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Double Global
Nov 15, 2007

Quakes on November 15 were a Magnitude 6.2 at 15:03 UTC and a Magnitude 6.8 at 15:06 UTC on the coast of Northern Chile. Quakes on November 16 were a 6.3 Magnitude at 3:12 UTC and a Magnitude 6.7 at 3:13 UTC in or near Ecuador.

And the Zetas explain.

The wobble has gotten more extreme, as evidenced by reports Nancy has received lately.

The major quakes clusters on November 16, accompanied by a global shudder, happened almost exactly 12 hours apart, at 3:12 UTC and 15:03 UTC. This is caused by the wobble, which forms a Figure 8, and has lately gotten more extreme. As the Earth rotates the N Pole of Earth is pushed away from Planet X when it comes into view. This is when it is pre-dawn in Alask. And then the Earth bounces back into its normal position when the N Pole of Earth disappears over the horizon again at dusk over Alaska. At 3:12 UTC the Sun stands high overhead over the mid-Atlantic and Alaska is approaching her dawn. Exactly 12 hours later the Sun stands high overhead over Korea and Alaska is seeing her sunset.