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Earth Tilt Analysis

In the analysis below, done by precise Methods, it appears that something is amiss with the tilt of the Earth, its location in its normal orbit, and the position of the Moon. This analysis used the atomic clock, which is adjusted frequently by the Navy for a slowing rotation, thus these readings will not indicate slowing, per se. Rotatonal surging may have also affected some readings where differences are noted between days. Note the onset of noted differences did not start until shortly after the Summer Solstice, an interesting correlation to a recent crop circle analysis. The Earth's orbit may have dropped below the Ecliptic, or slowed, or veered closer to the Sun. More star and alignment with other planets in the solar system needs to be done to determine this. Note that the Zetas addressed this on August 20, in a writeup titled Sacred Orbit.

Earth Tilt Readings: Sep 2, 2003
Everything on tract with rotation just a little bit slow from Arcturus Star. Azmuth in the correct degree with Arcturus Star. Moon seems to be correct with both azmuth and altitude.