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Lou Gentile Show
November 24, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
A portion of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [We’ve had Nancy on numerous times. She’s been on radio and TV frequently. How are you, Nancy.]

NANCY: Lou! Glad to be back. I’m going great, and as usual I’ve prepared a page of matters that I’d like to address with lots of images and documentation, links. And that can be found on my website on the right hand side, just under the ZetaTalk banner, it’s a ‘Lou!’. Click that, you’ll have tonight’s page and I got the date right on the top of the page, today, November 24. Once forgot to change that date.

LOU: [Let’s first do some background on you. How did you start talking to the Zetas.]

NANCY: I’ve been a contactee since a child, which meant that they came and physically visited me at the age of 8 or so, down in the woods, catching frogs, barefoot little girl in pigtails and climbing trees and they were there sort of like little animals in the woods, popping out. And that was my first contact as a child. However, I’m sure I had a pre-birth agreement. My soul agreed to the role that I’m playing now. I agreed to be a communicator. Actually, I volunteered for it, and I was probably placed into a setting, into a family or whatever that would be amenable for that desire, for that role, and it’s been very successful. So I actually, like many contactees, was a timed release person. I was not aware of my contactee status consciously until about 55 years of age, and it was a shock to me. But it made a lot of things that had happened in my life - missing time, odd scars, sudden change of decisions where you almost surprise yourself. It made sense that those things had happened in my life and in fact in meditating and doing recall and getting the full story there was interaction with the Zetas all my life. In 1995 ZetaTalk began. I had myself physically altered in the part of my brain that deals with telepathic concepts. A little bit of their DNA was infused there, and that allows me to telepathically understand their telepathic concepts. It’s not words that are given to me. Words come later. You wrap your concepts in words to communicate, but the concept is not verbal. So they give me the concept, I put English around it. If I were Greek I’d put Greek around it. And that is ZetaTalk.

LOU: [When did they start talking about the pole shift.]

NANCY: This was one of the first things that came out. When I began doing ZetaTalk it was in Michael Lindemann’s ISCNI chat group in 1995. There were a lot of contactees in that chat group, and people were asking contactees to bring back information, to get their questions answered. And I said ‘well, I’m getting my questions answered now, what do you want to know?’ and I began to relay the Zetas answers to their questions, and that was the start of ZetaTalk. One of the very first things that popped out was Planet X. In those days they were calling it the 12th Planet because it was understood to be Sitchin’s Nibiru, the Marduk, this planet that comes in every 3,600 years or so, and the Shar I think is 360. In any case, it was the ancient Summerian’s record of a passing planet, occupied by hominoids that had come to Earth to mine for gold and the like. And they said in the near future we’re going to have another one of those passages and it will cause a pole shift, and they were very exacting in their description of what this pole shift would entail. Now this was in addition to a lot of other stuff the Zetas were talking about - life forms from other planets, moving in and out of other densities, do we reincarnate, how does that work, what happens when we die, why are we having increased UFO sightings and alien sightings. And the website addresses a number of those different issues. I have 14 different categories where you can go in -how do you become a contactee, what happens during visitation, what about Roswell. So Planet X was just one of those aspects. I would have to say in 1995 nobody was talking about Planet X. That was way back in the early 1980’s. But ZetaTalk started all this Planet X discussion.

LOU: [What proof do you have that they are telling you the truth?]

Nancy: Right. Well, there’s numerous things that I would point to, one of which I can’t drag out and use as proof to anybody is personal validation, personal signs. You know you didn’t put an object somewhere, and then it appears, or whatever, and it’s timing means something. But the Earth changes that they described would happen in 1995 - the changes in the weather, the linear increase in earthquakes and volcanism. Very dramatically the changes in the weather. They described the current deluge and drought cycles that we have that are virtually unpredictable to a T in 1995. Increasing albinism in wildlife, increasing illness, how this would play out, not only normal germs but opportunistic germs, as they described it. And they also said when we would be able to sight this inbound planet, where it would come from, as viewed from Earth, when it would be visible naked eye, and in 2001 and 2002 we were finding this at observatories, getting it on images in infrared. And when the naked eye sighting began in the Spring, March 26, 2003 it was just spot on where they said it was going to show up. So this is really amazing accuracy. Another part is scientific descriptions, like they were describing the Sun’s magnetism as being fixed, not switching about every 11 years, ‘hahaha, NASA says it switches about every 11 years, silly Nancy’. Well, they’re own Ulysses probe went by, and started I think in 1994 and came round in the year 2001, and at the end of 2000 NASA said ‘well by the solar flares going blip blip we now have determined that a magnetic flip has occurred’. But their own probe went by and said everything is the same as before, as in 1994. So they scrambled for an explanation and said ‘well, the Sun must have two N Poles or two S Poles, temporarily’, but they never did stop saying that the Sun switches it’s magnetic orientation, which is does not. This is a fantastic coup for the Zetas. And the type of thing that is just rife through ZetaTalk, and why it has such a fan club around the world.

LOU: [Are you sure it’s telepathy?]

NANCY: It’s definitely telepathy, and I found I had increased telepathy with humans at the same time I had increased telepathy with the Zetas. So this was really I think in my late 20’s, early 30’s that I became aware of this, not as a child, so I’m assuming that this change to my brain was done in my late 20’s. I do recall where I was living, when I did recall, and that particular surgery was done. My babies were just toddlers, so, I think so. And I became aware when the phone would ring, who it was that was calling me. I knew even before the phone rang, and was there ready to pick it up before it rang. Was able to guess with perfect strangers in about 2 minutes time what they were thinking about. I’d play games at bus stops with this ability, it fascinated me. So it’s telepathy, and this is something that is not uncommon. Many animals use this. They suspect that whales communicate by telepathy across the oceans to find each other and the like. And they know that rabbits do. The Russians played with this, took baby rabbits out in submarines and when they killed the baby rabbits the mother’s heart beat would spike, on land. So there is a lot of physical evidence that telepathy exists, about 10% of the populace has a bit of it, an my ability was just enhanced.

LOU: [You’ve been on the morning radio in Philly, with Kevin and Bean, etc.]

NANCY: I’ve had a heavy interview this past month, I was delighted. A lot of morning shows, and, uh, others that might be competitors of Lou Gentile, WakeupUSA, and PUFO had an interview on their web page for a week again about Planet X. In any case, we do ZetaTalk live on the air, we do almost every time on the Lou Gentile show. Some of the most important information has come out on the Lou Gentile show. If they really want to get it there on the record, they do it with you, Lou, whether it’s egg on your face or doodoo on your shoe, here it is.

LOU: [Remember when we tried to get them to answer that math question?]

NANCY: Yeah. I don’t speak math real well, is one point. I don’t speak Greek well either. So if you asked me to give an answer in Greek I would flub it. And I don’t speak math real well. I used to do calculus and get good grades in that, A’s and B’s, in high school, but that’s not my forte and their math is not like our math. They actually don’t use the zero, for instance. In other word’s, we’re speaking a broken language, so they can’t possibly communicate in our broken language, so they prefer not to.

LOU: [Why don’t they just prove to us that they’re real.]

NANCY: This is not actually their mission. Their mission is to help with the Transformation. Our world is transforming in a number of ways. During this pole shift, which is in our near future somewhere, months or weeks or whatever, out there, 90% of the populace will die either as a result of the shift or because of starvation, illness and depression and the like, afterwards, exposure, etc. So this has actually been administratively configured to be a time when our world will change over. It’s been planned that our world will be a home for the good guys. The bad guys will get hauled off, their souls that is, as they die one by one, so that at the end of 100 years we’re a home for the good guys, as Jesus said, ‘a time of peace, I will return’, etc. And we’re also going to become galactic. We’ll be living with life forms from different planets. There’s a hybrid race being developed between Zetas and humans. If we stick around, if we’re not the bad guys, we’ll reincarnate into that race and live in wonderful cities, high tech cities and the like. So their goal is not to say ‘we’re real’ which they could do by just forming space ships in the sky, forming the word ‘Planet X’ for instance. They’re not doing that because their goal is not to increase fear and anxiety. The Awakening is a gradual process, often done in your subconscious subliminally as you hear other people talk about UFO sightings. As people get comfortable it, they will have mass sightings, they will have sightings of alien bodies, and during the time of the pole shift, depending upon readiness, you will actually meet life forms from other worlds, come to help you because when everything else is going to hell, the last thing you worry about is what your neighbors are going to look like. So it’s a good time to make those introductions.

LOU: [Back from break, time for the update now.]

NANCY: Yeah, hi, and my real news, in my monthly update, is that the 4-times-a-day Earth wobble that set in very distinctively by June, has become a polar wobble that is kind of a twice-a-day thing, almost entirely with the N Pole tipping away the Sun. Now remember last July, it was a feature of our monthly update called Timeline Clues. And the Zetas were analyzing crop circles and said ‘in these crop circles there are clues as to when something will manifest’. And I did a whack at what they were saying and came up with late October to late November. And sure enough, we’ve had a number of things happen. One is solar flares in the middle of a solar minimum, quite a few of them. The sweeps, the global quakes that come at the face and the dark have been more intense. This has all resulted in more earthquakes and more volcanic activity this month. But most distinctively, a kind of a tipping away of the N Pole. Now we’re not talking about Winter, we’re talking about extreme past what the Solstice would be, with Brazil and Sweden and the West Coast and all over the world noting the Sun up to 15-20° too far to the South for the time of day. But what I discovered yesterday, we had good sun yesterday and today I was able to find the sunball. Yesterday the Sun was 20° too far South at 3:00 in the afternoon and today it was much closer to where it ought to be. And I’m also getting reports from people that sometimes it will be too far to the North, and I think what we’re having is some irregularity. This is not all that smooth. But the overall trend is, that Sun is too far to the South. And I’m gathering information on this, and you can actually see this on the weather maps. I have this on the ‘Lou!’ page that I prepared for tonight, a couple weather maps from Nov 19th when the Zetas wrote ZetaTalk called ‘Drunken Lurch’. Now this is referred to in the Bible, and also the Egyptian Papyrus during the last pole shift which was the Jewish Exodus time, talked about the Earth going round like a potter’s wheel. I’m assuming that’s like a lopsided piece of clay where you can see the turn, it would make you dizzy to be on that potter’s wheel with that piece of clay. The magnetic N Pole just above the NW Territories is distinctively the coldest spot on Earth, and it’s even warmer up above where the geographic N Pole is. People who want to get the details on that, click on that and take a look at those diagrams. We’re still having the global quakes on the face and the dark. What this means is that the Atlantic Rift, which in and of itself is a large magnet, faces Planet X which is in the direction of the Sun, between us and the Sun, and shrouded by dust and bouncing back most of the light from the Sun so that it really does not reflect light because of the dust cloud, but it’s one of the reasons we have all this additional glare from the Sun the last year or more. We get these global quakes where the whole globe shudders at either 0:00 UTC or 12:00 UTC, when the Atlantic Rift is facing the Sun or in opposition. There is no other explanation for this other than Planet X pulling on this 3rd magnet on the Earth, which is the Atlantic Rift. Highly magnetized magma which quickly cools and is pulled apart during pole shifts in what the Zetas have called the continental rip, not the continental drift. And I’ll give a pause here. Do you have any comments to make in all of that?

LOU: [Nope, just following along.]

NANCY: Ok, now, you can go and check, also, the Zetas did a piece called ‘November Reality’ harking back to that July piece where they said ‘Timeline Clues’. They didn’t say November, I said November, and saying ‘did this not come about’. They are saying ‘out Emissary, Nancy, did her best to analyze this, and look how this all played out’. So you can check with that, but we now have an uptick and this is the start of the tipping away of the N Pole and the 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere and then the N Pole swings around, kind of in a loop, and the Sun appears to rise over the N Pole and a tad to the West for 6 days, and then the N Pole comes round. So something extreme enough that at that time there will be no doubt that things are not, quote-unquote, normal, as you’re always being told in the news.

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