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Lou Gentile Show
February 25, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [I’m sicker than I’ve every been, flu, fever, and 24 month old daughter in the hospital in Philadelphia. Starting to wonder about population reduction, so much illness lately, even the Pope. Welcome back, Nancy.]

NANCY: Thank you Lou, and I’m so sorry to hear that it’s your baby in the hospital. Oh, no.

LOU: [I caught it from her.]

NANCY: Yeah, not the other way. You know, you’re saying about deliberately induced. The original chem trails that fell, I think now they’re just trying to fog up the view, but originally they were making people sick. And this was so well documented. I was in California at the time, and it was reported up and down the coast. We had a young woman, healthy as can be, who just got like 3 weeks of one flu after the next. She was in Santa Cruz and drove over into the [Silicon] valley and I was working with her. I said to her that ‘it’s reported there you’re getting sprayed, in Santa Cruz’, and I said to her, ‘were you out under the sky a lot, like walking your dog on the beach every day’, and she said ‘yup’. And I said, ‘were any of your neighbors not getting sick when they did that’, or did they have dogs or stay in the house. And the bottom line way, people who stayed home, got out of the car and went in the house and didn’t go walking on the beach, didn’t get sick. And people who went out walking on the beach a lot, got sick. And she said ‘my mother is just stunned, I never get the flu, I never get like this, and I can’t get rid of this’. So that was my personal confirmation that chem trails were making people sick.

LOU: [The theory is to take out the young and old, reduce the population.]

NANCY: Yup, that was the idea, the very young and the very old, that hale and hearty in the middle group, where they’d like to take them into the work camps, that was the idea. I don’t know if that’s still going to come about or not.

LOU: [Make us all walk around with gas masks.]

NANCY: Yeah, breathing through the masks. Terrible.

LOU: [Here’s Nancy with her monthly update.]

NANCY: Yeah, and I always prepare a page for my monthly update. If you click on ‘Lou!’ it will take you to the page for February 25th, and you can link back, through, I have over a year’s worth of these, and I’m really glad I started putting it on a web page because I access it a lot. It’s like a trail of what’s new, kind of a summary. The first thing I’d like to touch on is something I touched on last time, the torque effect, where we were saying take the North Pole and twist it to the right, like a jar of pickles, and take the South Pole and twist it to the left, like you wanted to open that jar of pickles, and you can just visually see it, that the Australia/India plate was going to pop out where it did down there near New Zealand/Auckland/Tasmania, pop out. At the same time, the North American plate along the West Coast was eased and had less pressure and we had a map from the USGS at that time showing no quakes in a 2 week period along the West Coast. Well, I have another map from the 22nd, showing tiny little quakes along the West Coast, but compared to the rest of the world, it is still having an easy time, the West Coast. And you can see, with another USGS site, the live seismographs, on the 8th, both Greenland and Beijing, which is along the boundary of the North American plate. It has an odd line that goes almost from Japan zipping all the way over the Greenland, then wraps around the Atlantic, then comes up the West Coast.

LOU: [Have you ever talked to the USGS?]

NANCY: Not by phone, but I know people who have send them emails and what the responses were. One of the things was the global quakes that would show the whole world kind of shuttering at certain times, at the Face and the Dark side when the Atlantic Rift either faces the Sun and Planet X or is in opposition. And for almost a year they had no explanation. They say well maybe an elephant walked by or a truck drove by, they were silly. Now I think that some people are saying that anytime there is a quake, you have this type of resonance around the world, but in fact that’s not true. Prior to March 17, 2003 we did not have this signature on the USGS live seismographs, but they don’t have archives, so you can’t go and find out.

LOU: [There is no number in the phone book, no way to talk to them.]

NANCY: On purpose. That’s on purpose. Over a weekend, or over a holiday, you will not find hot off the press, here’s the quakes that are happening. They’re not there. Nothing gets posted until somebody comes in and approves what the Richter will be, and they rip out what they can get rid of, and drop the Richters and play their games. We caught them at this in the last 1990’s, steadfastly gutting the databases, in front of your eyes, of quakes that were registering, and also, dropping the Richter. They would drop it as low as they could, and only inch it up if they had to, if it was in a populated area, and if it was out under the water they would drop it. So now it’s gotten really bad. I mentioned either last month or the month before, the tsunami issue, if it had been reported as a 9+, to begin with, 9.3 is now what it’s stated to have been because of the rip and the tear and the magnitude of the effect, the area affected. If they had reported it that high, a tsunami warning would have been issued by Thailand and other countries, and the reason they didn’t? It was only a little 8.1. And they said ‘eh, unlikely to have a tsunami’. That cover-up and the dropping of the Richter had a murderous effect.

So, they’re under distress. I’ve seen, on the message boards, confessions by seismologists, saying ‘we are told to drop it by a Richter and a half’. And they get away with this, because the USGS essentially dominates the world. They collect this information. Awhile back, I think it was a couple of years ago, somebody told me that sites that were just reporting from the USGS, reporting freely, local information, were starting to say ‘we’re getting it from the USGS’ and there was this central control in issuing out, the cover-up descending with it’s cold claw. And even lately, there’s a European site that used to [report promptly and freely] now saying ‘you can’t copy or distribute this information, it’s for scientific use only’. And they’re just dropping the cover-up down, because the discrepancies are terrible.

LOU: [If you want to report a quake, you can’t!]

NANCY: In California they have web sites, where you’re supposed to type in your report, send an email or something. And people will like call their police department or local university or somebody, but there have been cases, I think it was in Indiana, where people in the whole county had windows rattling and the whole place was shuttering, and the police and everybody were notified they were having a quake, and when they finally got ahold of these people, the USGS types, they said ‘oh no, no quake was reported’. Well, what was rattling the windows? It is a very bad process, and part of the cover-up, and these people are being leaned on, so they’re probably not answering the phone on purpose.

So, I’ve got an interesting set of photos, actually I got a video, a little movie, but I had him make stills for me so they wouldn’t kill our downloading server, our web hosting server. A fella in Italy said that he had a water fountain. Apparently its a ball that had air bubbles and water in it and is floating itself in water which is a fountain, so the ball can freely float and roll around. And he said when he got it, for a month it was going, as storms do in the northern hemisphere, in a clockwise direction so that it came round kind of East to West in a clockwise direction. Suddenly, in early February, it changed, went counterclockwise from North to South. Why? Well, the Zetas have addressed this. Now they’ve talked about what they called Magma Slam, and one of the places is the South Pole, and they said the spine of the Andes and the African Rift are the two other places where Magma Slam will happen. And they said if you have two magma streams, because the Earth it tilting, and part of the magma wants to go round the Earth’s middle, and part of the magma to go in the direction, pointing toward the Sun, and so they have heavy duty double whammy points, and they also have void points. And the Mediterranean is a void point, where it’s bobbling up and down with the void.

This is why Edgar Cayce, as I explained last month, that following the breaking up in the South Seas, there would be a rising and falling in the Mediterranean, and boy, we had the beaches and Venice really low beyond human memory, heaving of the Mediterranean floor and that this is related. And they went a bit further with their prediction. They said you have these two magma streams, and you have these void places. There also, it relates, that Japan and the West Coast and Europe, in Slovenia, that kind of area, we were getting vertical wind storms, suddenly, Slovenia had a whole national forest get blown over at one point. The Zetas have predicted, in an article called Storm Clash, that because of this magma double whammy and voids and the fact that water will somewhat follow where the magma is going underneath, there’s a pull, they are predicting not only a record storm season, but huge heaping waves, because the clashes will come together. Like we’re used to having hurricanes slam into Florida, the wind is going in one direction, the swirl is going in one direction, but it will be different. Water will heap up. And they said it will be beyond anybody’s expectation, a pure horror.

Another thing I wanted to touch on, no surprise, is something I’m calling Dying Catholics, with Sister Lucia’s passing and the Pope so very sick with a tracheotomy. By the way, I had a tracheotomy for 4 months while I was paralyzed with French Polio in my early 20’s. And you are not supposed to be able to talk with that tube in your mouth [unless you block the air flow and force it up past the vocal cords]. I figured out how to do it, I bent my throat slightly and I was able to get 3 words at a time, but it’s tricky. So when they say they’re not sure he can speak, they’re being serious. It interferes, it hangs down there in your throat [bypassing the vocal cords] and doesn’t work too good. Anyway, there was a phenomenal attempt to cover-up the Fatima Third Secret. Sister Lucia had that, she became a nun, she put it all down in 1944 because she thought she was going to die, and said she thought it should be released in 1960, by 1957 it was in the Vatican and they just sealed everything up and they forbade her to speak to anybody. 3 Popes looked at that and decided not to release it. And they even, when she was cloistered like that, forgeries in her name began to emerge. I have an example on my web page and a link to where more detail can be found, of the S, her S and what was on the forgeries. Well, they’re nowhere similar, clearly forged, saying it was anything but the End Times. They went through phenomenal lengths to say it was not about the End Times.

Then another visionary, Conchita of Garabandal, had a vision when the Pope died in 1963, she said ‘there will be no more than three’. This Pope that we have now, when his ‘reign ends’ he’s supposed to usher in the ‘end of time’, is the way she put it. There was also something about Lucia either living to see the End Times, or dying before the End Times, either way I think we’re in trouble. So what do we know about the Third Secret? Apparently, in 1980, when this current Pope was in Germany, he said to an audience ‘it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much, if there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections of the Earth, that from one moment to the other millions of people will perish’, he said there’s no longer any point in publishing that because it’s too horrific. Well, I don’t agree, and the Zetas don’t agree, which is why we’re always talking about what signs to look for, because people can get themselves to safety. And why shouldn’t the little guy know as well as the Vatican and the wealthy elite, the people in the White House, and Russian’s Putin, etc.

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