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Lou Gentile Show
January 28, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
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The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
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LOU: [We’re starting late. Welcome back Nancy.]

NANCY: Thanks a lot and I’ll jump right into my update, because the tsunami ...

LOU: [You’re sick!]

NANCY: Pardon? Yeah, but I’m so doped up, I don’t think my voice will give out. You should have heard me before I took all the decongestants and expectorants and ach. You can imagine, an interview and I have laryngitis. That’s how close it came.

Anyway, the tsunami and related changes down there South of Australia. First, on Dec 23, we had a couple of 8 points, 8.1 in Tasmania, or South of Tasmania, 8.2 in Auckland over there in New Zealand, and 3 days later boom, the 9.2 in Sumatra which ripped a hole 600 miles long, ripped a fault line and the tsunami which we all know about because we saw it endlessly on TV. Then, interesting thing about Edgar Cayce predictions. And I like to touch on some prophet other than ZetaTalk everytime we have a monthly update. Well, this time it’s Edgar Cayce’s turn, because he said, when he was asked ‘when are the Earth changes going to begin or become apparent?’ how soon will the changes become apparent. And he said there was a breaking up of conditions in the South Sea and rising and heaving, or ‘sinking and rising land in the Mediterranean’ [opposite the South Seas]. Well, if you take a pole at that place where we had the two 8 point, 8.1 and 8.2, and run it through the globe, you pop out in the Mediterranean. So, guess what happened just a few days after the tsunami, actually on Jan 13th. We got reports that Venice was high and dry. The water level had dropped. It wasn’t just Venice. I heard from Croatia, people said that beaches were so low that fisherman had never remembered this, it was so low. Way over in Barcelona, Spain, way low. Now, the Mediterranean a waterway with the Atlantic. It can’t be that the Mediterranean drained and the Atlantic just kind of held back and didn’t flow to have water be of a level. The Mediterranean floor was heaving. So I consider this so significant that I put this up at top, because I believe that Edgar Cayce warning, that the serious Earth changes are beginning, has occurred.

Now, Cayce predicted a pole shift in our future, and I have some of his quotations from some of his readings as one link off of this page. By the way folks, you go to the right-hand side, just under the ZetaTalk banner, ‘Lou!’, click on that you’ll get a page and you can follow along if you’re on the Internet, or go back later and catch up. He predicted a lot of similarities with ZetaTalk, similarity to Michael David Scallion, and other prophets. You know, that the Great Lakes would empty into the Gulf. He predicted that Japan would be just destroyed. There were some differences in what ZetaTalk predicted, in that Cayce seemed to say that California was just going to become, slip into the Sea and go under water and that new land would rise in the Caribbean. And the Zetas have explained that, in the past, as a timing difference. That when the rotation of the globe stops, which they’ve described from the beginning of ZetaTalk, the water will pool at the poles. It tends to pool around the Earth’s middle when it’s rotating, just like if you swing something around and you’re turning quickly, it will swing out. You can even keep water from pouring from a glass if you swing around fast enough. And so therefore, we have more water at our Equator than we do at our poles. We stop rotating, the water will flow to the poles, which allows some land, and new land and beaches to show up in the Caribbean. Do not be confused by that folks, and run out and say ‘oh good, more play land’, because as soon as the pole shift happens, that all changes. And you will be caught, like the people in the tsunami were, that same think happened to them, where the water seemed to pull away and to have more beach.

LOU: [Need to break. Hold that thought.]

NANCY: Edgar Cayce predicted that Europe would become a series of islands, which also the Zetas have described, and New York City will disappear. Now he was also vague about the dates. He was asked ‘what changes will take place in the year 2000 and 2001?’ and his answer was ‘when there is a shifting of the poles or a new cycle begins’. Many people say that he predicted a pole shift in 2000, 2001. I think it’s a little vague, I wouldn’t quite pin that on him, but nevertheless, he was foggy about the dates which apparently all good prophets are supposed to do, and ZetaTalk not excepted. You know, one thing that the Zetas have always mentioned, was how India and the Western half of Australia will quickly go under the waves when we have a pole shift, because they are connected on a plate. Some people think those are two different plates, India and Australia, but they are connected and there’s evidence of this when we have earthquakes South of Tasmania and Auckland, and then Sumatra, the next thing that happened, within days, was that an extinct volcano in India erupted. They are connected. ZetaTalk, and I have this on the page, you know, for tonight’s discussion, showing the portion of India and Australia that will quickly go, within that hour, under the water.

Now this is not a tsunami, there’s a difference. A tsunami is a wave that travels rapidly across the surface of the water, underneath also, like 10-16 inches high it was. It rises up as it hits the beach until it’s 20-30 feet high or whatever it was, roaring inland. The Zetas have called the sloshing of the oceans to be something where the whole ocean is on the move, and the lip of the wave roars inland like a tide that just won’t stop. We’re talking about hundreds of miles inland, 200 feet up, you have to be 100 miles inland and 200 feet up on a general guideline. But it’s worse than that on flat land where it can keep rolling. Worse that that if there’s tidal bore because water will climb up cliffs and the like if there’s pressure behind it. So be aware how serious water on the move during the pole shift will be, and get away from the coastlines folks. Now, Velikovsky has mentioned finding whale bones in Vermont, and near Montreal in Quebec along the Seaway 500-600 feet up above sea level. And jokingly says ‘while they occasionally enter the mouth of the St. Lawrence, they don’t climb hills’. This is an example of the force of the sloshing of the oceans when you’re close to the coastline.

One of my favorite recommendations for survivors is that they build an ark in the form of a houseboat, right around where the water will eventually come. Now we have a map, actually, on this page that I’ve prepared for tonight, showing, because the Zetas have said that the poles will melt, and the ocean floors will heat up and with all of that, you know, swell, pushing the water up, and consequently, worldwide, the sea level will rise 675 feet, on average. And this will consume the Amazon basin, the Mississippi basin, run the Mississippi basin all the way up to the bottom of Lake Michigan near Chicago. Siberia is very badly affected, it’s greatly lowlands. Some areas and continents are going to do very good, like Africa, Greenland, are well above sea level and they’ll do pretty good. Indonesia, just wiped, you know, Central America, the Caribbean, if anyone survives it will be a miracle. So be aware of where the water will go not just during the shift, but within 2 years afterwards where the melt will take the water and if you’re smart you’ll build a houseboat. When the water arrives, you’re floating, you know, you’ll just go along with the shoreline as it moves inland. You don’t like your neighbors, you move. Fishing. You can grow plants on your deck. I think it sounds very romantic and very intriguing. If I were younger, I’d do that.

So along the lines of information that came out with the tsunami, the Zetas have stated that certainty on when the cover-up would begin to crack is hard to pinpoint, but they predicted that cracks in the cover-up would occur when ‘cities along coastlines are inundated by several feet of water and the streets awash’. This was written on Dec 7, 2002, and of course when I write ZetaTalk I slap it all over the Internet, on the message boards, so that there’s a track record of when these things were written and what was said. Guess what happened when the tsunami hit and water was awash in the streets. At first, you know, we’ve had a cover-up with Richter and the number of quakes, which I’ve bitched about a lot, you know, that they dumb them down by a Richter and a half and take them out of the databases, they don’t show all the quakes and they gut the databases. All devised so that if you run statistics up on the quake databases it looks like everything is normal. But it’s not, because they’re tweaking the data like crazy. If you notice, if it’s a holiday, you don’t get any quakes posted by the USGS. You have to wait until Monday after the holiday or after the weekend when they come in and say ‘humm, what can be said’ and then you get the quakes. This is not just rolled out to the public. It’s a decision. Well anyway.

First they named the Sumatra quake an 8.1, then it went up to 8.5, then 8.9, then 9.0, then finally 9.2. It went the other direction. In the reporting of Richter size, boom, they were honest. I think they were so horrified, for one thing, Thailand did not issue a tsunami warning because they thought it was an 8.1. Just like in that movie, Jaws, where they said ‘but it’s the tourist season’. They said ‘we probably won’t have a tsunami’. If they had said 9.2, they would have issued a tsunami warning, and we would have had lives saved, so in this regard, the cover-up was murderous, and I think quite a few consciences were tweaked and we got the truth. But there was more! There was a lot of discussion about how the axis of the Earth changed, how the rotation speed of the Earth changed. Now this is like putting into the public consciousness a relationship with big quakes and slowing or speeding up rotation and axis, you know, pole shift changes and leaning and tilting and the like. NASA came forward and finally said ‘OK, the North Pole moved an inch and we sped up our rotation by 3 milliseconds’, so like infinitesimally nothing. But the point is, people got those terms out there in the public eye and apparently the message boards were just abuzz, like physics and the like, people were saying ‘what does this mean’, geo-physics and the like.

Now something else that came out shortly after the quake, which was drawn to my attention, was the odd lack of quakes we’re having lately. This was brought up to me on Jan 22, we just checked a couple days ago and it’s still that way, where the Pacific Rim, New Zealand, around to Taiwan, Japan, and up to the Kamchatka Peninsula, and of course Central America and South America, quakes, quakes, quakes. Guess where we don’t have any quakes. All along the West Coast, Mexico, up through the US, up through Canada, all the way through the Aleutians, just asleep! Now, how did that happen? Well something that the Zetas talked about last May 1, 2004 was they called a Torque Effect, and they were describing why an increase in earthquakes. Planet X is grabbing the Atlantic, the magnetized lava that runs like an S down the Atlantic, which I call the Atlantic Rift, and holds it back, wants it to stay in alignment and not move along. It grabs and pulls it back, which is the cause of global quakes that happen at what we call the Face, when that Atlantic Rift is facing Planet X and the Sun, and the Dark, when it’s in opposition on the other side of the Earth. So these global quakes have been documented since about March, 2003 when they first showed up, and I’ve got a lot of documentation during this last year and a half on that.

So what they said was happening was that this Southern part of the Atlantic Rift was being jerked back but the North Pole was continuing to want to turn in a normal rotation manner and so it’s kind of like unscrewing a jar of tomato sauce, where you grab the cap with one hand and the jar with the other and twist in different directions and boom, you open the jar. Now our globe is a jar that is being opened. Now I have a map, it’s from the USGS showing these quakes and how the West Coast is remarkably light. If you imagine that you put your hand on the magnetic North Pole, which is up there in Northern Canada, NW Territories, just about falling into the water up there, and you turn that to the right, as rotation goes, and you grab the South magnetic pole which is, wouldn’t you know, down there South of Tasmania and Auckland where we had that 8.1 and 8.2 which started this whole change, the Edgar Cayce prediction of when serious changes start, and you turn that to the left, holding it back, you are in fact popping that plate that India and Australia are on. You can just see it. The pressure of the Pacific plate is like pushing in that direction, and that’s what happened. They pop up. New Zealand is rising, and India is pushing down. Now, at the same time, because we’re turning the top part of the jar, in the way our rotation goes, to the right, it’s relieving stress along the North American plate.

And this exactly fits, this is the only explanation for why the earthquake spread is the way it is. It’s another example, folks, of why ZetaTalk is taken so seriously and revered, despite the people that come and say I should just flush myself down the toilet. It’s this type of accuracy, and they said they came out on May 1, 2004 and made this statement about the torque effect and how it works to go on record because when it started they didn’t want to be after the fact. It’s a prediction that came true. Now, this was written up in a new ZetaTalk called Snap, Crackle, and Pop, like Rice Crispies. And they say this business about ‘Zetas RIGHT Again!’ that people think it’s Nancy that’s doing this, they ask me to do this. I crow and I strut, and I say this stuff, and then people get very angry and attack and the like, but you would be surprised how much, out on the Internet, people say ‘Zetas RIGHT Again!’ when it applies, and it’s catchy, and people remember it. So the Zetas are saying, in their typical manner, ‘there is no other explanation for this earthquake spread. None. Once again, we are logical, precise, and consistent’.

LOU: [Time for a break.]

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