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Moon Suddenly North
Oct 29, 2004

From GodlikeProduction Message Board

Boy the Moon was way strange tonight! It came up way North. I´m in So Calif, and I also noticed the moon was way farther south the night before. And it had moved halfway across the sky in one day.

Saw the same thing here. I live in Chile. I never saw the moon move so much in one night before.

I live just south of San Francisco, on the coast, and the tides are very high lately. This is not being reported on the news at all (not that I´ve seen). Everyone in my neighborhood is talking about it and scratching their heads. Something is up.

I saw the same thing in Ontario tonight. The moon was way outside of it´s positions of last night. It wasn´t anywhere near where it was last night, not even close. This is not right, and the media not reporting it sure does tell us all something.

Confirm from southern hemisphere: Moon rise last night 1 hr too early. Altitude at least 5 (possibly 10) deg too low. Moon rise was north of east, well off the ecliptic.

I noticed that the moon did come up way way North. It has risen very far to the North before towards the end of the lunar cycle (which is odd in itself) to rise that far North, but this was the first time I noticed it as a full moon, and I watch daily.

Via Email to Nancy

We observed the Moon at 7pm (five days ago on Oct 22) here in Seattle just between two branches of our Oak tree (South of our house) the following night Oct 23 it was East of our house at 9pm. Such a radical difference I wonder how they still manage to maintain silence in the mainstream media.

The moon's orbital track [Oct 29] here in Mississippi is further north than a couple of nights ago.

This morning, Friday, October 29, 2004, in El Paso at 06:45 hrs MDT the full moon was Azi 279°, Alt 43°. [Note Skymap has it at 280° and Alt 20°, so it rose much further North than expected!]

Wisco Observations

On Oct 31 the Moon was observed several times too far NORTH, too HIGH in the sky, thus rising EARLY. Observations are in green, expected by Skymap in yellow. At 8:30 PM the Moon was observed at Azi 55° Alt 35°, at 10:59 PM at Azi 87° and Alt 60°, at 1:36 AM at Azi 100° and Alt 80°.