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Sun North
May 8, 2007

As noted on the GLP Message Board.
Today at May 08 2007, 4.15 AM here at 51N 00E I noticed noctilucent clouds lighting up the sky in the extreme NE. By 4.45 the whole sky was blue. There are red highlights on clouds that are NNE in the sky. The sun is coming up WAY NORTH. The NE is lit up red in arc of cloud over London as I type this.
I've noticed in alaska the amount of illumination before sunrise or sunset has went up dramatically. Normally where I am at we still have a few hours of darkness and with the "pre-dawn" light and the excess twilight length we don't have much at all for this time of year. My whole family had noticed the fact we seem to have even less dark hours this early before summer cause of the light before/after sunset/rise. Something is odd. It does appear to be quite a bit north on the rise but again thats hard to tell up here with the mountains and all and our relative position. Who knows if its the sun brighter or something really wierd like the chemtrails are refracting the light across the globe further or something...who knows.. Just out of curiousity I am going to start checking out the times of daylight that we are supposed to have and set up a web cam at my office in anchorage to start checking the light at different times to share with yall. Will prob wait a week or so until I get a bit of data so its worth it.
I concur. The sun is rising too far to the north, getting brighter way too early. (white sun, by the way). Eastern Canada here.