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with Ugly Phil on the Breakfast Hour
Aug 10, 2006

Ugly Phil: We had a chat with our good friend Nancy from Zetatalk so we thought we'd get her back on the line now, she is a conduit for the inhabitants of the planet Zeta so if we ask her a question she will tell us, through her being a conduit but in her own voice, what the folks of Zeta have to say and you can find out more about it on Zetatalk, that's the website. Have a quick chat with Nancy Rach.

Rachel: Hello Nancy, welcome back to the show.

Nancy: Oh, I'm delighted to be here, Last time was October. Much has happened since October.

Rachel: We very much enjoyed our talk with you and in fact our talk with the Zetas via you.

Ugly Phil: Yea

Rachel: So what has happened? We're sort of after a bit of an update.

Nancy: Well I made some notes and we've had increased Earth changes. Remember that giant wave that happened off France - 264 feet high that was reported by a German boat, vortexes happening off of Australia, sucking all the beach fish away and their fishing has been affected. And also, we've had some magnetic interference just about a couple of weeks ago, a couple of ships that also fell over onto their side one off of Florida, that tipped 30º and all the people on deck went whoops into the ocean, it was a cruise ship. Well, this is the gyroscopes which are controlled by magnetics trying to keep the thing level.

Rachel: While we're talking about the sea, it's very interesting that it's the first thing you bring up because one thing we've certainly noticed here off the coasts of the UK is some very strange and unusual marine life that shouldn't be around here. Could you ask, for us, the Zetas if creatures are beginning to live in different parts of the world?

Nancy: You're not the first to notice this. Things have been creeping north. Southerly creatures creeping north and here's Zetatalk on that:

You're going to see a lot more of that because of the general warming of the planet which is not global warming but heat coming from under the crust - the swirling and writhing magma in response to the presence of Planet X is generating heat and this is melting the permafrost and this is what's causing all the ice melting at the poles and after the pole shift even more so because the UK is going to be virtually tropical.

Rachel: Now you mentioned the proximity of Planet X could be to blame for some of this.

Nancy: Yes

Rachel: What is Planet X and how near is it.

Nancy: Actually, it's parked in our solar system and creeping past the sun. It's closer to the sun than we are and it's lost in the glare of the sun, it's shrouded by dust. It comes through every 3,600 years or so and it's legendary - every culture has some talk about the apocalypse or the end times or whatever the heck they call it, and it's called the Great Destroyer or the Red Star. And when it passes it's just a big magnet. It causes pole shifts and that's why we had ice ages in the past. This pole shift is going to be a big one - a 90% turn of the crust. But in 2003 we saw a second sun rising, many people saw this, they'd say Hey I saw the sun come up twice and we said Yo, second sun.

Rachel: OK Nancy. We'll get a little bit more from you in a second and we'll see if we can get the Zetas to tell us what may happen to us personally.

(click of phone being put down)

Ugly Phil: Yep, she's insane.

(break for news)

Rachel: We are in the middle of a chat with Nancy. She's American, communicates telepathically with an alien race called the Zetas and someone's been on the text - Paul in Shrovesbury. Do these Zetas have a website - I've just tuned in? Well they don't because obviously they're aliens and their long spiny fingers, they struggle with the keyboards but Nancy has a website:, if you want to go there and find out when the polar shift is.

Ugly Phil: In fact last time Nancy, I don't know if you remember but I wanted to ask the Zetas a very important question about, well not world peace, but my love life. Do you remember? You said play it cool, play it cool.

Nancy: Yea

Ugly Phil: So far it's gone a bit cold - as barren as the Sahara Desert but without the heat. Umm, and I'd like to know from Zeta, whether or not I'm going to meet a woman.

Nancy: Oh alright. Oh, I think I remember your standards were too high.

Ugly Phil: Yea, I know, I've dropped them way, way down now, trust me!

Nancy: You know, if you can look at Rachel with love.

Ugly Phil: Now, now, hang on now, I'm not dropping them that low!

Nancy: Oh, OK, I'll ask the Zetas quickly.

Ugly Phil: Can you not include Rachel in that because it's making me feel uncomfortable? I'm getting a nasty planetary alignment.

Nancy: Edging towards the door, right?

Ugly Phil: If anything's going to tip over onto its side, it might be me.

Nancy: Here's Zetatalk on that:

Nothing has changed since we last spoke. You are still clinging to high expectations. Look into the personality, look into the soul. This is what lasts when you grow old and you're holding hands on the porch and rocking in your rocking chair. It's not that big rack of boobs or slender waist that you're going to be looking at, it's going to be soul to soul contact, this is what lasts. We can only emphasize: this is your answer and remember, every day that passes is making you a little less desirable too.

Rachel: Oh, I like the end bit Nancy. It's a very good lesson.

Ugly Phil: This Zeta, what's he bench? Seriously, you know what I mean? Seriously, I've got a few words.

Nancy: Well actually, I'll bet they're very strong. I've seen them.

Ugly Phil: I don't care OK, listen I'm bench-pressing about 160 now without any help.

Rachel: Listen Nancy, it's a pleasure to speak to you as always. May the difficult times come and go quickly and roll on the period of great love.

Ugly Phil: Rachel, do you want to ask Nancy a question? Please don't bring up something about your kids.

Rachel: No, no, no.

Ugly Phil: What a waste of a good opportunity last time!

Rachel: Nancy and the Zetas have answered everything for me.

Ugly Phil: No, go on, ask your question. Last time she wasted it!

Rachel: If you would Nancy, I'd like you to ask the Zetas, let's say in 5 years time, what does my future hold for me?

Nancy: And here's what they say:

Rachel, you have a very strong Service-to-Other orientation which means you will be in a very strong leadership position. Women in particular will do better than men in the chaos that follows a pole shift. They're more grounded in everyday tasks, change the baby's diaper, what's for supper - that type of thing and men will just sort of wander around and bump into themselves and bump into each other and try to figure out who the enemy is when there is no enemy. You will excel in this regard as I think you know. The UK will need much of this. Within 2 years after the pole shift, much of the western coast will be underwater, then you have the eastern coast fishing should be very good. Get ready to build boats and go out to sea and you're going to probably be a ship captain and much of this, having good courage as well as good heart.

Nancy: Wow, nothing but compliments! Whoa, Rachel!!

Ugly Phil: I'm reading between the lines there and I'm seeing where the Zetas are coming from and you know customer service. Would you like a fillet of fish with that sir? That's what you'll be doing, you'll be the duty manager.

Rachel: I'll be like Captain Birdseye.

Ugly Phil: You will.

Nancy: She could probably use a deck-hand who can bench 160.

Ugly Phil: You know what I mean, it sounds like deck-hand, some of the things she calls me. I'll be too busy walking around bumping into people. Nancy, always a pleasure, thank you so much. Hope to talk to you again soon.

Nancy: Yea and I'd love to be back, thank-you.