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Moon Late
May 2004

May 8
The Transit of the moon was, according to the US Navy chart, at 3:30 AM. Yet, the moon had barely moved a quarter of the way across the sky by 3:30 AM, much less passed it´s meridian! Not only that, but it is in a very odd trajectory. It is moving up from extremely low on the Southeastern horizon and moving to the West, north west at a skewed angle. This flattened trajectory was even more pronounced last night than ever before. Something is very wrong here. [and from another] Last night´s moon was late again as usual. Here are the numbers for my latitude and longitude: According to the US Navy Chart Moon rise was due at 12:41 AM May 8, 2004. However, the moon did not rise until 1:33 AM. That´s a difference of 52 min. compared to 47 the day before and 43 the day before that. There is a common ratio here of a five min. increase each time. That is a huge difference in astronomical terms!
May 10
For what it is worth to anyone wishing to check this out. This site is good for getting the facts. The charts from the Naval Observatory ( the link posted above) say that for today, May 10 2004 that the moon would rise in my area at 1:04 AM. In the past this site has been accurate and when it said the moon would be visible to me it was pretty much visible to me within a few minutes of when it said it would be. I was up until 2 in the morning on the 10th of May 2004 waiting to see the moon rise at 1:04 AM and it never came up. From my obervations something is seriously off here. When I got up to use the bathroom at 5 AM the moon was up but very low in the sky.
May 11
On this past Sunday the tide in Mid- Florida, where I was visiting, was 34 minutes late. Yes that was 34 minutes late. Just to be clear the observations came from Mid- Florida on the Atlantic side.
May 12
Moon is late 1:04 hours here in Cordoba, Argentina.
May 26
In Wisconsin just after midnight at 12:35 AM in the wee hours of May 26, the Moon was at Azi 278° and Alt 25°. Per Skymap, it should have been, with CDT, at Azi 285° and Alt 10°. A full 15° too high, and late!