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Dark Twin Captured?
Apr 29, 2004 

I have taken digital images, April 26 and 29, in the vicinity of Venus and have found a fast moving object between 1 and 2 O-Clock.. I have prepared two inverted color images to show the movement over the three day period. Images taken approx. 22 miles north of Santa Rosa-near Geyserville, Sonoma County, CA. Time: between 9:00 and 9:30 pm.

Note in the Skymaps provided, that Venus and the star constellations are expected to stay relatively close to each other between these days, and this is true for a halted orbit as well, Venus being located above where expected, not dropping to the horizon, but nevertheless a static constellation to the right of Venus would be anticipated. Star constellations do not change their relationship to each other as radically as these photos show, and no known planet rides to the right of Venus. The Dark Twin, however, does ride there!