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Lou Gentile Show
April 29, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: We'll be with Nancy Lieder for the next 2 hours, talking about surviving Planet X. Her web site is In time, we'll be taking your calls, 866-LOUSHOW. For the longest time you people have not been calling in and asking her questions, but you're listening all over the place. I don't understand. If you have a gripe with Planet X, call in, whether you're for it or against it, I want to hear what you have to say. Anyway, 866-LOUSHOW. Welcome, Nancy.

NANCY: Hey, Lou! I guess everyone is holding their breath. They're all in catatonia, holding their breath.

LOU: I don't think they've actually called into this program for you in a long time.

NANCY: I get one or two, but not a lot.

LOU: Used to be all the time, for some reason.

NANCY: Well, that says something. The hits on the web site are up, and they have been up from a year ago. I have a good review for you, on our monthly summary. By the say, I want to tell the listenership, on my website, on the left hand side, just under the ZetaTalk banner, 'Lou!', click on that, and it will take you to a special page prepared for this evening, which will backlink you to at least a years worth of monthly reviews so that you can see what we've covered in the past. Tonight I want to talk about the Yellowstone Supervolcano TV ..

LOU: Nancy, before you go into that, I have to tell people that they can go into our new chat room. The people who follow Planet X haven't gone in there yet. We got rid of the old IRC, we got a new one. All you have to do is go to, on the top left hand side under interact, click on live chat. You have to be logged in and registered for free in order to do that. So to find out how to do that, go to the top left hand side and click on 'FAQ' the FAQ, tells you how to do it, meet us in the chat, start talking about whatever floats your boat, and if you're listening to us on the internet, and you can't call in, ask me the question and I'll ask Nancy. Go ahead.

NANCY: Yeah. The Yellowstone Supervolcano actually revealed, in several ways, that there is a cover-up. This is proof, folks, that there is a cover-up. How did that happen? Well, it was on Discovery and BBC channels, prime time for a couple of hours, and they made a big point, both on their web site and during the documentary, that this was based on scientific evidence. It was presented as a 'docudrama' rather than fiction because of this scientific corroboration. Now what they showed, during that 2 hours, was what we saw during 2003 and 2004 - all the elk leaving, the bison dying, the trails melting tennis shoes when people walked on them, they closed the trails, the sulfur smells, all the tremors underneath, and the lake kind of swelling and tipping. All these things in the docudrama were what was occurring in 2003 and 2004, and we're told, scientifically based, this was pre-eruption signs, but did we hear about that in the media? No. Not to worry, ain't gonna happen, right?

The second indication, this was developed jointly by BBC and Discovery, and the producers made a big deal out of the fact that the UK's Geological Society, which is the largest in Europe, were the consultants, and they linked to their web site, which I wen to, and it shows a number of papers dated 2000 and 2001. Then whoops, we have a gap, and we arrive at 2005 when they have a report that was released, and I quote, 'in concert' with the docudrama. What happened to 2002, 2003, and 2004? Why no scientific papers released during that time? Hello! Because there was a cover-up. Then the BBC indicates that the program that inspired the Supervolcano special was dated 1999-2000, which is just ahead of that study, but there's this odd gap. What happened during that gap. Now, during the gap years, 2002-2004, I had Signs of the Times running and I had dozens of instances from the message boards around the internet or from email saying 'I went there and here's what I saw, the fish were dying, and there's constant tremors, and then they were closing down the trails'. Obviously things were going on, but we heard nothing.

Now, beyond that, there's yet another indication of a cover-up. As I mentioned, the warning signs were, according to their scientists, 'pre-eruption', but we were never told that, we were always told, 'it's not going to erupt, don't worry'. A lie. The [next] thing is the way they presented Homeland Security in the docudrama. I loved it. Homeland Security was so concerned about the highways being crowded, and becoming parking lots, that was the big issue, we had to prevent panic in people. And they forced this USGS guy to lie and say 'it's not going to erupt' even though he felt otherwise. And then they made a big deal also about how they told people '3 days supply of food and water' and 'shelter in place', shelter in place, and that that came back to bite them because people should have been told to leave the area. Then they were sheltering in place and running out of food and water and covered by volcanic dust and millions died, right? So they were made to look ineffective and not looking out for the public interest, their primary interest being panic reduction for political reasons. You know, the Wall Street influence, we can't have panic, we can't but these governors of, like, Wyoming, and have all these highways crowded and the like. They showed it for what it is.

Just to tell the public, ZetaTalk has said that Yellowstone will not become a Supervolcano, as presented. That there has been enough flaking and overlapping of rock flakes since the last eruption which was, I guess, over 600,000 years ago. That it will be a normal volcano, and 100 mile around is what you have to really worry about as with probably any volcano, and not the monstrous area, and the monstrous super-eruption presented in this docudrama.

The [next] thing I want to present, other than the interesting indicators that we have a coverup and that it was in place in 2002, 2003, and 2004, and for some reason is being lifted. Something else I've seen, I've noted a lot of TV shows about global warming and the effect on the Earth, the series called Revelations that is running, and talking about the End Times all the time. There's something that the BBC is putting out in the UK, I'm not sure if we can get it here in the US, on their BBC3 channel, an hour long, talking about 6 last day kind of scenarios - comets, or asteroids, hitting Berlin, a tsunami hitting New York because the Canary Islands collapsed, one is a virus that just takes out a immense number of people, and like, no warning. And the interesting thing is that when they talk about the asteroid swam coming at the Earth and they say 'we didn't know because, guess what, it was coming from the direction of the Sun'. It was in the Sun. Now hey, anybody whose been following ZetaTalk, Nancy Lieder, and Planet X information knows we are saying it is between us and the Sun, behind the Sun, and therefor we can't see it, it's lost in the Sun's glare. Sun of a gun, that BBC End Days, or Last Days special which I think they're showing at 2:00 in the morning in the UK, says this asteroid swarm is coming in from the Sun and that's why there's no warning. Haha.

So we're getting a lot, people are trying to tell us something. They're trying to tell us that you can expect these kind of massive Earth changes and that's there's nothing the government can do, and that there's a cover-up in place. Interesting thing is the USGS fella on the Supervolcano special was wiry and looked very much like the guy that was on TV when we had an 8.7 in Indonesia. He leaked that it was a 9.3 on Dec 26.The USGS had for months been saying a 9.0, they would go to 9.0 but no higher even though people around the world saying it was really a 9.5 because of the scope, but certainly they're declaring it a 9.3. Well, he looked identical to this guy, and this guy mentioned the 9.3 and then suddenly people were waving hands at him from the back of the room, and he was discombobulated. So almost based on a real life USGS guy whose got a heart and been told to keep his mouth shut and doesn't like it.

The [next] thing I want to discuss, is several indicators that have happened, Zetas RIGHT Again. You know, people say, oh, she missed the date, its all a bunch of bahooy, but the ZetaTalk accuracy is one thing that is constantly noted by people who follow the web site closely and current events. One is torque effect, we discussed on Gentile in January and February, and how the West Coast is absolutely slumbering compared to the rest of the Ring of Fire, and why should that be? It's outside the normal pattern. Well, the torque effect is where the North Pole continues its rotation, but the South Pole is pulled back by being attracted to Planet X, and its tugged back, which causes that plate that Australia is on to pop up, and also eases the tension on the West Coast of the Americas. I have a graphic from the USGS, from April 11, showing this yet again, consistent, January through April, that the West Coast has been eased in the number of quakes compared to the Ring of Fire, and compared to, normally, we shared incidences. So, on April 11, which this graphic from the USGS shows, we had at least four 6+ Richter quakes in Peru, Indonesia, New Guinea, the Loyalty Islands, and Japan, and the West Coast is slumbering. Not even a 3, 4, 5, nothing. So, again, proving this torque effect which you only heard from ZetaTalk, and it was written on May 1, 2004, and there it is being consistently proven, no one else has come up with this.

[Next] point, Magma Slams. We recently had an article from German scientists that was on the Discovery Channel, April 20, 2005, and they talked about how German scientists were able to capture an energy wave that traveled from the Sumatra area where they're having all these quakes, where the big tsunami happened, over to Germany. Now this is 140° around the globe, not 180°. Why didn't it go 180° straight through the globe? Because the core is solid. This whole article, scientifically based, was 'we have discovered that the core is solid'. And it was a deflection of these waves, so it's 140° instead of 180°, kind of skewed. Well, if you take, and on this page that I've prepared for tonight I have a graphic showing the magma slam and the magma void, where magma is slamming into Sumatra or around the [magnetic] South Pole, the spine of the Andes and the African Rift area, and the void areas which are the Mediterranean, the West Coast, and Japan. And there's actually an overlap, so they do line up with that 140°. So here it is again, confirmation, the void and slam areas that the Zetas talked about back in December, 2004, confirmed by human scientists in Germany. Volcanic activity lines up also. Between April 6th to the 20th, we had a number of volcanoes get very active. And I captured this count, and I took a look in the USGS and the like, the scientific volcano research sites, Smithsonian and a number of them, the incidence, and where they occurred, is outside of where volcanoes really ride and exist. For instance, Indonesia and New Zealand have 116, the Aleutians have 40, Japan and the Mariana strait 36, Central America 36, it goes down from there. But we have them off the Comorus Islands, which is off the coast from the African Rift, we had 3 in Indonesia, and a number of them along the spine of the Andes. Nothing in the Aleutians, for instance, nothing on the West Coast. That's also confirming the torque and the magma slam and the magma void. Those are statistics that I'm getting from the government, right out there on the public sites.

Global quakes is another one. I want to point out that this is continuing at the Face and the Dark side, when the Atlantic Rift, which the Zetas, from the very beginning of ZetaTalk in 1995 had said, it grabs the Atlantic Rift because it's highly magnetized, at the Face, and when it's around the other side in opposition because magnets like to line up. And we've had these global quakes at UTC 0:00, which is the Dark side when Greenwich is exactly opposite the Sun, on the Dark side of the globe, and the Face side, noon UTC. Well, sure enough, we had, not only, it also shows up, on the Yellowstone seismographic jitters, and I have a link here in 2003 showing that between the Face and Dark it goes nuts, you know, and then it eases down to nothing from Dark to noon. Why would that be the case? It is so consistently confirmed. And we had something recently on April 2, and I have documentation from this. We had a quake, a 6.1 in Nord Greenland, which is at the top of the Atlantic Rift, that happened at 12:52 UTC, and another one in Indonesia that was a 6.1 at 00:59 past the midnight hour UTC, which is pretty darn close to being exactly 12 hours opposite each other. And there's the live seismographic showing global quakes happening, right at 59 minutes past the Dark. Utter confirmation that the Zetas have talked about, the Atlantic Rift being grabbed and the like, at the point of opposition, and why this is. Nobody else addresses this, nobody else talked about this in 1995, nobody else has an explanation but the Zetas.

Giant waves. Now even thought the reports are that while they surmise that over 200 ships over the last 20 years have gone down because of giant waves, how often do we really hear about that in the news? Now this last year we heard about a ship off of Hawaii, north of Hawaii, that got slammed by a giant wave and had to limp into Hawaii to be repaired and the like and on out again, and it was in the news. And we had one April 17, about a 70 foot wave hitting the Norwegian Dawn, a huge ocean liner, and had to limp in and get repaired. I don't recall, I tell you, I stay abreast of the news and it seems to me that I can remember ships being hit by giant waves. But the Zetas predicted this, on Feb 18, 2004, that this would be on the increase, and it is. And the Marburg outbreak is the last, but we'll get back to this right after the break.

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