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Tilt Tug Renewed

November 14
I have lived in N east Ohio for 20 odd years and in my current house for 10 of those years. My front door and bay windows are deu West, my rear windows in the kitchen, are due East. I would get wonderful sunset views and it has been very noticeable that sunsets are no longer shining in my windows! They are now S/SW! My sunrise views are to the N/NE! While driving home with my children they commented on the Suns position (they are 10, 8, and 6 years old) we were headed West and the Sun was setting to the South! They are not that old, but they too notice something off kilter!
November 11
I saw the moon swing from way far SW to almost over head in 3-4 days. Earth Tilt is happening.
November 10
Just looked at the Moon - 12:38AM - it is absolutely directly overhead. I have not seen the Sun this directly overhead during the entire time we have been measuring it. It and the Moon are always to the side. Tonight, it is like a vertical line could be drawn from the top of my head to the Moon. Whereas Mars and the Moon have heretofore been on pretty much the same level, tonight the Moon is much higher.
November 9
Last month the noon shadow line on the sidewalk was four inches West of the bldg wall. There is a facade overhang that account for the 4". Now, at noon the shadow is 8" West of the overhang shadow. The Facade is about 4 feet high and is made of corrugated metal. It makes a nice plane to use to determine when the Sun is straight up in the sky. To cast the wider shadow the Earth had to tilt East a little.