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Moons and Swirls
June 8, 2004

Signs of the Times #885
There are three anomalous objects in this one. One at 11 o clock, One at 2 o clock, One at 7 o clock, I see two objects and they are moving! I save the pictures, and then changed them to reflect like a negative, and there is indeed something there. [and from another source] Did Venus transit? What does the word ‘transit’ mean? It means a concluded and completed passage, in one side, entirely out the other, and nothing half way about it. Venus went half way, and is not proceeding past the Sun on its orbit. How do we know? We and others pushed it there, into position despite its reluctance, and properly so as to be viewed from Earth. But why? Because we wanted the public to see it, wanted the observation of other anomalies around the Sun to become the buzz of amateurs. Like the Moon off orbit, and the Second Sun dramatically confusing those viewing it with the real Sun they see moments later, this phenomena will not go away, nor will the attention it gains diminish because the establishment ignores it. The tail of Planet X, the moon swirls, the increasing fireballs streaking through the atmosphere, all are here to stay while the situation only worsens. Those with scopes and solar filters, seeing what puzzled them on June 8, will go back for another peek. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Bait and Switch.]
Signs of the Times #884
But how many Venuses are transiting in front of the Sun? [and from another source] Thus armed with data on the rate at which Planet X is moving past the Sun in its virtual straight line trajectory, its sling orbit, man could compute the likely arrival of the dust cloud with all its many moons and debris. During a recent Interview we were asked about the June 8 transit of Venus, which did not occur, though by the planet jam-up in front of Planet X it has pushed alongside the Earth due to the crowding the Dark Twin coming up behind the Earth in their shared orbit has created. We stated we were holding in abeyance our comments on the transit, so that the government would proceed with their plan to make much of this transit, and have the world look. And what did they see? Certainly something in front of the Sun. Certainly many things in front of the Sun, and moving. Is this Venus, or Venus clones? They are not as large as Venus, but are closer. And the drama is only beginning. [Note: new ZetaTalk: June Incoming.]