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Lou Gentile Show
September 24, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
Due to unfortunate tape feedback, not all transcription is word for word accurate, but the content is accurate.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [Welcome back. Nancy Lieder of]

NANCY: Hi, glad to be back, and just to remind your listeners, I always prepare a special page, on the right hand side of the web page, just under the banner, you see a ‘Lou!’ with an explanation point click on that and it says September 24, 2004, an overview of what’s happened since the last month, during the last month. One of the things that is not actually that new, but it was repeated in the Observer, which is in the UK. The Pioneer 10 and 11 probes that were sent out in 1983 seem to have an additional gravity source back in the solar system. And this has scientists scuttling, trying to figure out what’s wrong with their gravity computations, what else could be going wrong. So it allows me to bring back up the whole thing, perhaps those new to the subject not unaware of.

In 1983, December 31, 1983 in the Washington Post, a front page article, they were talking about trying to discover Planet X, which is also known as Nibiru, Marduk, Wormwood, it goes by a number of names, in Zacharia Sitchin’s books, the ancient Sumerian called it the 12th Planet, so it runs by different names but it’s the same planet. And everybody was so astonished, when they sent up an infra-red balloon up above the atmosphere, which sighted this where it was projected to be, as it was perturbing the outer planets, for a couple hundred years, there was something else out there pulling the planets, and when Pluto was discovered it was too tiny to be doing that, so they kept looking. And they found it, by infra-red. After that, the cover-up started. But an odd piece to that in an Encyclopedia, published shortly after than, has a diagram showing that the Pioneer probes were sent out, in part, to get a triangulation on where this body lies in relationship to where our Sun’s binary lies. We have a binary, but it has never lit. Its just a dark star out there, and our Sun and it’s binary do not twirl, its out there in outer space, dark, so we don’t really know its there. But the aliens told the US Government, NASA, about this, in MJ12 meetings. So they knew about this, Planet X, and that’s one reason they were looking for it in 1983. Here’s this diagram, without a doubt, showing that Pioneers 10 and 11 were sent up to try and get a triangulation of where Planet X might be. This was done in 1983 when they were out there looking for Planet X. So just a little touch back into the past, for those new to the subject.

Something else that’s I’m calling ‘Footprint of the Gods’. Recently somebody from Portugal sent me a web page, well it was in Portuguese but he translated it, where they told that the ISS international space station was focusing on an area off the coast of Lisbon out there in the Atlantic. And they noted that there seemed to be an impression made by one object, of several thousand tons. And they provide a picture from that, from this web page, from the international space station. And it certainly doesn’t look like the typical meteor impact, where the Gulf of Mexico, for instance, is one big round impact site, or that place in Arizona in the desert which has a round site, this looks like it’s a V, and the lines are so straight you can almost run a ruler along them. It looks like, so to speak, it a hoof print, a triangle. What’s interesting about this is that the Zetas were asked about Atlantis years ago, and they said it was not in the Caribbean, it was off the coast of Europe, in the Atlantic, and yes indeed, its demise was assisted by extraterrestrial. They took advantage of a pole shift, when the crust was going to be shook up and distressed, to sink Atlantis, because it has been determined by the Council of Worlds that it was inhabited by the giant hominoids from Planet X, who had come does to mine Gold, the Gods of Mount Olympus, the Visgoths of Germany, those people who put up the heads on Easter Island, pyramids all over the world, who were terrifying early man, and the Council determined there should be a quarantine so we would not go through our school house learning with a heavy emphasis on fear and terror.

Well, we also have the Oahspe, which the Zetas say is a true channeled work. It’s pretty difficult to read, its written like the Bible, written in 1992 by an Ohio dentist who wrote in a format that people would feel comfortable reading, a Bible thumping community that he was speaking to. And it has a wealth of this past pole shift, past pole shifts, as well as reincarnation, about the transformative period that we’re in, talking about the polarization, what’s going to happen after the pole shift. Service-to-Other communities being protected and adopting orphans, and Mad Max gangs eventually dying out after this coming pole shift. The transformative time that Jesus described as being 1,000 years of peace when he would return, which was just a way of saying the good guys are going to inherit the Earth and all of the bad guys are going away. So, its a confirmation, this photo from the ISS, of not only the Oahspe but of ZetaTalk, way back when, early ZetaTalk, before the year 2000, they made this statement about Atlantic. So what does the Oahspe tell us about what to expect? Here’s how they describe the passage of Planet X through our solar system, the Earth captured magnetically by Planet X. The Zetas have described Planet X as having its orbit since the solar system was formed coming out of the Big Bang, and the Oahspe says. ‘Fly with all speed where the red star’s vortex gathered up its nebulae, millions of years agone, and on the way say: God hath decreed a pruning-knife to a traveling world’. And they describe the Earth in a trough, scooped up as a toy, and Planet X’s vortex will close about like a ‘serpent hungry for it’s prey’.

And a very interesting note, somebody send me from the dictionary. Two words that have their origin in Latin and Greek. Most of our English language have their origin in Latin. Catastrophe, in Greek, which is the primary definition, means ‘to turn up and down, to overturn’, and Disaster is from the Latin, and the primary definition there is ‘baleful aspect of a planet or star’, in other words, Aster is a star, disaster is some ‘malevolent influence’ of a star. Seems like the ancients were relaying something about the passage of Planet X.

Then I wanted to show you some photos. The Zetas have said that Planet X was below the Ecliptic and to the side of the Sun. The Ecliptic does not go from the East to the West, directly overhead. It rises in the NE, moves to the South during the day, and ends up in the NW, for those in the northern hemisphere. So when Planet X was out a ways from the Sun, along the Ecliptic, the Second Sun was seen to the right of the Sun at sunrise, and to the left at sunset. But recently this switched, to be the opposite, because Planet X has moved to be sun centered, standing between the Earth and the Sun. And therefore, like if you were standing in front of the TV and to see the TV screen I would lean to the right, you would move to the left, and visa versa, if I leaned to the left, your head would move to the right. This is what is showing up now in photos. And it used to be the opposite in photos, 6 months ago or so last February and March. Recently I got photos from Australia, and as expected this is opposite the photos from Italy, in the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere sees things opposite the northern, the constellations look opposite, the face of the Moon, and where things are placed along the Ecliptic. This is photographic proof that Planet X is moving, is coming closer.

The next thing I want to discuss is something I’ve termed ‘SOHO Says So’. The SOHO is a satellite a million miles from Earth, and takes pictures of the Sun, some with a disk blocking the Sun but others, the EIT, of the face of the Sun. The MLSO is an Earth based observatory, which also takes pictures of the Sun. And there’s confirmation that the photos I have on may site are not all lens flares. The SOHO, last April, and the MLSO, only 7 minutes apart, show blob around the Sun. These are not solar fares, as they appear where there are not flares. There are moon swirls. Planet X has many moons, dozens per the Zetas, and they swirl around with a lot of magnetized dust. So, last April the SOHO and MLSO had the same objects, and this past August 21 and 24 the MLSO and an amateur photographer had the same objects. These are not fingerprints on the lens, not pollen or raindrops on the lens, as some debunkers claim. So, another interesting set of SOHO images show that the SOHO is being very heavily doctored. Somebody captured these images, which are two hours apart, on the 19th over midnight into the 20th. Well, the stars, even a meteor streak, are the same, two hours later, to the right of a line on the image, and to the left, the stars have moved. This is proof that the background are being inserted, doctored. The SOHO clears before taking an image. If it cannot capture a spot you get black squares, or white squares if there is light overload. And that’s the end of my nattering review, and I’ll just hush and take a sip of tea, and let you get a word in edgewise.

LOU: [Are there any signs of Planet X, any recent news?]

NANCY: Well, you mean like earthquakes in unusual places, like the one in Poland that was considered unprecedented? This was felt in Scandinavia where they don’t have earthquakes either. They thought it was some kind of explosion along the border with Russia, they could not believe they were having an earthquake. Argentina had a similar one last September 7, and they don’t have earthquakes either. That was in an area that was pulling apart, near Buenos Aires where the river empties into the Atlantic. It’s a rip point, just like the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Red Sea. And then there was an eruption from a volcano that was antique, ancient, hadn’t erupted in millions of years or some such, in the African Rift. And then there was a quake swarm, in the area of Mammoth Lake, some 600 of from 1-4 Richter in an matter of hours, and they almost evacuated the valley, when to level Orange. And then there are the hurricanes of late, more violent, higher cats and roaring into the SE. Ivan wrapped around and came back in again. I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall hurricanes doing that. So yes, and other than the fact that we are still wobbling.

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