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Rise to the Ecliptic

Per the Zetas, Planet X drops to 32 Degrees below the Eliptic on its approach to evade the crowded particle flow backwash, but rises suddenly to Cross Through the Ecliptic at passage. They have also described Planet X as floating past the Earth as it crosses, some 14 million miles from Earth between the Earth and the Sun. By June 1, this closeness to the Ecliptic can be seen by recent photos from opposite sides of the Earth, Italy and Australia, the Eclipse, and SOHO burn from an additional heat source other than the Sun. Position is the same, indicating the personas have merged and Planet X is likely being viewed at actual placement, relative to the Sun.

Italy, May 27

Australia, May 29

Solar Elipse, May 31
SOHO Burnout May 27 and June 1