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May 27, 2005
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The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: Nancy is from Welcome back, Nancy

NANCY: Hi, glad to be back. I'm going to talk super fast.

LOU: Tell me what the Zetas think about this guy.

NANCY: Here's ZetaTalk:

This is a true example of the Element of Doubt in play. We have mentioned since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that there would be increasing sightings in the sky, mass sightings, and moving to captures on film and video, which has occurred. Police videos, and more and more evidence where as on the early part of 1990, you scarsely found a valid photo of a UFO, they just simply did not develop on film or on video. We have stated that this would occur as readiness in the populace was there. Not anxiety but eagerness, but always with an element of doubt. This is a classic case of this being experienced. Yes, UFO's do appear. No, he will not have 100% success. He will have crashing disappointments just when he expects to have a big success. And we have belabored the element of doubt many times. Where to reduce anxiety, the populace is not given absolute proof. There's always something that those who cannot deal with the idea of the alien presence can cling and say 'it's all a fraud, it's all nonsense, they were all mass hypnosis, a blip on the video' and the like. But he seems well able to handle this, the gentleman does, and it is part of the Awakening process that is out there, getting buffeted about and making these claims and telling people to look to the skies.

This is the end of ZetaTalk.

LOU: Very interesting.

NANCY: That's it, element of doubt, in operation, on your show.

LOU: Do the Zetas think there's going to be more of this?

NANCY: Oh yeah, yeah, they have said that years ago, in 1995. And that has occurred. In my Signs of the Times, there's a number of instances where something was caught on a police video, and frames of that were put up where the public could get ahold of that. They didn't fudge that. So we're getting UFO's captured on film and video like this, but it's here and there. But here's a guy who's saying 'come one come all, and I can do this', and it happens to him. So he's brave enough to go out and say it, but when he wants the big show, it won't pull together, the way he expected, so everybody has the element of doubt. It's rough on the guy. I know. I'm there. It's rough on him, but he's doing a service.

LOU: Hum. Well us what's new with ZetaTalk and Planet X.

NANCY: Yup, going to be quick. I have talked before about the torque effect, which is something only the Zetas have predicted would occur and explained, the North Pole going to the right, the South Pole going to the left, because Planet X is pulling on the South Pole and holding it back. And how that makes the West Coast not have the earthquakes that the rest of the Ring of Fire have. Very odd phenomena that has showed up on USGS earthquake graphs, and we have mentioned almost every month since Dec 26 on your show. Well, today I want to talk about what this means for the North American plate and the African plate as being in the stretch zone. If they're being stretched like this, it means Iceland is pulled to the right and down near Panama you're pulling to the left. This puts the North American continent at a torque. On the page that I've prepare every month when I'm on, which is called 'Lou!' on my website, (and anyone going to and clicking on that and following along, or go there later, or go there when listening to the archives), and this means that the New Madrid fault is being pulled diagonally. Not pulled apart evenly East/West, but pulled at a diagonal and ripped apart. It also means that stress is put onto the little Cocos Plate which is just to the West of Panama where Panama is kind of like shoved out into the Pacific.

Well, son of a gun, we had a 6.9 in Panama, simultaneously, almost on the same day, we had a 4.8 in New Madrid on May 1st, 6.9 in Panama on May 5th, and up in Iceland then, we had 11 quakes close to 5 point, on the same day on May 10th, and then on the 13th the Galapagos Islands had their volcano erupt. No, if you take a look at that diagram that I produced, I superimposed the North American continent skewed in that way over that area, you can just see how this is happening. This is why we have the earthquakes and the stress that we do, normal stress on the Earth's crust would not be in this pattern. We would not normally have the plate, the Australia/Indio plate popping out as it did last December unless the South Pole is being jerked back to the left.

Take a look at the African Plate, the same occurs. We have the African Rift where the African Plate is being pulled apart in Kenya and the like. Volcanoes there, lakes forming, and the Zetas have said the Red Sea is also a part of this ripping apart, and during the pole shift to come we will have a violent reaction in Iraq, and a widening of the Red Sea. If you look at that, the little Arabian Plate that encompasses the Arabian Peninsula, and the tip of that is up there at Iraq. Now, as the African Plate is pulled, Iraq going to the right and South Africa going to the left, that's where the stress is. Beyond the African Rift being pulled apart, we have a twisting of the Arabian Plate, which would cause something like a knife in Iraq to move, from like 6-7 o'clock over to something like 3-4 o'clock, and that's the explosion in the oil fields of Iraq that the Zetas have predicted since before the start of the Iraqi war. A disaster in the oil fields that they have said would 'take the breath away'. So this is an example of what happens when you live in the stretch zone, which the Zetas have talked about a lot.

Other than that, I want to talk about some recent signs of Planet X. Solar storms, We're in the mimimum, yet we're getting NOAA advisory that a G-5, which is the highest level Space Weather storm, predicted on May 15. I don't think it came to Earth quite at that strength, but they were predicting that. And here we are flaring away, in the middle of the solar minimum, and geomagnetic problems. Two people have reported to me that their compasses, in the North America continent, are turning too far to the East in an extreme degree during this time. I also have a photo on that page from a gentleman in Italy of some light kind of canvas patio furniture and the dust from the rain left a residue that is as red as blood. A very dramatic photo. That's supposed to be mud from the Sahara. Well, I'm a little surprised at that color red, very dramatic. It looks like, as we have said, the tail is beginning to point toward us as Planet X turns in space, between us and the Sun, and here's an example.

Another one, jet stream tornadoes. We've noticed a very erratic jet stream over the last few months. Sometimes over the North American continent, we'll get what they call breakaway loops over lows. And the jet stream will to around in a circle of the SouthWest, and breakaway like a little storm. It's so erratic, it's just not what it used to be. And the Zetas spoke to this issue, because we've had real warmth on the West Coast and real cold on the East Coast, and to what this means in weather patterns. And they said, because of the Earth wobble, the violence, the quickness, this way, that way, happens, the Earth is being turned under the atmosphere. And this is creating, as any kind of difference in pressure or temperature in the atmosphere will do, a tornado effect, not a tight little tornado on the ground you can see, but like a storm system. Hurricanes and typhoons and cyclones and the like go round in a swirl, the jet stream is beginning to swirl too. So we can expect more of this, more erratic storm behavior, where weather systems or storms will turnaround, a turnabout and come back, because the circular effect of the jet streams will force that. Something not predicted in the past, something that is just beginning to show up. And we can expect more of that.

GPS. Is it moving and showing the Earth wobble. Yes it is. A mathematician from California, very bright guy. He talks about polynomials, and conservative future and real futures and trend lines, which I understand nada of. But he has provided graphs showing. He has a GPS, which he has on his wall, nailed to his wall, for the last, approximately year and a half, he's been monitoring this and recording on a daily basis. It swings how far this way, how far that way, the GPS satellite is, and in this measuring the wobble. And he said it's doubled by a factor of 2 during this time frame, and this is over and above what is done by GPS managing agencies. Now this is math for those who can understand it. For those who can't , just the bottom line is, he's measured the wobble by where the GPS satellites are.

Now, survival techniques. Every month I like to touch on a few. This month I', going to talk about eating bugs, and how you get, how you can recharge your batteries with a bike. Now eating bugs is something where everyone says 'oh please, Nancy, not on my show'. But let me tell you that in the Third World, and in many countries, even in Japan, eating bugs is considered a delicacy. Meal worms, crickets, roasted. You can roast them, dry them. Snails are considered a delicacy. Ants are a little bitter but the Aboriginal in Australia mash them into berries. Up in the polar circle, the Inuit consider a maggot ridden caribou carcass a delicacy and rip it open and eat them raw. You can tie back the legs of tarantulas and pop them in the fire, and my understanding is they taste like crab. All over the world, and even the Iowa state Entomology Department has recipes such as banana worm bread, rootworm beetle dip, meal worm fried rice, and corn borer muffins. Full of protein, full of fat. Consider this. Earthworms also.

Something we did, and I participated in this with the nonprofit, where Ichi from Japan was here. He worked up a lot of recipes and tried them. The best was something like a chicken soup where you couldn't see the chicken. It was earthworm in there, diced. We found that we had to dice them up and rinse them well to get rid of those little pieces of sand. Very high protein, virtually tasteless, and no ill effects. And yes, we ate that soup, and we gave it to our neighbors, and they ate it. And they said, 'ain't any worms in here, are there?' and we said 'ahh, umm'.

LOU: I tell you, Nancy, you'd do really well at like the local exterminating company. Because I'm sure they have like, bug zoos and different things.

NANCY: Yeah. Like 'ohh, what can we do with these'.

LOU: Exactly.

NANCY: Like, don't throw them away. And the other survival technique is, we talked a lot in the early days of Troubled Times, 1995, 1996, what to do, well you can generate electricity with a row of bikes on a rack, or a bike on a rack. Just peddle away. But nobody ever put together to make a working unit and say 'here it is'. Well, the guy who sent me those GPS charts, who is as bright as they come, electrician, mathematician, he put this together. And I have pictures and lots of specific details. And he used a hand drill, kind of going backwards. In other words, the bike wheel is turning the drill part, which is, where you normally think of electricity going in one end and the drill turns. The other way, where the bike is turning the drill and the electricity goes out the wires instead of going in, and this works. And he charged up his 12 Volt batteries. You can also do this with a water wheel, and he demonstrated both. Tried them out, and has all the details that you might want, just follow those links on my page. And Lou, given that we're kind of short timed, that's my monthly review.

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