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Radio Go Daddy
June 15, 2005

BOB: We've got Nancy Lieder, and Nancy is a channel. Nancy channels the Zetas, and the Zetas are not a fraternity. They are an alien race. How ya doing, Nancy?

NANCY: Hey, indeed they come from Zeta Reticuli, very skinny bodies, big head, big eyes, high IQ, and very serious folk.

BOB: Now, I have a question that you can ask the Zetas.

NANCY: I'm ready. They're ready.

BOB: Any weight loss secrets.

NANCY: What I'm getting from them, is, here's ZetaTalk:

Just stop eating, it's real simple.

BOB: Just stop eating!

DAVID: Hold on a second, you're actually channeling live as we speak?

NANCY: Absolutely, and it's not a channel, it's a telepathic communication. They infused into my head, somewhere where the telepathy center is, a little bit of their DNA, so that I receive their concepts more readily. They communicate with each other telepathically, they don't even have a language, and I wrap English around the concept that I get from them, and that becomes ZetaTalk. My entire website,, has been built that way. And you can ask them a serious question. They are serious folk.

BOB: OK, the question I have, is for you. When did you link up with these Zetas?

NANCY: Actually, before birth. Reincarnation does exist, and they knew me from past lives to be somebody who was a warrior, a fighter type person, takes things seriously. This is serious business because we're going to have terrible geologic changes in our near future …

BOB: You've got credentials. You've got very long term credentials.

NANCY: That's right. And so I agreed to this role which has not been easy, to be a communicator. And it's worked out very, very well. So around 7-8 years of age they introduced little Nancy's body and mind, my protoplasm, to the fact that my soul had agreed to this role, and popped out from behind some trees while I was romping around in the woods catching frogs. And I considered them like rabbits and deer, just some other kind of wildlife but a little smarter, and we've been friend every since!

BOB: Are you afraid of them at all, Nancy? Are they ever tried to abduct you?

NANCY: Abductions don't happen, actually. That's something that our government tells people, that they're down here to eat us, and colonize us, and the like. That's not true. The human is always in charge. Contact is the more correct term. If people are curious, they're reaching out, they're giving the Call, then a visitation is arranged. They can stop this just by saying 'no, I don't want this anymore, it scares me' or whatever. Boop, no more visitations. People are in charge.

BOB: All right, here's a question for you. Did you hear the section of the show about Yahweh?

NANCY: I wasn't tuned in at that time but I'm very familiar with Yahweh, yes.

BOB: What do the Zetas think of that Yahweh?

NANCY: Actually, Lou Gentile had him on, the night that he brought ABC to the video, etc. And I was on that night, following Yahweh. And the Zetas said he's the real thing. There's something called the Element of Doubt, where we're going to increasingly see UFO's and even alien bodies. We're supposed to be, through this terrible geological changes that are happening, actually get familiar. The Earth is going to be populated by aliens as well as humans. They are our friends, in the main. And so we're going to increasingly have these sightings. But for those people that are so terrified they would literally be driven insane, there has to be the Element of Doubt, meaning those people that want to say 'ah, it's a fraud, or this or that, or he's whacky crazy', or something, that they can cling to.

BOB: You're aware of what's going on around the country right now, about the right to vote, right? If the Zetas vote, will they have to show ID?

NANCY: Well no vote is necessary by machines, that can be rigged, like voting machines with no paper trail. I won't mention what party arranged that in the 2004 elections. 1/3 of our votes went in without a paper trail, and who does that. They have a vote where every vote is a true vote, no representative government. But a one-on-one type government and the people, the entities, they call them, the souls, spirits, that get elected to govern, are truly supported by the people that they're going to govern. No bribery.

BOB: OK, Nancy, now, this is a serious thing. Right now there's a class action lawsuit against you, filed by hundreds or thousands of Zeta followers that spend the last few years making life altering decisions, according to the lawsuit, and they think you might have led them astray. What's your thoughts.

NANCY: I have to ask you, where the heck that thing is, because I've never been served with any papers. I gotta tell you, the defendant eventually gets served with papers.

BOB: Never have, huh. You've never been served with papers? You sure can. If you haven't been served with papers, then that's a whole nother issue.

NANCY: No. Now, in the first place, if the weatherman says a big storm is coming in, you either take their advice or you don't, you take their warnings or you don't. And the whole thing with the pole shift was, that people were supposed to evaluate and come to their own conclusions. The weatherman doesn't dictate to you whether or not you go out and carry your umbrella or you don't. It's you who decides. Humans are supposed to be adults about this and come to their own conclusions, sort it out, and evaluate, and I think the courts system look at it that way also.

DAVID: Those people in San Diego, that were waiting for the satellite to come out from behind the Hubble space telescope. They all killed themselves. Hale-Bopp group.

NANCY: That was the Hale-Bopp crowd, yeah, the Heaven's Gate group, right.

BOB: People that make decisions like that, you've got to be careful.

NANCY: That was a group that said that. That said , 'we're all going to kill ourselves because we're all going to be raptured up'. In fact, ZetaTalk says the opposite, that suicide is a selfish action. Those people that are aware of serious gelogical changes coming, and what to do about it, have an obligation to help those people who don't know about it. To explain this is what's happened and what to do about it.

BOB: Nancy, where in the Universe are the Zetas from?

NANCY: Zeta Reticuli is a group of stars, but actually the stars that are their home stars, the planets go around, we don't even see because they're dim stars.

BOB: Dim stars. You know, I know a lot of dim bulbs.

NANCY: Well their stars are dim bulbs. They have big eyes like our night creatures do, because they're used to living with little light.

BOB: All right, OK, well Nancy, can you hang around a little longer? We've got a few more questions to ask you. … How ya doing, Nancy, still channeling the Zetas for us?

NANCY: It's a telepathic conversation.

BOB: Nancy, we have a question for you. We have one important question. Do the Zetas listen to Radio Go Daddy?

NANCY: They listen to the listeners. Because they're telepathic, they can tap into the people that are listening to the show and get their impressions. Which is better.

BOB: But they really don't care about the show.

NANCY: I'm sure that they could, if they wanted to actually listen to the radio show. But you get more information if you actually listen to the people who are listening. You're getting their reaction to your show.

BOB: Now, do they have any thoughts on our prisoner of war camp down at Guantanamo Bay?

NANCY: You want to hear it from the Zetas?

An atrocity. Only controlled because of the exposure in the media and the fact that the American public is not used to thinking of their leaders as cruel, sadistic, torturing dictators, which in fact they desire to be. So folks, stay involved, because you're the only hope for those people kept there.

BOB: Whoa. Do the Zetas know that all those people that are down there would kill us in a minute?

NANCY: Here's ZetaTalk:

Because someone says so? Rumsfeld? Bush? And what is their track record. Lied on weapons of mass destruction. Lied on a number of issues. They're over in Iraq for oil, not to liberate those people. So consider the source before you assume the guilt of their prisoners.

BOB: Now here's what I have to say, now. I'm going to tell you something just before we sign off with you. And I think you've been a wonderful guest, but I would guess that the Zetas live in a blue state.

NANCY: Hehehe. Well, I do, I Nancy, do. And I'm blue, I have to say that.

BOB: I would think it's not only blue, it's royal blue. All right, Nancy, thanks for being on the show.

NANCY: But they don't like oppression, they don't like lies. And they believe in empowering people with information. You're not getting the truth about the coming pole shift either, folks. Go to and read up on it and what to do about it.

BOB: All right, but you've got the class action suit pending against you, young Nancy. Best of luck to you, thanks for coming on the show.