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Moon Orbit Aberations   

August 31
My whole family was shocked to see the new postion that the moon comes up in. The Moon set less then two hours, after sunset. And, it was covered with pink, orange, and red clouds. And, the first quarter seems to be larger than it should be for this time in the cycle.
August 23
I went to the Naval Astronomical Application Department, and according to them at 4:50AM on 8/23/03 the moon should be 76.7 degrees east of north. Well my compass shows the moon to be 50 degrees east of north. The moon is far too north for this time of year. My house faces exactly east. I live in Florida .
August 19
I am 48, am not a drug or alcohol user, and above all I am not nuts! I am telling you that the moon (or earth) has moved. We have an inground pool, and the other night my wife and I were admiring the moons reflection off the water (looking SSE). I was using my telescope looking at Mars, which is to the moon's right. Within 3 nights, the moon swung about 35' degrees to the east (from originally the SSE). And now to see the moon I must look to the left of my garage! It's moved.
August 16
In the last 3 (min) to 5 (max) days (during the night), the moon rising from the observational point (where I stand) has taken a 35 to 40 degree shift toward (to) the EES east/eastsouth (in order of area of domain) from the SSE south/southeast. ... too have notcied that the moon is off course in my star program. ... I don't use a program but just by observing the moon it clearly changed position (a lot) during the last 4 nights (south/east). Even people on the street commented on this. ... I have noticed the same variations here in Florida. The moon is rising from the SE very late in the evening near the time of midnight and setting way into the mid morning hours around 9 or 10AM from the SW.
August 14
I awoke this morning at 5:05AM with the full moon glaring (extremely bright) through my bedroom window. It is usually in this position about 11:00PM or midnight. So we are talking a 5 hour difference. (It is a small window.)
August 10
The nearly full moon is rising in the SE and traveling in a very different path before setting in the low SW. Very odd for this time of year in Colorado.
August 7
Tonight around 12AM, the moon was oddly large and was appearing in the sky below a tree out front. 15 minutes later, I looked back out and it moved to the point that it was way behind the tree´s view. Now, it´s 12:35AM and it´s completely out of my view. What´s with it´s (or the Earth´s) fast movement? Also, it´s usually located on the totally other side of the sky from where I look out my window nightly around this time, on the right. Tonight, it´s way on the left where I have never seen it located. ... I have noticed that the moon appears oblate, bloated at the sides. Something is tugging on it with severe gravitational fury. ... Here in Holland it disappeared in a flash and also a few days ago, at night, the moon was totally to the east when it should have been to the south, that was very odd.