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Subj:  Cataclysm Questions
Date:  95-03-20 00:39:57 EDT
From:  SaquoNancy

CNI JSW says:
>Are you able to give a time frame for these depressing (to me) cataclysmic
>Will the current group of hybrids ... be providing the new infants through
human-like production, or are you mostly refining the "model" so that you can
go into full-scale in-vitro production?<
>will the current hybrids move to earth after the cataclysm, and how long
will it take for the Earth to become habitable again beyond a very primitive

I now ask the Zetas if they wish to respond:
A:  We are delighted to see an ISCNI member poking about in the Question from
the Netherlands thread!  Welcome, and where have you been?  We felt, for a
time, that ISCNI was considering the Netherlands to be apart from the rest of
the world, or certainly the United States.  We are all one world.

Our emissary, Nancy, has relayed the vision we gave to her regarding the
cataclysms.  The cataclysms result from the magnetic pull of a giant comet,
which is in fact a planet of your solar system.  The body of this planet
surpasses, in mass, that of Earth.  The comet will pass, on it's first swing
through your solar system, between Earth and the Sun.  No collision is
possible, as the orbits do not intersect.  However, coming in from outer
space as it were, the comet is not magnetically aligned with the close-knit
group orbiting the Sun.  The comet is aligned with the larger arena, where it
spends most of it's cycle, some 3,657 years, on average.  As the comet
approaches your Solar System, it speeds up, so it retains it's magnetic
alignment when whizzing through.  Being of greater mass than the Earth, it is
not affected by Earth's magnetic alignment.  The Earth is not so fortunate.

The first pass will occur, by our calculations, early in the year 2003.  All
the cataclysms expected will occur during this pass - tidal waves,
earthquakes of a magnitude 15 Richter point, and a cloud of volcanic dust
that will make the atmosphere dense as dusk for decades.  A second pass will
occur some 7 or more years later, approximately 2011.  This second pass
brings the comet outside of your Solar System, but a second set of cataclysms
will occur at that time.  

John Waddel asks about the stepping up of our hybrid program, as to our
techniques.  Is everyone having sex all the time, and popping babies out
yearly?  Are we using genetic engineering techniques, such as in-vitro
production, where our genetic sampling is sufficient to go into
mass-production?  Neither is the case.  The hybrid program has yet to be
allowed to go into automatic, where we can let nature take it's course.  We
are still braiding the genetic thread, correcting flaws with insertion of
missing DNA, and working around the clock on these issues.  Because of the
large heads, due to increased intelligence, and smaller hip size, due to our
Zeta Reticulan contribution, infants are not carried to term by the mother.
This is not, technically speaking, necessary.  Infants within the mother are
close to her heart, but infants developed outside the mother can be sent our
love too.  We expect to use a mixture of techniques, as we do today.

Remember, John Waddel, that it is not necessary for you to have a new home
the instant you leave your existing home.  Taking a sabbatical in the spirit
world is not a bad idea, and is in fact recommended.