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Lou Gentile Show
October 27, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

NANCY: So happy to be back. Oh, I’m so impressed you’re going to have Michael Moore on. Good for you! Oh, cool.

LOU: [May not be this Friday, as planned, as there may be conflicts in his schedule, but will be on at some point. Folks can follow along on the web page Nancy puts up for her monthly updates. Lou! in the menu.]

NANCY: It’s the Lou! on the very right hand side and I just noticed I need to change the date on the top of the page, it says ‘September 24’.

LOU:[I didn’t want to say anything.]

NANCY: You’re being kind. But it says ‘lou1027.htm’ as the page and says ‘Are We Alone? Physical Evidence Abounds’. And the first thing I want to share with the listenership is a couple things that developed this last month, that really are physical evidence. In the past we had individuals seeing UFO’s and an occasional mass sighting like the 1991 Mexico City, where they were looking at the eclipse and UFO’s were zipping around and hundreds of people caught this on videos, so there was such solid evidence. On occasion we’ve had mass sightings, but in the main they’re very rare. But lately, its really picked up. A lot of camera captures, and a couple that happened this last month were one that happened in Ohio, a squiggly light, rainbow colored, caught on police video, the Olmsted County police or whatever, and also a ray of light in Trinidad, as a red ray, like out of some of these movies, like ‘oh, UFO’s up there, because boing here comes the beam of light to suck people up’, that strong, and in Canada a photographer actually got a snap. So I have those two snaps and a lot more information on that. Now the Zetas, back in 1995, said that the pace of the Awakening was to be no fear, no anxiety, nothing sudden, they’re not pressing this on people because they want them to be comfortable with it, if a group of people and they get to see something, eventually there will be introductions to aliens, sighting of alien bodies, that has already happened. About a year ago in Indiana, for instance, there was a guy driving in a car, a young man, saw some dark figure that was not a human, and he pulled over down the road, and a couple, an elderly couple, saw it also and pulled over and they reported it to the police and the like. Well, and the Brazilian Roswell incident was where a bunch of young girls going through the jungle found these little creatures from the space ship and they were dragged off by the Brazilian army, similar to what happened in our Roswell. So that has happened also, but the Zetas said we would have increased sightings, sightings that would be increasingly be caught on camera and video, increasing mass sightings, and they said this way back in 1995, and this is another piece of evidence of their prediction accuracy, which is the reason you have me on the show, and people around the world know about ZetaTalk. However controversial it is, there is a strong theme of prediction accuracy.

The second thing I’d like to share with you tonight is even more interesting. It’s Chupacabra bodies. I think it was more than a month ago that the first bodies were found, young, in Texas and I think there was one in Maryland. And everyone was trying to figure out ‘what is this creature’. It wasn’t a coyote, it wasn’t a wolf, it wasn’t a dog, it wasn’t some sort of a barking deer, that was one theory, no hooves. And they actually sent some DNA off, from the earlier find in Texas, and I understand it came back as too damaged to be able to be discerned. I don’t know why that would be the case, they had a whole body, and it was freshly dead. But it’s not a species know to Earth, and that’s what everybody says. I have some lovely pictures here on this page I’ve prepared for today, showing a find in Texas. It looks like a Kangaroo, the front legs are shorter than the rear legs, although not as small as a kangaroo’s. The front legs have claws, they’re not paws. It has fangs with an underbite, in other words the lower teeth come up over the top jaw.

LOU: [Have you heard of the hybrid coyote/hyena? Caught on video.]

NANCY: No, was it years ago, or ...

LOU: [About 3 months ago.]

NANCY: That does figure. Actually the Chupacabras were only around since the late 1990’s and appeared in Brazil and Puerto Rico and I don’t think so much the N. Americas, but now these are young, according to veterinarians who have examined it. This is a creature that is young because of the way the teeth are developed. And the Zetas theory on all, relating back to when they were first asked about the Chupas in the late 1990’s, they said at that time that this is like dragons or vampires. Vampires were not man creatures, they were like giant bats, bald heads so they looked like man, who were there to like terrify people. The same thing with dragons. A creature not of this world, brought here by those aliens, that small percentage of Service-to-Self aliens who want to reap souls to their group, and if you’re terrified and frightened you become selfish. The whole theory was, terrify these villages in the Middle Ages, or in China or wherever, and the dragon was to do that. Well as they’re not of this Earth, they have a tendency to get infected, not get their nutritional needs met, and so they die off. Actually, the rules of the universe are, that they’re not supposed to hurt humans, so therefore they have to eat farm animals, chickens and goats and the like, but they had to be kept from people, which meant that their handlers had to remove them if they left. Zetas said, S. America is a continent in which the Service-to-Self aliens are trying to get dominance, by terrifying people. But they are loosing, and when they leave, they’ll have to take the Chupas with them. Well, the adult Chupas are gone, because they were quite large. They were reported to be able to like bound over trees, with their rear legs, and be, oh, I don’t know, 6-8 feet tall. But these are little, and they’re immature, hairless, and as soon as they’re shot, for instance, they almost start to rot, their skin is necrotic. They’re very malnourished, they can’t feed themselves, and they have an odd blood clotting feature also. People say they really don’t bleed, and this was noted also in S. America with the bites on animals. Instead of an animal like a goat or chicken bleeding, it was clotting, it wasn’t bleeding. So, something odd going on.

So, now we have young Chupas showing up, like here they are, like the dragons of yore, or the vampires of yore, physical evidence that something has come here from another world. And like the lights in the sky, captured on police video, physical evidence.

So the second thing I wanted to address, briefly, was where is Planet X and what’s going on with it, and is it showing up on photos or in any other way. And I have a couple good pieces of physical evidence. About a month ago the Zetas were saying, it’s like a lull in the eye of the storm. So centered in the front of the Sun, with its S. Pole pointed toward us. The S. Pole of a planet or a Sun is basically just a big intake. Magnetic particles spew out the N. Pole, wrap around the magnetic field, and go into the S. Pole. So Planet X was riding along the magnetic flow lines coming out of the Sun, and down near a pole the magnetic flow lines almost go vertically out of the pole, but as you get toward the middle of a big magnet like the Sun, they get into tight little loops. Planet X was increasingly pointing its S. Pole toward us, and as it did, being as its an intake, there was less magnetic disruption for Earth, which just sort of stood normally with its N. Pole up and S. Pole down, and we had a lull. We had less dramatic Global Quakes, we were having less earthquakes and the like, it was like ‘where’d it go? what happened?’, and we also could not see it as well. But it continued in its retrograde orbit motion to move from directly in front of the Sun to a little bit to the left of the Sun, and people are beginning to see this now, and to the right at sunset in the northern hemisphere. It’s reversed in the southern hemisphere. And we had a couple of dramatic captures, one in Katkam, when the entire sky was cloudy except for a swath or a strip of sky just at the horizon above where the hills are, and for some reason, I suspect we have a friend at Katkam, instead of every 15 minutes, that camera was going off every 5 minutes, and during that period when the Second Sun shown beautifully, behind the clouds to show you that its not a lens flare of the Sun, the camera was snapping every minute for 6 minutes in a row. So I’m just suspecting we have a covert friend there at Katkam who took those pictures.

So the other piece of evidence is something interesting that happened on the 20th of October. I always check, in the morning, to see what the Global Quakes are, because they showed up about a year and a half ago, in March of 2003 for the very first time, and then there was a 3 week gap and it happened again in April, and then they started picking up every few days in May. But for all this time, there’s a regular pattern, which relates to what we call the Sweeping Arms of the Sun. The fact that all the planets are going in a counterclockwise orbit, are moving in the same direction, is not by accident. There’s actually something reaching out from the Sun, a particle flow, that brushes the planets along like a broom, that keeps them moving along, which accounts for the regular pace also. Even if they get perturbed, they move back into their regular pace. So, on October 20th, I noticed that every single live seismograph was blank from what I call the Dark side, when the Atlantic Rift is in opposition to the Sun, to the Face side, which is when the Atlantic Rift is facing the Sun and Planet X. This is because the Atlantic Rift is in and of itself magnetic. It’s newly hardened lava, and it represents a magnet on the crust. The core represents a magnet in the middle of the Earth. So when it’s facing Planet X, which is very close to the Sun, it grabs it and doesn’t want to let it go, and says ‘you have to stay lined up with me’, and there’s a lurch at that time. And then when it gets around to the back side, and is in opposition, it likewise says ‘now you’re lined up, stay there!’, and it continues to turn but there’s this global shuddering that happens. And we do often have more earthquakes and more disasters at that time, at those times, but not necessarily. We can have large earthquakes that do not necessarily results in Global Quakes. It’s not caused by earthquakes, it’s caused by this gripping of the crust, and jerking it.

So, not only did we have all these live seismos go blank, during that period, but somebody let me know that HAARP magnometers or whatever they’re called, in Alaska, there’s several, where the N. Pole is, they read several emanations from the Sun and where the compasses are pointing and the like, kind of went wild, spiked at that time.

LOU: [Need to take a break.] ... [You were talking about HAARP.]

NANCY: Magnetometers, I think they’re called. I choke on that too. This has happened once or twice before, in the year and a half that I’ve been watching, and my interpretation of that is that the Earth gets jerked around underneath the geosynchronous satellites, or disrupts the geosynchronous satellites, so they’re not overhead. I can’t see how they can be updating this from someplace in Colorado, like dozens of sites around the world, is this by phone lines? I kind of doubt it. I think they are probably picked up by sats, and relayed, because it’s updated every few minutes, every half an hour or 15 minutes, and you keep refreshing the page and there it is. So, that’s my guess, but I don’t really know that that’s the case. I’ve seen that before, but rarely, only a couple of times. And actually, we’ve had, one of the things I wanted to bring up, it’s a little further down on the page, is a number of small airplane crashes we’re been happening lately. Even some of these rescue operations, where the aircraft runs with paramedics, or hospital personnel, just crashing into mountain sides, or having a distress signal, or saying their guidance systems aren’t working. It’s really been, just this month, just the last couple of weeks, a real epidemic. They use GPS receivers to guide them. I used to think that planes use compasses, but someone informed me that they’re really using GPS, saying ‘where am I now, and what is my elevation, and what is the terrain like around here?’. GPS will tell you what you’re lat/long is, and based on that, there’s all kind of information in databases that will draw you a map, show you your surroundings, very precise. You can be on a hilltop and if you have a GPS receiver, and it says ‘oh, here’s your lat and long, and here’s the map you’re standing in the middle of’. It’s great. But, what happens if that satellite is itself a little off. It might tell you you’re not about to hit a cliff, when you are. Because it really assumes your elevation and your surroundings based on what it thinks you’re lat/long is, based on what it thinks its lat/long is. So, I’m not sure that’s what’s happening, but it makes sense because if isn’t positioned over the seismograph, it doesn’t do a pickup. And if enough time passes, it may not be able to go back and pick up data that’s its lost, missed, my guess.

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