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Moon Tilt!

Jan 9, full Moon before sunrise. The Moon was on the opposite side of the Sun.
Note the Moon should not be full, per Skymap, but in particular, not the photographed Face of the Moon! This is the wrong Face to be presenting, the Moon has tilted slightly! Below, 1. Skymap showing degree of fullness, 2. Moon as imaged in Japan on Jan 9, and 3. the Face that should be presenting.

There was a full moon on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th of the current month. I have never in my life seen a full moon for so many consecutive days. On the 10th, I watched through binocular and I noticed the moon feature called Tycho was in the wrong place. Here is Tycho on the usual lower left side. Before posting this thread I have done extensive reseach and all sources conclude about the following:
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‘The asymmetric nature of this gravitational interaction is also responsible for the fact that the Moon rotates synchronously, i.e. it is locked in phase with its orbit so that the same side is always facing toward the Earth.’