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Mars Orbit Aberations

September 11
Do you remember my last image of the moon which I sent you day before yesterday which showed Luna springing up from behind those lights on the right? Well, look where she is springing up tonight? [Note: Skymap view from Italy for Sep 12, Italy shows Moon moving East appropriately, per the cityscape below. But no Mars in view in the large version of the photo at right.]
September 9
I just measured the Moon’s angle and it seemed to be normal. The measurement accuracy is about +- 1 degree. The astronomy software says 18.4 degrees, and my measurement indicates 19 degrees. The moon is 99.7% full at the time of measurement.
September 9
I've been watching both the sun, moon and mars for sometime now. Just last night [Sep 8] the Moon was South and Mars was seemingly chasing it accross the sky. In one night everything has shifted. Tonight [Sep 9] Mars is South and the Moon is chasing Mars? [Note: this is appropriate per SkyMap, computer application with very old data pre set.]
September 9
Two days ago the moon was high up behind my house in Italy - South, and now here she springs up from EastEastSouth. [Note: Skymap view from Italy for Sep 9, Italy, shows the Moon now too far South in relationship to Mars.]