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Italian/Australian Photos
Comparing Mar 10-13
Pre-and-Post Mar 10, 2004 Sweeping Arm!

Sequence from 07:45 to 08.15 this morning, Mar 10. Sequence from 07:45 to 08:15 this morning, Mar 13. The Sun's shadow is touching the black sign I put on the windows last year, at 12:00 in the month of August. The only difference is that now is 10:30 a.m. and today is March 13th!

Giusmar indicates the high arc of the Sun where the noon shadow lands, due to Earth tilt. These are comparable photos, both taken at the same time and location. They show the Sun less high in the sky for Mar 13 where it is expected to be higher, the Sun coming later when it should be coming earlier, a result of an increased lean along the Earth's orbit line and less tilt toward the Sun. Though a slight difference, the southern hemisphere has also noted a change in just these same days.

Photo's taken today Saturday 13th march 3:00 PM approx 310° West and approx 45-50° alttitude. Funny though as the other day the alttitude was 30° or so higher, I can't have been that wrong as I am not that bad at estimating. By looking at the photo's from the other day that I had sent, this change could be true as I usually stand in a similar position. Both sets of photos are from the same time.


For Australia, The Mar 10 photo shows a much higher Sun, presumably to the left along the Ecliptic as the lines are lifting at a sharp angle, indicating a close drop from the poles. Richard states this is 30°! SkyMap shows they should be in about the same place, the 310° estimated by the photographer, but this is not the case either. An increased lean along the Earth's orbit line, stretching the Earth along the Ecliptic rather than across it and standing up, would likewise move the Sun's placement to the left, South, and put the Sun higher in the sky. This would be more dramatic for Australia, formerly tilting away from the Sun but now due to a lean along the Ecltipic, exposed to the Sun again, just when Summer is moving into Fall, there, presumably, and the opposite expected!