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Posted on April 24-25.
Source: Time Bomb message Board

Location: Central Iowa
I got off work late this evening, and noticed something odd in the northwest. It was a bright "star", but hazy. The other stars weren't hazy, just that one. So I dashed home, and got my 20x70 binoculars that I use for stargazing, and got a good look at it. It's a comet, that is seen nearly end-on, surrounded by it's own dust cloud (coma). It's off to the northwest in North America tonight, and is the brightest thing in that part of the sky. Bright white center, with a blueish cloud around it.
Location: Northern Ontario
Cloudy and rainy here right now, so I can't spot a thing. Nothing should be bright and visible in the late night sky yet, so I find that strange.
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
So I’m watching this thing. Clear skys and its orange. The thing has disappeared right before my eyes and now its back. Holy sheep shit! Its a huge fireball! It's completely gone. Disappeared. been about a minute now. Clear skies. Huh! Phoned the observatory here in town. Maybe they will call back and tell me what it is. Very weird. Never seen anything like that before. I'll post if I get any answers.
Location: New York
As far as I can tell I don't think any comets are suppose to be visible right now.
Location: Arkansas
My wife and I saw it last Thursday night about 10:15. At first I thought it was a really bright star but it was way out of position for anything I was used to seeing. And suddenly, it vanished! It was about half the size of the moon best I can remember. My mouth was hanging open as I drove along the highway.
Location: Central Iowa
I can't give an update on the comet tonight, as it's overcast here in Iowa. When I saw it last night, it was after the moon had set, and it was very late in the evening, much too late for the object to have been Venus. As to it's position, it is near the ecliptic at about 300 degrees true, and about 20 degrees above the horizon at 22:30 CDT.