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with Ugly Phil on the Breakfast Hour
May 30, 2006

Ugly Phil: Nancy, good to talk to you, thanks very much. Now you are in America, tell me about Zetatalk, in fact firstly, whereabouts in America are you?

Nancy: I'm in rural area out here with the cows and the chickens. We advise everyone to get away from the coastlines, get out of the big cities, because we're going to have some big rock and roll around the corner.

Ugly Phil: Tell me what Zeta is and how you act as a conduit?

Nancy: They're these tall skinny guys with big eyes that come from Zeta Reticuli and I'm a contactee, have been since childhood and I've agreed to be their emissary - speak for them, so to speak. They communicate telepathically to me, put a concept into my brain, I wrap words around it - English, because that's my native language - and that's Zetatalk. The entire Zetatalk website is answers to questions people have posed……

Ugly Phil: Right, so when you got initially visited and the question was posed to you, "Will you be our emissary on Earth?", did you immediately go "Yes" or did you take a couple of days to, you know "Ahh, hang on a second, bit of a big ask, let me think about that and get back to you on Monday"?

Nancy: I not only said yes, I said yes before I was born, before I was conceived. The souls do reincarnate and my soul was asked before this birth what role I wanted to play during the Earth's transformation, This is a very important period, you know, not by coincidence that we're seeing more and more UFOs, even sightings of alien bodies and more earthquakes and volcanic activity. We are scheduled to transform to be galactic citizens during this tumultuous time.

Rachel: When you say you answer people's questions, do you have a designated time? Is there like question hour where you get to put the questions and then get the answers or do they just keep coming at you all the time, these answers to questions?

Nancy: The latter. Actually, you could ask a question now and we could do Zetatalk.

Ugly Phil: Really, I would like to know if I'm ever going to meet like a really good-looking woman?

Nancy: In general terms, we decline that kind of personal question but because we're on the air we'll answer it.

This is Zetatalk: That's up to you, your behaviour, how you approach them, what appeal you have and what standards you hold; mostly the latter. So it's in the hands of man, as we say - up to you. End of Zetatalk.

Rachel: I'm more interested, obviously, I've got children and hoping one day to have grandchildren and the world is a fragile place. I would like to ask if the human race itself is going to destroy the world or if we're going to be victims of forces at large?

Ugly Phil: Now you've made my question look shallow.

Nancy: Here's Zetatalk on that:

The latter. If mankind were allowed to run for another 100 years they would be ruining their world, they're fast at that track now, but we are going to have on Earth a pole shift - soon. We have stated before 2012 so that gives you some feeling for the time period in which a large planet, Planet X also know as Niburu or Marduk or Wormwood is going to zoom past the Earth at such a speed that it will tip Earth in space, giving it a 90° turn so that the new equator will run up and down the Atlantic rather than cross-wise as it does today and you will have balmy tropical weather in England. This is the end of Zetatalk.

Ugly Phil: Hang on a second there Nancy because I've got to do the news, etc, etc….

(Break for 15 minutes.)

Rachel: Nancy, who are the Zetas and more importantly who are the council that you speak for?

Nancy: They're wise and massive disincarnate spirits, so you don't see them but you feel them and they have been elected by a true electoral basis by every soul that they administer or affect. That means no representative government, but everybody votes. How do they know? Because they collect their votes telepathically from our brains and hold it in some massive computer. So when there're disputes, like genetic engineering which we have had done to us a number of times, you know, should we be more reptilian or should we be more mammalian? They take those disputes up and let the genetic engineers argue it in front of the council and they make a decision. And the Earth is going to become a home for the good-hearted and we're going to incarnate, when we reincarnate, into hybrids that are a combination of Zetas and humans.

Rachel: Ooh, I like the sound of that. Now Nancy, I feel 100% sure that you're going to be safe during this pole shift.

Nancy: There's no safe place but safer and less safe, etc. And yeah, I plan to dig a narrow trench, lay down in it, this is advice of the Zetas during that hour of the shift which you can see is starting, you can feel, you can see the moon swishing across the sky or the stars. Lay down in it, and not be in my house because houses can collapse. There will be hurricane force winds but if you're in a low trench, a couple of feet deep, and not that wide and just laying down, the worst you're going to get is a few scrapes.

Ugly Phil: Now with this hybrid thing, just a quick question, seeing that there's a possibility that I could be one of the chosen few, the hybrid - the cross between the human and the Zeta. Will that mean I could possibly have a full head of hair?

Nancy: Oh and if you're a lady and you can reincarnate as ladies, you know, we switch back and forth and all of us have been boys and girls in the past. You'll have small breasts - hairless, small breasts, very thin, but……..

Ugly Phil: That's like Rachel now!!


Rachel: Yeah, alright, I'm one of the Zetas.


Ugly Phil: Why didn't you tell me? All right, what's your website Nancy?


Ugly Phil: Right OK remember, as I've said, put a good word in for me and I'll look after you. I'll……

Rachel: But that's being service to self isn't it that?

Ugly Phil: No, no, no!

Nancy: Yes, yes. You're confused…..

Rachel: Service to Other! Service to Other!…

Ugly Phil: OK, OK! can you put a good word in for Rachel. Rachel can you put a good word in for me.

Rachel: Yeah, can you put in a good word for Phil because I do think about him a lot Nancy?

Ugly Phil: Have a great day now, bye-bye now.

Nancy: Bye-bye now.