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Moon Too Full
Oct 1, 2004

I live in Russia, Rostov on Don. From 9/23/2004 the moon was round during one week. Weather was clear. It is observed millions people, which don't know about ZetaTalk. The people were surprised. TV and radio have not informed about this event. How visible the Moon from other places? What speaks the world press about deviations of phases of the Moon?
Garshin in Russia

Our moonrise last night [Oct 1] was way to the NNE in the mountains of upper E TN

Moon is NE in Canada. The 2 of October, the moon was full. Today [Oct 4] we are half moon. For the third consecutives evening, the moon rise 6.5 degrees more North than the preceding day. This is making a total of 19 degrees in 3 night.

Here is Wisconsin, the Moon can be seen rising in the NE, then overhead, and distinctly in the NW later in the afternoon! Far to the North the whole time.