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Lou Gentile Show
July 23, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links at to next page bottom.

LOU: had played a tape of Roy Timm’s voicemail, wherein Timm complained that Lou was having Nancy Lieder on again, complained that Stanton Friedman and Whitley Strieber and Linda Moulton Howe were disinformation agents and in essence called Lou a government disinformation agent for hosting them as guests. Much swearing on the voicemail, calling Lou’s scheduling agent names. Lou’s response was to ban Roy Timm and others who had he said were ‘unable to manage themselves’. This list included James McCanney, Robert Ghostwolf, and others. He stated McCanney would call him and complain about Nancy Lieder being on, while demanding that he, James McCanney, have air time. It was noted that McCanney was asked to debate Nancy, but declined. Lou said the public should know what he deals with, via email and voicemail, from those who try to dictate whom he should have on, behind the scenes.

NANCY: Hey, Lou! Somebody got your Italian up, hey? Wow. I thought you did a really good job, and I agree with everything you said. As someone who’s been attacked a lot, and I try to be fair, certainly on the air, about people who copy what I say and then turn around and meanmouth me, they emulate me, sometimes verbatim, and yet I’m a, you know, steaming pile over there on the floor, you’ve got to wonder what their motivation is. But certain isn’t a search for the truth. And what you said about debate, taking it with a grain of salt and I just don’t buy it, debate is one of the best ways of getting information out. Because you get both sides of the argument. Fairly, in a level headed way, discussed, and bringing forward facts, not just opinions without facts behind them. Debate is great, and that’s what people listen to. Look at Crossfire on CNN, that’s a lively debate, and it makes the show. So you’re right to do what you’re doing.

LOU: more about guests he has banned from his show and why.

NANCY: I don’t know who this person [Ron Timm] is. I was supposedly downing on them, and I said ‘who?’ I don’t know what they’re taking offense at, that I might have said. We, on the website, ZetaTalk have said the Pleiadians are the good guys, so what’s the problem here.

LOU: makes statement that his guests bring facts forward, do research, and the complainants making nasty phone calls and demands are frequently without facts to back up their statements.

NANCY: Yeah, and I have a bunch of stuff to share with you. Now as usual I’ve prepared a page, a summary of what has happened over the last month since I was last on. And you can find that on my web site,, its a Lou! on the righthand side on that hot links just under the ZetaTalk banner at the top of the page. And this is a permanent link in the media section up at the top of the page there, Lou! will take you all the way back to December, our monthly updates and what my summary was. So folks can catch, if they don't have access to the Internet, they can go back up later.

Starting with time line clues, this is a recent ZetaTalk based on crop circles that were laid down on July 4 to the 115th or 17th, and I want to mention on the air that I took down this ZetaTalk without having any ability to run and see what a date computed to. After I took down the ZetaTalk and I went to the calendar and to find out when Mercury was last transiting in front of the Sun, to figure out if it was in front or is it behind, to compute where it might be at this or that time, didn’t do this until after I was done with the ZetaTalk and all these clues that the Zetas were mentioning arrive sometime in November.

So, three different clues, pointing to November, and they’re saying ‘these are clues’. Now this is not to say that we’re going to just be humming along as we are, with very slow Earth changes that are arguable and some people notice and some people don’t, the Second Sun, the Sun too far to the north, the high Sun arc, the Ecliptic not right, the Moon kind of whacky and off orbit. We’re not going to, I don’t think we’re going to have that kind of sleepy slow progression between now and November. I think we’re going to have some real surprises. But they’re saying, they’re giving a date because many people are getting very very weary of the long year with very little progress in the disaster that so many people think is right around the corner.

The second thing I want to share is prophecy, as I mentioned the Book of Enoch and the Kolbrin, a parallel Bible popular in New Zealand, which talked about this monster planet coming in, the constellations not being right for the seasons, the fiery object in the sky, the disasters that would happen to the Earth and the like. And really saying such similar things. Actually the Quoran, in their documentation, Islam and Muslim, has a great deal of similarity. One of the things they mention is the Sun rising in the West, and the Sun hanging in the sky and refusing to set, the long day. In that part of the world, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Arabia, is under the long day, is under the Sun. On our part of the globe, we have a very early morning, a long drawn out dawn for several days. And I guess over there by Japan and China it's a long night. So they mention the Sun rising in the West, the Sun hanging in the sky a long time, the long day. I got this from several different people who seemed quite sincere and pointed me to the web sites where the original documentation in Arabic or whatever can be found. There’s also something, a prophecy or interpretation, where the 15th of Ramadhan falls on a Friday, this year that happens on Oct 29, a Friday, and also something about 200 and 4, which they interpret to be this year, so here again we’re into November more or less. And also the Hadiths, another Muslim text, Sun rises in the West, violent winds, pelting rain, chasms in the Earth, being swallowed up in the Earth. Plato actually mentions that he had gotten from the Egyptians, ‘at other times it revolves in the reverse direction’, in other words the Sun rising in the West. ‘There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives.’ And also Herculobus, in South America they term Planet X Herculobus, I’m not sure exactly the origin of all of that, but this is something put out on March 4th, ‘When we see the sun coming out more and more towards the north’. Now well we've been seeing that. The Sun too far to the North, rising and setting too far to the North, and I check with Skymap, which is a planetarium program that I have had for a number of years with a database which is old, not something you pick up online, by these time honored orbits and calculation. Any date or place on the globe, you find out what you’re supposed to be seeing in the sky and you can determine if what you are seeing is wrong. So, once again, all those prophecies, kind of saying the same thing.

Then we have an Earth wobble, and I bring this up, and relating it to time line clues, that some of the things we might be seeing between now and November or certainly by November according to the Zetas. And I pick up, I lurk, is the term, on a lot of message boards, a big conversation between people in Europe and Ontario and in the US and the like, talking about the Sun is moving North after the Solstice. Under normal circumstances the N Pole tilts away from the Sun in our Winter, at the Solstice in the Spring we’re lined up from the N Pole to the S Pole getting even amounts of Sun. And then the globe moves around to where the N Pole is tilting toward the Sun, and that’s Summer in the northern hemisphere, and then back into the Fall we’re at the 50/50 position where from the N Pole to the S Pole we’re getting an even amount of Sun. That’s why the seasons change, really, it's just more or less Sun shining on the globe. Well, based on that, when we have the Summer Solstice, the N Pole should be leaning toward the Sun, and as we moving into Fall, after June 21st, we should be seeing the Sun move more to the South, here in the northern hemisphere, well, I guess in the southern hemisphere we’d see this as well. Here in photos, from Japan, and I chopped this up to be something that doesn’t hog the page, you can see rigging and a tree, and Ichi has taken photos on June 15 its to the right of the tree, on June 20 its to the right of the tree but still moving North, on July 13th, way to the North! So it’s moving North in Japan. But what I was getting from Seattle and California, ‘you know, it seems to be moving South, for me’. So we did a ZetaTalk on that, Earth Wobble, and they explained why we have something I talked about on the show, the Hudson Bay cold spot, or the Nova Scotia anomaly, where this part of the globe, Canada, Hudson Bay, Nova Scotia, is so very cold compared to Siberia which is supposedly getting the same amount of Sun. I can hear the music.

LOU: break time, will continue when we return.

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