Orbit Slowed

Human calendars and clocks assume man to be looking out into dark space in the dead of night in different directions as the year progressed. But what if the orbit stopped? A given point on the globe would find the sunrise too early and the sunset too late, per the calendars and clocks which assume the globe to have moved along in its orbit. This is precisely what is being reported! It appears that both the Earth and Mars have been held back in their orbits, caught in the grip of Planet X, the mighty magnet. Both Earth and Mars have magnetic fields. 

October 29
Sunday morning Oct 26 in Idaho we set the clocks back one hour. The sun had been starting to show its light at 6:30-ish, so after the time change it should have started rising at 5:30-ish. Guess what. Last Monday morning it was completely dark until 6:40, when the sun should have started its rise at 5:30-ish! (Yes, I re-checked the clocks and the TV and internet all showed the correct time). Wednesday morning in Idaho it was completely light outside by 6:00 (sun started rising at 5:30). This is too weird after having been dark until 6:40 just two days before. Everyone I told about this has just poo-pooed it and thinks I am imagining things (actually my brother drives to work every morning at 5:30 and also noticed this strangeness).
October 14
Why is Mars still as visible in the southern skies as it was back on Aug 28 when it made its closest approach to earth in 60 thousand years?
October 3
Why is this info being put out there? Different Dipper 'Great Square and its handle serve as fall’s starry landmark. High overhead around the midnight hour is a star configuration that some people might confuse with the Big Dipper. The grouping is actually made up of parts from three constellations.' [Note: is the Big Dipper not where it is supposed to be, and the public quickly assured their eyes are deceiving them? The Skymap is for Madison, WI.]
October 2
On Thursday, Oct 2, I measured El Paso in relation to the Dome (90° N Lat) and the Equator (0° Lat) and here are the results. Both assume the surface flat and a pole vertical to flat surface. I used a 180° compass with a 1/8" dia wire pointer attached at midpoint of the compass arc. From Sun S to Equator measured 53°. Leaving 37° from S to Dome. Same as before [see Sep 27]. But magnetic N was 42° W of the Sun shadow at Noon cast by the bldg front I have used as my mark. In my back yard I have been moving my magnetic N mark E a little bit every few days. That is why I think core is still with Sun and crust moving W for my noon here in El Paso.