today, except as a medium of exchange. But that’s why I get attacked, because there’s truth behind it. Now here’s an example.

The next thing is Comets Come Early on the update page for today. This is something that took me by surprise, I didn’t know it was going to happen. Now I knew that there were a couple of comets coming in, one is called Q4 and the other T7. They were supposed to show up in May, mainly, and on this web page I’ve copied something from the NASA web site, that, ah, well I think that, I’m not sure where it came from, I think this is the view from Australia, for May, but it gives you an idea of when these comets were supposed to show up in the sky. They come in and cross Earth’s orbit and swing around the Sun, and go out and cross Earth’s orbit a second time. But actually, Earth was expected to be moving ahead of the comet, so that by the time these comets got close to the Sun and outgas where you can see them, you know, where they like, it melts the ice, the dirty ice, and creates a flaring tail, which is really what people see, it was expected to be in May. Now, this is equivalent to two people walking down the sidewalk. The guy coming up behind is walking a little faster than the one in front, and catches up to him. The Zetas have confirmed, or they’ve made the statement, that around December 25th, the Earth stopped in its orbit because Planet X was coming head on at it, and we had this gravity repulsion force thing and they’re like in a staring contest and the Earth is backing up a little bit and waffling around, and it basically did not proceed past December 25th. Its somewhere back in December, hanging around and bobbling there. So if that were the case, it would be like that person walking down the sidewalk who is in the lead, stopping, and the guy who is coming up behind, catches up to him faster, right? In addition, by stopping, we remained in the position where these comets cross the Earth’s orbit and come very close to the Earth. If we had proceeded on, we wouldn’t be at that position.

So guess what happened. In February, on February 3rd, I got a picture, it’s there on the, that’s that pink fuzzy, white in the middle pink around the edges, from Sergio in Brazil. And he said ‘oh, this must be Planet X’, but I said ‘nope, it wouldn’t show up in the night sky, humm’, and I went out looked for alternate explanations and was looking for comets and I said ‘I’ll be that’s one of those comets’. At the same time on the GodLikeProduction message board, I’m noticing people are talking about ‘what is that bright light over there in the SW sky, just as the Sun is going down I see it, its not Venus, its this and its that’, and I kept thinking ‘ah, its just Venus’, its reflecting extra light from Planet X or something, and finally, like someone hit me over the head with a 2x4, I said ‘holy cow, we’re seeing those comets early because we’re stalled in our orbit’. So now, I want you to note that, and you can click on Feb 3, 2004 comments and hear what people are describing. They are describing a comet. ‘It seems to have a tail, its fuzzy, its brighter than the planet, its not Venus, I’m seeing Venus in the same view’, etc, and nothing in the news about this. I think somebody told me that CNN finally said, ‘oh, we’re looking at the comets now’, but its not, it didn’t get the big hooray that most visible comets get. You know, they’re treated like media personalities practically, front line, headline news, front page news, often. So, just yesterday, I noticed a whole new bunch of chatter about an object in the sky, very bright, kind of orange looking, and ‘ah, what is it’, just after the Sun goes down. Now I want you to notice that when people are seeing this in February and March, because we’re stalled in our orbit and they came and caught up with us early, its about a month apart. Look at that diagram. Q4 was expected to arrive around April 16, T7 around May 19th, that’s about a month apart. Oh, heavens!

LOU: Humm

NANCY: So anyway, I think this was a remarkable correlation, that the Comets Come Early are a month apart, these two, and they were expected to be a month apart between April and May.

LOU: Wow

NANCY: So, that’s one indication that perhaps, and I have some ZetaTalk comments here, they say, this is one of the strongest pieces of evidence you have that we have stalled in our orbit. We’re also doing other weird things. Our Earth is leaning, the North Pole leaning toward the Sun, leaning a little bit toward Planet X which is I would have to say is to the right, as we view, we think of up and down, and the Sun, a little bit to the right, because Planet X has a little bit of a skew and its kind of leaning its North Pole to the Sun’s South Pole as its like rising up to the Ecliptic and passing the Sun’s South Pole. And the Zetas have said the distance the Planet X corpus is from ourselves and the Sun can be approximated if you use the ZetaTalk triangle which has been around since 1997, and appeared in two crop circles in Wisconsin that were laid on July 4, which were deemed, both of them, valid, and researched, even the US Air Force crop circle team went to this first one. And the ZetaTalk triangle shows up numerous times in the second one but clearly shows up in the first one also. Another interesting piece of information is that the original one had orbs within orbs, in other words, those 3 circles are like the Sun. And there’s a small circle, larger, and then finally, toward the top, the larger circle is almost completely consumed by the second circle which is laid within it. People are lately seeing an object in front of the Sun, which I am told was on Italy’s TV station as the ‘shadow on the Sun’ which is getting larger. Argentina is also telling people on the media that something is not right with the sunrise and sunset times and there’s something in the solar system affecting the Earth. So we are one of the last countries to hear this news, by the way, the media cover-up in the US is one of the strongest, staunchest, don’t-tell-em-nothing places. So, if you want to know where Planet X is, take yourself and the Sun and go to the right at a 23 degrees angle, maybe a little bit below the Ecliptic, that’s where you’ll find Planet X. There’s some people from Argentina who are going to go try to see if they can find it from an observatory.

LOU: Well, what do you think, ah, when do you think Planet X is going to come around. Do you think its going to come around this year. Regardless of the Zetas.

NANCY: No, it here now, you know, its here now, the demon is in the basement. Its here, but the problem is that its going at its speed. Its moving in a retrograde orbit, its coming around, you have to imagine. We normally move in a counterclockwise orbit. We stopped Dec 25, now we’re moving back from 12 o’clock to 1 o’clock to 2 o’clock, we’re waffling around in there, its moving in the same direction, 12 o’clock to 1 o’clock. Its pushing us back, because we can’t around it, we’re stuck in our orbit, we’re like attached to the Sun by a string, which is gravity, right, so we can’t go out, and the repulsion force is also affecting our relationship with Planet X which is pushing us back in our orbit because its a bigger bully. I don’t know how fast its moving. I don’t know how far we’re going to go back in our orbit before we reach some sort of a crunch point. Because it kinda has a straight line shot, through, so at some point things are going to happen. But I’m not, I don’t have a date. But its inevitable, lets put it that way. And its not going to be a year from now, and I don’t think it’s going to be 6 months from now, you know.

But we have what we call the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, also, the reason we all move, all the planets move in a counterclockwise orbit is that we’re swept by these invisible brooms that come around, I think about 16 times a year. It’s 8 sweeping arms that hit us in our normal orbit but you have to assume twice as many because we’d be chasing ahead of it. So, we’re getting bumped by those, and it’s sweeping us toward Planet X, and its pushing toward us in its normal orbit, so we’re being thrown together. And the effect now is that we’re tilting toward the Sun, leaning toward Planet X, and now we are dropped in our Ecliptic where last Fall we were raised up a bit in our Ecliptic. Everybody saw the Sun to the South too far, last Fall. From like the Equinox on September 21st or so all the way to Christmas. But now, everybody is saying too far North. And I do have this a little bit further down that page, there a link called Dropping comments, where people will say ‘wow, the Sun is way too high North, its rising and setting too far North, is anybody else reporting this’ and bla bla bla. This is the kind of stuff I put into my computer. Also, an example of photographic evidence, which when I have it I love it. This was back in January, with the Japanese pictures, but they have an archive that goes back forever. Every day they take a picture at the same time in this archive, and what you see it that in 2002 and 2003 the Sun was at the same position in the sky, but on January 1st 2004 whoops, its way too far to the left and too low on the horizon.

This happened to be at a period of time when we had tilted our North Pole away from the Sun because Planet X would have us in a grip. So this I consider to be photographic evidence to support a lot of commentary we heard at that time it seemed that Iceland was the geological North Pole. Now, looking down toward the bottom of the page, you see something from, which does these wonderful little maps. This was from a period of time when photographic and commentary was indicating that upper Mongolia or Siberia there at that place where it looks like a black hole was the geological North Pole getting less Sun than any other place. One of the things that matched was the cold. When Iceland was the geological North Pole the North East had this terrible cold and dozens of people froze to death in Europe. And then we went to Mongolia as the North Pole and I was hearing from the Russians, oh, complaints ‘gosh, wow, boy its cold’. You know, sudden cold, from Japan and Russia. So what we have now is that we’re tilting toward the Sun, Polaris is not true North anymore. Just about an hour ago I got some wonderful information from someone who has been tracking this. And he says its either 5 degrees this way or 5 degrees that way, and that would be in keeping with pointing our North Pole toward the Sun so that we get like a cone shape as to where we see Polaris. So the constellations are not in their right places, if people want to precisely go and look.

Another evidence that we’re tilting toward the Sun, we, on the northern hemisphere would be getting more sunlight, on the southern hemisphere would be getting less than expected. Sun of a gun, that’s what’s happening. In North American we’re getting almost an hour more daylight than we should be, and in South American we’re getting almost an hour less. And those comments are here as links, also, off this page. So, that’s the type of evidence that I bring forth. Its not just channeling the Zetas. Its, its, people can discover this for themselves. People can go and get a camera and get a filter and get a lens or welders lens and peek at the Sun and see this stuff for themselves. People can examine, can get a Farmer’s Almanac. The best thing is get a Farmer’s Almanac from 2003, as far as when sunrise and sunset times are normally, and check against what’s happening.

LOU: Right.

I know they’re made a terrorist tool now, you know the FBI has announced that anyone running around with an almanac is a terrorist, that’s how frightened they are that you pay attention to the Earth changes around you which indicate something is in our solar system. You do not have the Earth reacting this way, you don’t have these kinds of visual sightings of two suns rising or two suns setting which is a light phenomena from this Planet X and its giant tail which wafts around and creates all these light shows, um, you don’t have that happen unless there’s something outside of the Earth, something in our solar system and darn close, right on top of us, that is making this happen. Increased earthquakes, global quakes, at the 12 hour periods when the Atlantic Rift is facing the Sun and Planet X approach or its opposition. That’s been going on, sometimes on a daily basis since last May. And this is from the USGS live seismic. Click on the Quakes link on my home page. This is the physical evidence that I bring that this is not whacky. And this is why, because of the physical evidence, the correlation to what the Zetas say, which later is supported by evidence, that makes ZetaTalk such a feared message, Lou.

LOU: Humm.

NANCY: Now I’m going to shut up and take a sip of tea, and let you get a word in edgewise.

LOU: Well, we’re going to take a short break, and when we come back we’ll be speaking more with you, and uh, I’ll open up the phone lines for people to call in, and the phone has been ringing. You can give a call toll free 866 568 7469, that’s 866 Lou Show, 866 568 7469, and we’re speaking tonight with Nancy Lieder, If you want to call in and talk to the Zetas you may, and just be polite and everything will be fine, and we’re going to take a short break, and we’ll be back with the Lou Gentile show, right after this.

Taking your calls for Nancy Lieder, 866 Lou Show, that’s 866 568 7469. OK, you can always go into the chat room, I’m in there every single night, listening, watching, interacting, as we’ve been doing for years. Instant Message, Instant Messaging and chatting, you name it, we’re hooked into it. Anyway, if you want to go into the chat room, you go to Anyway, taking your calls for Nancy Lieder, that’s 866 568 7469. What do you think of Planet X. Do you think its possibly on its way, do you think its here now? Do you not buy it at all? We want to hear from you. And we’re back with Nancy Lieder, welcome dear.

NANCY: Hi, I’m back, we’re back.

LOU: You know, it’s interesting, I’ve had you on the show a lot of times. We’ve talked about some of the ways the government hides different information. I heard, I hope I get this right, you’ve probably heard of this, I believe, was it NASA announced that there were two inbound objects this year?

NANCY: I’m wondering it that’s these two comets, that were supposed to come in May, or it might be what they call Near Earth Orbit asteroids.

LOU: Have you heard this stuff?

NANCY: Well I did hear recently that there was some flap where they thought they had within 36 hours there might be an impact and debated alerting President Bush and then realized it wasn’t going to impact and that was, I don’t know, maybe a week or two ago, but outside of these two possibilities I don’t know what they might be talking about. To my knowledge, Q4 and T7 were the only two comets expected in the next 6 months or so. And I know we have a lot of asteroids that sling by the Earth, and they’re tracked, there’s a NEAT program, which stands for something, Near Earth Asteroid Trajectory or something. They track these guys, you know they’re dark out there, at least 1,000 of them. Main base in Hawaii and another one on the West Coast somewhere. So they know where these asteroids are, but by the same token, they are surprised every once in awhile something slings by and they say ‘well, that was one we didn’t have in our database’. Other than that, I don’t know.

LOU: Yeah, well, its just, you know, its just food for thought that they went ahead and they did announce. I remember they announced something this year that there were two inbound objects that they were very concerned about or something.

NANCY: They’re probably asteroids, yeah. They have the trajectory, but on the other hand, what’s to keep one from, you know, going a little rogue.

LOU: Well, that’s true too. Its also come to my attention, I get emails every day about different things, one email I got from one of the listeners was, they brought up a point that maybe the reason, I believe it is SOHO, goes down when there are certain objects pass. Because there have been comets, what is it comet NEAT, I believe last year.

NANCY: Yeah, I remember that.

LOU: There have been instances where it went down right before objects are supposed to be in view, and I think this person brought up a valid point that some of the light that is reflected off these things can actually burn it out. So they plan to stop it.

NANCY: Yeah, we have a number of examples in my photos section, there’s a section that says SOHO. Last year they were saying solar flares, and you have burn out, and it would look like a Picasso painting. There would be packet loss, where certain portions of the image, it would be overwhelmed, would turn white, or something like that, or solid blue. So, yeah, and they had downtime, in some cases for days, or every few hours instead of every 20 minutes you’d get an image, and it would often look like a cut and paste job. Now, this has to be mixed in with the fact that there isn’t any reason why they can’t cut and paste these images if they’re delaying by hours providing them to the public. They could be doing cut and pasting from their archives, which are probably immense if they’ve been running SOHO for, has it been 15 years, I’m not sure of the timespan, but its not just days. So they have archives and they can go and say, well lets get a back drop of this constellation from some other year, and paste it and get rid of that thing we don’t want anyone to see. We have examples of cut and pasting that people have caught and provided to me that are almost, I mean, what else can it be. In some cases the font changes, you know, from what is running normally all of a sudden the font changes to a different size, and you can even see the cut and paste lines. So, um, there’s a lot, its to be viewed with suspicion in my mind when you’re looking at SOHO.

LOU: Do you think that is all has to be looked at with suspicion? I mean, because, we can come up with a lot of different conspiracy theories for this, but maybe its just a camera quirk or something like that.

NANCY: All things are possible, all things are possible, but there’s patterns to this, and, uh.

LOU: I mean, what you’re saying could very well be true, and might not have anything to do with Planet X. This just could be that they’re just trying to hide some images of something up there, could very well be an asteroid that they don’t want to tell anybody that its going to hit a certain portion of the United States or something. Who knows.

NANCY: Well, that’s what they state. They say, I’ve read that there were meetings where they debated whether if there was a possibility to be an extinction level event, should you tell the public or just say nothing. And they’re saying ‘well, if you can’t stop it, why worry people, let them be happy and not worry up until the very end’. The problem with that, in the Planet X scenario, is, yes its inbound and they’ve been watching it since 1983 when they found it with their infrared team, and it hit the front pages of the Washington Post, Dec 31, 1983, that, uh, its close enough to be a member of our solar system, and they were reassuring everybody it wasn’t inbound. Well how could they say that if they didn’t know what it is. Right? Of course its inbound, and its been the cause of our increasing quakes, trembling earth, wild weather, and all the core swirling that’s creating all the melt down on our poles and our glaciers and the like, and its not just Global Warming because Europe and Mars and other planets and moons in the solar system are experiencing the same heating up, and its not the Sun either, and its Planet X. And the problem with not telling people is that they know, they’re preparing, they’re making, you know, Monolithic Domes. There are NASA teams that hired Monolithic Dome contractors to create safe havens for them and their families. They know, but you don’t know. So if its going to create a panic, then how come they’re not panicking. They’re going to their jobs, you know. Why can’t they treat everyone else, the taxpayer, with the same respect. We deserve to know. And I don’t believe its asteroids, although I will tell you, when Planet X and its moon swirls gets in front of the Sun and we see a swarming angry reddish mess, you can be sure they’re going to call it an asteroid swarm. And they’re going to say ‘President Bush has to go Denver and go into the deep caverns, because Heaven forbid we shouldn’t have our government saved so we have a leadership afterwards’, and this kind of thing. You still won’t be told the truth. You still won’t be told that crust shifts are going to happen, and sloshing of the oceans and where the safe places are, and what cities to get out of, and where to go, you won’t be told the truth until the phones are so crackly and the TV reception is for nuts and you can’t get any message at all. It’s just unfair not to be talking about it with the general public.

LOU: Well, you have two things, I think, that’s interesting. I think I brought up before, but, still prove a point. The first thing was back in 2000, I think it was, there was a meteor or asteroid that came very very close to the planet. And nobody said anything until after the fact.


LOU: And I noticed that after that, after that incident, I could be wrong, but after that incident there were reports of these objects that you would find scattered in the media, of well ‘today there was an asteroid the size of a lunch box’, I remember that was the first one. There was an asteroid that was about the size of a lunchbox that was on a Near Earth Orbit but that deviated or something like that. I don’t know who the hell they track something the size of a lunchbox, who knows. But, um, they started getting these little reports in, and they’ve been moving back and then coming closer and closer to the point of entry, you know, into the Earth’s atmosphere. But I think with those two things, at first there being that secrecy where ‘oh, we’ll just see what happens, oh, well it didn’t hit us so we’ll tell the public now’, and then afterwards, us hearing these little reports, kind of makes me wonder if maybe there’s more reports of object that are inbound that we’re not being told about, that just to take our minds off of that they bring these reports about these Near Earth misses, so that they can say ‘well, they’re at least telling us’.

NANCY: Yeah, I think that’s an extremely valid point. It shows you their mindset and what they will really do. The reason for the Zetas giving the bad date last year, May 15, 2003 or shortly thereafter, was to show you what they would do. And what they did was call Operation Planet X in Iraq on the 15th of May, ran to level Orange right away, right after we came out with the dates on the 16th on the Lou Gentile show of the 20th, the 27th, boom, ahead of the 20ththen they went to code Orange and held that for 2 weeks, and they didn’t to that again until Christmas time, December 21st they did it again because we were predicting the Sweeping Arms of the Sun and so they called code Orange and its always for some nebulous chatter reason. They will actually want go to Martial Law level but they will not tell you. And the Zetas said ‘we told you, we showed you, what they would do, we caused them to trip and fall on their face, and show their hand, they knew it was coming, they expected it to come, they took us seriously, but they did not tell you.’ Its a very valid point, Lou. Their mindset is that they will not tell you until the last minute, and this is not fair.

People, you have to rely on yourself. You have to look, you have to think, be aware when it comes. Take a look at the Safe Locations link on the ZetaTalk site, read that information. We’re not telling you run down the streets and sell everything, just have a backup plan, a plan B for safety for you and your loved ones and your neighbors thay may need your help. Camping gear, be able to distill you water, if you live near a volcano. Think about this, how to start fires, needle and thread, tools like knives, learn how to feed yourself in the woods, how would you make a fish hook if you had to. You’re on a beach or a new beach that migh appear and you say ‘boy, if only I had a net’. Fishing hooks and simple things like that, they’re inexpensive. Give it a little thought and have what they call a bug out bag, some gear ready to go, if things get tense, and be aware. That’s all we’re saying to people. I don’t know why that should be so threatening.

LOU: Well, preparedness, for any kind of a catastrophic event, is a good thing. I brought it up on the show many a time. If you are in a part of the country, and even here in Philadelphia, if the Sun goes down and its minus 10 degrees out, you lose electricity and gas, you’re more or less screwed. and that’s the truth. Unless you’re prepared.

NANCY: Unless you know what to do. Unless you know how to operate in those environments. I mean the eskimos do fine. I even understand that they’re nude in those little igloos, laying on fur blankets and the like. They’ve figured out what to do. So if you research it. ZetaTalk is very explicite about what they think the climate will be after the pole shift, for your areas. And you can take it from there and plan accordingly.

LOU: Do you think that ZetaTalk is growing, or declining. What’s going on with it.

NANCY: The information that I get from a lot of different souces is that it is immensely spread around the world, and not just through the Internet or things like the media. But you’ll notice how many translations I have on my web page, these are all volunteer. It was instantly internationally popular, from its inception in 1995. People linked to it. They either loved it or hated it, but definitely talked about it. I get email from all over the world, always have. And its not just somebody on the Internet reading this, they talk about it ..

LOU: Right.

NANCY: ..with their friends and families, or sewing circles or at the local bar or their with the buddies putting up a new telephone pole or whatever and information gets around. We were in Top Secret in Russia, what was it, 6 years ago or whatever. I hear ‘oh, I read about you in this magazine in Australia’, and I didn’t know that I was even mentioned there. Or magazines in Germany. It’s immensely popular, far beyond what one would presume, because I don’t have money. I don’t do PR. I don’t spam email. I don’t have TV ads. But its spread by word of mouth due to its accuracy and it is a gripping correlation to what people see going on around them, and it explains so many things that people have always wondered about. Pulls it together, this is what I always hear, ‘ring of truth, pulls it together so it all makes sense’.

LOU: All right, real quick, want to channel the Zetas?

NANCY: Unhah.

LOU: First question for the Zetas is ‘what do you think about the information we’re getting back from the Rover on Mars about water?’ and possible life on Mars. And ZetaTalk says ‘we have always stated that water was on Mars, and the swish patterns that people are seeing were not an illusion. What happened was that the giant hominoids that inhabit Planet X, also known as Nibiru, who were at one time on Earth, mining for Gold, the David and Goliah tale being one that is true. These giant hominoids stood over 8 foot tall and were beefy accordingly because their planet had a stronger gravity pull. They went to Mars when man began populating and rebelling and they were also encouraged to do so by many accidents, which is called our quarantine and it was decided that they needed to be separated from the human race so the human race could have a balanced environment for their first school house, which Earth is. So they went to Mars, mining for Gold ore which they needed in order to stabilize the atmosphere of their traveling world and assist in brightening it and retaining the light in their atmosphere, bouncing around. They used the surface water of Mars to slues and wash the ore and ran it down into cavities into underground areasof Mars, thereby ruining the atmosphere. By removing the water they removed what builds the atmosphere. The planet cooled and the primitive live such as bugs and moss that Mars supported died. We are not surprised that they discovered water. We told you so.’ And this is the end of ZetaTalk.

LOU: OK. Last question, what do the Zetas think of Erma Thurmon’s dress at the Emmy Awards.

NANCY: Not having seen it. ‘We the Zetas to not have the same eye for human fashion that humans do ..’

LOU: Hahahaha, no no, get out of here! They do too, that was horrible.

NANCY:.. our Zeta females don’t even have visible breasts. So what would a plunging neckline mean to us? Therefore, our opinion is probably moot and we decline to waste time on this question.’

LOU: A simple no comment would have been fine. Hahahah. I’ll tell you, Nancy, take me to your leaders. All right dear, thank you very much for being on this sho, I appreciate it. People can visit your website Nancy, its a pleasure and I’ll see you soon.