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Venus too High
May 3, 2004

May 3
If Venus is going to transit the Sun on June 8th why is it at 45° at sunset! Also why does it continue to get brighter when the debunkers said it would be getting dim by now?

Venus was very high and very bright again tonight. Too hig and too bright as a matter of fact.
May 5
In Wisconsin at 9:18 CDT Venus was observed at Azi 295° Alt 35°. Skymap expects it to be at Azi 290° Alt 21°. 14° too high and not dropping toward the horizon for the transit as expected. Venus is expected to be at Atl 35° only at sundown, occurring over an hour earlier at 8:00 CDT
May 11
I just checked Sky and Telescope. Went outside to look. According to S&T Venus should have been right on the horizon. Instead, it was still high in the sky about 35°. Per Skymap, Venus should drop about 10° per hour, so even considering a daylight savings time confusion, this is an extreme difference, way too high.
May 16
In Wisconsin at 9:25 CDT Venus was 38° up. Skymap expects Venus to be 14° up at this time, high by about 24°, similar to the Vancouver photos.
May 28
Despite (7% phase on May 23, below) Venus has this evening in Italy a magnitude greater than Saturn and Mars. It is well clearly visible in the dusk. Skymap expects Venus to be on the horizon at 22:00 so it is also too HIGH, seen above the trees here.