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Lou Gentile Show
December 23, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [With Nancy Lieder tonight, she’s been on the show numerous times. Welcome back, Nancy.]

NANCY: Hey Lou, hi! I have a quick question for you, Lou. One time you mentioned that ZetaTalk inspires more anger, and vituperative whatevers of any of the people you have on. Is that still a true statement?

LOU: [Angry people, and you’d think they would just go away, walk away from it if they thought it was crazy, but they keep coming back, yes. None of the other guests experience that.]

NANCY: Exactly. The Zetas addressed that within the last month and wrote something called The Insecure talking about why that it. Basically, it’s because the message does not sound crazy. There’s this ring of truth, and things that the Zetas predict, for instance, which keeps them coming around. Which is why ZetaTalk has the popularity it does around the world, and this makes them feel insecure. Particularly if people are the kind who want their pensions to be there, really haven’t a clue as to how to survive should the electric grid go down and clean water not be coming through the pipes, food not available in the grocery stores and paper money worth nothing anyway, It makes them feel threatened, and what do animals do when they’re cornered and feel threatened, well, they attack. They attack the messenger because of that. I’ve put together on my summary page that I’ve prepared. Folks, on my website, on the right hand side just under the ZetaTalk banner there’s a Lou!. Click on that, you’ll have a page I’ve prepared for tonight, December 23. And this has links to that full ZetaTalk on how insecure people react. And some of the examples I’ve gotten from the last two months, where people called in, and they were angry but they also sounded very factual.

One of them was a guy on October 27 talked about GPS. Now the Zetas mentioned, back before 2002 or early 2002, thereabouts, that satellites guiding airplanes would malfunction and this would be a problem. And then recently, when we had a lot of small plane crashes in the news, they said that in addition to electro-magnetic pulse and compasses not giving the right clues, that GPS was signaling people that they were in the wrong place and therefore they’d go into the mountain side assuming they were in the plain, for instance. And it was at the end of the hour, so we weren’t really able to do much other than have him expound and have me say ‘I’ve heard otherwise’ and poof, end of the time. And he said ‘you’re ludicrous, there’s not got a foothold in any kind of truth in what you’re saying’, and he was very knowledgeable and was a pilot and was very angry. So what are the facts, and I have a link on that. There was something recently on MSNBC about Global Positioning System, and it says ‘GLP is vital to commercial aviation and marine shipping’ and it’s what hikers, pilots, sailors and motorists use. You know those units you put in your car where it says you’re on this street, in that city? That’s using GPS, it’s very highly used. The Gulfstream that went down just ahead of George Herbert Bush getting on and going to Ecuador, Love Field near Dallas. I caught on a message board, some pilots talking about this, and they’re saying ‘well didn’t they use their GPS, surely they had that onboard?’ and in fact the guy that called and was ranting had posted on the Troubled Times website, and I went to get that posting, and he in his own words admits that GPS was developed for planes, certified, and in use but has a short history.

So all of this is contrary to the impression that he gave, which was ‘planes don’t use GPS, small planes don’t use GPS’. I have an article in there saying that small plane airports will have their GPS use accelerated and presumably that’s not because the airport doesn’t know where it is, but to help small planes using GPS. So I don’t have those kind of facts at my fingertips when somebody calls up, but my point here is, if somebody is angry, and they’re full of facts, that does not mean they’re right. Why are they so angry? A second example, on November 24, was somebody who called up and said I had the audacity to name a ZetaTalk piece ‘Solar Minimum?’ and talk about all the CME’s, solar flares and the like that were happening in November and people were saying ‘solar minimum, this doesn’t seem right’. And he said ‘you dolt, the solar cycle goes from 1996 to 2006 and not 2004, you don’t know what you’re talking about, Nancy!’. Well, all I could say was, what I just said, that I had seen other people refer to this time as the solar minimum and in general around 2000 was the solar maximum so it was closer to the minimum. But guess who called October of 2004 the solar minimum? NASA. And I have a link there on what the facts are. NASA. Because the solar minimum, by definition, is when there is no sunspot activity. They had a photo up of no sunspot activity and said ‘humm, looks like the solar minimum arrived early’, etc, etc. So, I didn’t have that handy at the time, when we got a caller, so I had a hard time backing up my statement other than to say ‘I’ve seen it referred to’ and it was closer to the minimum than the maximum, so it made it sound like Nancy was a whacko and this guy was very angry and had facts. That doesn’t mean he’s right! He may just be one of the insecure.

So another example that came up just today, which I wanted to point out why it is that ZetaTalk has a fan club, but on a given moment, I, Nancy, can’t necessarily grasp a bunch of facts to throw back at people that call in. One was something that was given out in June of 1997, on Mars Exploration, in which the Zetas said, and there’s a link on that page that I prepared for tonight, Mars Exploration, and it said that if a probe is going to help the Awakening, in other words go to Mars and show that life on Mars is there, or that intelligent life elsewhere exists, this kind of a probe would not be squelched, it would be allowed, even though all those probes that went to Mars where regularly getting zapped. And recently, on the Lou Gentile show last January 30th, they were asked about the Rovers, and they said ‘yes they are on Mars, this is not being staged in some kind of a studio and faked’, and it’s being allowed for various reasons. Put those two things together and guess what’s going on with the Rover right now. It’s running and it should be wearing down, the batteries should be wearing down. It’s got solar panels that fuel it, and for some reason it’s going like double time, way beyond, and they finally concluded that something is cleaning off the Martian dust from the solar panels, allowing this little Rover to chug around and take pictures and oops, does that look like a piece of lumber on Mars, it certainly does, etc, etc. I got this from the Whitley Strieber site, ‘unexpected cleaning keeps Rover roving’. So, they admit, and this has been in the news a little bit recently, that it’s getting an assist to keep going. It should have died by now from lack of solar power, lack of electricity, but something is cleaning its solar panels.

This is the type of thing that makes ZetaTalk notable and where people follow it. Those people who can deal with what they see, you know, the weather is no longer normal because of 6 typhoons we have 11 in a typhoon season, I mean boy, that’s almost double this year, etc, etc, and they say ‘ZetaTalk said this way back when and now it’s coming to pass’. And this is on 100 different fronts or maybe even more than that, and they say ‘wow, the track record is terrific’. Now it may not be 100% but it’s very very high as prophets go, and predictions go. This is the type of thing I deal with, where I put out the ZetaTalk, people are hungry for it, sometime in the future it comes together, and I may not, at any given point, have all my facts together to confront a caller, but the thing to bear in mind is, how do you know who this caller is? Lou, you don’t require that they have an affidavit in front of you, who they are or what their qualifications are. I mean, they could be your crazy uncle, or your crazy aunt. You don’t know. They could be making this stuff up. But the audience is given to believe, when they call with all this anger and they make these statements, that they’re right and I’m wrong. So these are a couple examples where I could pin them down, these were fact filled callers, they both sounded very knowledgeable, they were very angry, and they were both wrong. So bear that in mind.

LOU: [It’s Gentile, not Genteel, though my mother would be pleased.]

NANCY: I’m sorry. You’ve mentioned this before. Because you are genteel, you’re a gentleman. You are genteel. Gentile. Got it.

LOU: [Returning to those who keep coming back, angry, instead of going away and ignoring it.]

NANCY: Because they know its true, down deep they know it’s true. Somebody sent me and email today and it was very well done. He sat down at a table with a couple different couples, one was 80 and 86, the guy was 86. And out of the blue, they’re chatting away, and he says ‘bla bla Planet X, look at all the Earth changes, yada yada’, and this couple responded saying they had noticed that the Sun and the Moon were not quite where they were supposed to be. They had noticed this and had nowhere to put this information, so ‘thank you for the site’ they would look it up, they were going for Christmas with the family and they would have the grandkids and the children look at the ZetaTalk website and they were open to thinking about it because the fact that the Sun and the Moon were out of place did not terrify these people so they weren’t in a state of attack, they were not attacking like a caged animal. Then he said there was another couple that he sat down with and did the same thing, and they got up from the table abruptly and marched off, knocking the chairs over as they did because clearly he was whacko. They didn’t want to hear it. I frightens them. It’s a very scary thing because it means that your world is going to be torn apart, and people have to be secure within themselves, or ready to die, or have a deep spirituality, or something, in order to be able to deal with that much change. Those people who are more superficial, who need more rigidity and security, be the type of people who would go postal or ballistic if their pension were taken away and everything wasn’t the same, they can’t deal with it and denial is their recourse. And therefore they have to attack. They have to attack something because they’re feeling threatened. A cornered animal will attack anything, whether or not you’re threatening them, they will attack anything because they’re going into a red blind rage. That’s what these people are doing.

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