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Orion Misplaced
Apr 30, 2004

Orion’s Belt [Apr 30] is pointing out Sirus in a place I have never witnessed before, so low on the western horizon.

I am a star watcher and this week on a nice night [Apr 30] I went outside and something is amiss. Orion is way out of place! WAAAYYY. Have a look.

It’s not just the sun going north, it’s everything and anything you can observe in the sky, like the Moon for instance. Check out where Venus sets in the night sky, it’s way NW and everything else is too.
I almost flipped when I checked out some of the constellations the other night [Apr 29].

I park in the same spot every day at the train station to leave for work [Apr 29]. I remember where the sun was in my windshield last spring/summer and it´s showing up in the spot where last year it was showing up in July/August. Way North!

Many here have noticed the sun too far North [Apr 28] and that is exactly what I am seeing where I live. It´s got me scared now.

Some people I know here in Australia, who do not look nor are they expecting anything, have mentioned from their own observations [Apr 28] of everyday life that the sun is not where it should be.