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Ecliptic Rise

Planet X approaches from the south, and the Pole Shift occurs because the S. Pole is pulled north with the N. Pole of Planet X during the passage. This stress is already evident in that many have noted that the Sun is too far south, rising too far to the south, for the time of year. Possible explanations for this are that the S. Pole has been pulled toward Planet X, creating a different tilt, but the constellations seem to be in their proper place. An alternate explanation is that the Earth's plane of the Ecliptic has changed, rising up, putting the Northern Hemisphere into a different slant, and placing the S. Pole more in line with the N. Pole of Planet X, an alignment Magnets Prefer.     

October 30
The sun here in Miami is definately too low in the sky for this time of year. [and from another source] A couple of days ago here in Australia I noticed the sun is coming in my back area about 10 to 15 degrees further south. Usually in the middle of summer it comes straight in the middle of my back area. (due West) This is about an hour before sunset when I noticed it and thought to myself, this is different. [and from another source] Was stunned to see the sky almost black at 5:00 PM and by 5:20 PM pitch black here in Wisconsin! This does not occur until late December!
October 29
Sunday morning Oct 26 in Idaho we set the clocks back one hour. The sun had been starting to show its light at 6:30-ish, so after the time change it should have started rising at 5:30-ish. Guess what. Last Monday morning it was completely dark until 6:40, when the sun should have started its rise at 5:30-ish! (Yes, I re-checked the clocks and the TV and internet all showed the correct time). Wednesday morning in Idaho it was completely light outside by 6:00 (sun started rising at 5:30). This is too weird after having been dark until 6:40 just two days before. Everyone I told about this has just poo-pooed it and thinks I am imagining things (actually my brother drives to work every morning at 5:30 and also noticed this strangeness).
October 27
My students and I conducted a sun-dial experiment one week prior to the 'official' time zone change and we are nearing the end of the first week after the time change. Last week we discovered that at high noon the sun was at 80 degrees and did not reach 90 degrees until 1:00 PM [would be noon, after the time change]. Since the time change the high noon readings were at 110 degrees and the 11:00 AM readings were at 90 degrees, an hour early. [and from another source] On the day or so after we changed the clocks per DST, the sun in New Orleans which I watch set on a lake every fricking night nearly, moved way down the bridge that we watch it set over. To the left, being south.
October 24
Also, the Sun has moved here in Kansas. It is more north, or we have tilted in a different direction, or are being pulled south more. [and from another timekeeper] Today, Friday, Oct 24, in El Paso, the Sun rose due East of the City. This is a 10 degree movement North on the horizion since the 22nd.
October 22
The sun is rising and setting way too far south here in Atlanta, GA, and it just seems too odd. [and from another source] This past week the Sun has risen 110 degrees on the El Paso horizon each of the three mornings I have recorded the time and measured the sunrise position along the Hueco Mountain ridges using my magnetic compass. Sun is rising far to the S of where it did in May and June. [Note: In early October, the Sun was suddenly rising much to the South, per many reports.]
October 6
I took my compass to my sunset site in Richmond, VA. The Sun set due West, 30 degrees from where it set the last time I observed it - probably in late August. [and from another source] We went to look at the sunset, in Wisconsin, and found a 20 degree swing south from where observed on Sep 23.
October 5
I don´t ever think I´ve seen the sun set so far to the S West here in Alberta. My house faces dirrectly to the west and I get the setting sun in my front window every day and I swear that its not in the right place for this time of the year. I have lived in this house for 7 years and I swear it has never been that far south.
October 4
The sun has moved 4 sun widths to the south in a few days, while rising!  
October 1
I drive the same route to work everyday about the same time. I always have a good view of the sun. Now, just a few weeks ago at 6:20 AM in the morning, the sun was about 5 to 7 degrees above the horizon and was slightly left of my position. I was travelling almost due East. Two days ago at the same time the sun was just breaking the horizon and was almost dead on in front of me. I wouldn´t think the position would have changed that much in two weeks. [and from another source] From The Netherlands in western Europe, in one weeks time the sun moved almost 20 degrees to the left of the place where it was setting the week before. [and from another source] I can see it has moved very far south very quickly. It is at a mid November location. [and from another source] We golf on Sunday mornings in Wisconsin. Three weeks ago, huge sunrise in correct location (E, NE). The very next week the sun rise was easily 30 degrees further south. When it did, everyone commented on how different the course and greens looked and we all agreed it was because of where the sun was coming up. Drastic change in one week. Very November like. Since then, temps have dropped with highs now in the 40´s and 50´s. Average for now is 67.