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Ocean Sloshing

ZetaTalk written during the Apr7, 2007 live chat.

Why are the oceans not lurching over the continents?

When the Earth moves, land masses move with it, although tugging at the magnetic points of the Earth cause stress on the plates boundaries. We have pointed out since 2003 that the 12 hour wobble displayed on the live seizmographs is caused by a gripping of the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift by Planet X at 0:00 and 12:00 UTC, attempting to hold this surface magnet in alignment with the magnetic field of Planet X. This tugging causes compression in the Pacific and stretching of the Atlantic. Where land moves when the globe is tipped as a whole to lie side by side with Planet X in its current alignment with the tight magnetic field of the Sun, water will secondarily move as a whole with the Earth. We have stated that during the pole shift, there will be ocean sloshing that will cause the oceans to move inland by 200 miles, to a height of 100 feet. Why is this not occurring now? The pole shift tidal waves do not suddenlly arrive at that distance and height, they arrive because some hours have passed and the water on the move has progressed there. The lurch we have described as intermittent returns to a position where the water expects to be, and thus no steady flood tide occurs. Water grips the ocean floods, grips the coastlines, grips itself with surface tension, and this must be overcome by the weight of water wanting to move inland on one side of an ocean or another.