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Moon Late
June 2004

June 3
I went to check on the moon here in Kansas at about 9:45 and it was no where to be found. Moon rise time for my area is 9:29 PM. Just now at 10:09 I found the moon just above the horizon. Now, it seems to me that it is very near the horizon for a rise time of 40 minutes ago. LATE
June 3
12:30 AM (in the wee hours of June 3) Moon Azi 180 Alt 30. HIGH and LATE. Skymap says Azi 187 Alt 20.
 June 26
In Wisconsin at 11:00 PM, the Moon was observed at Azi 260° Alt 60°. Skymap expects Azi 230° Alt 25°! This puts the Ecliptic far NORTH and the Moon high, thus LATE