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Polaris Askew
Jun 28, 2005

Hi gang! Well, here's the latest sky data from Lattitude 46.40! You should see what Polaris is doing tonight! It's all over the place! I haven't seen it move this radically in some time. At 3AM this morning it was at least a minimum of 3 arc points right (east) of center. The last few weeks it hasn't done much, but tonight.....Wow! something sure lit a fire under it! As you all know, Polaris is not supposed to move. I've been monitoring it now for about a year. In the last 5 months I've had to re-sight my laser 3 different times just to keep it in the field. Today must be da' bomb because I also see that the moon suddenly decided to wake up and get back to work!. It has climbed practically straight up in the sky as compared to it's skulking around on the southern horizon yesterday and the last 10 days prior.I notice that the red glow or aura that first showed up last summer (in the clouds that surround the moon) is getting more and more pronounced recently.
Cliff and I have been bouncing this stuff around for about two years now. I consider CLiff one of my best long distance friends. Great mind in the man, nice to pick some fruit from his mind every once in a while.So, I'll let you in on what we been thinking, and theorizing. We have had a lot of help from folks around the country AND the world, with sightings and experiences from their neck of the woods.Cliff started talking about oddities with the moon, I and a few others jumped on it, and we started doing some checking, about orbits, and etc. Yep, something wasn't jiving with what we were taught as kids...hmmm...Our emails got to the point where Cliff, and I were doing slow motion dances with grapefruit and oranges! (Simulating spheres in orbit). Balanese dancers with a fruit fetish? We figured the best reason was a WOBBLE was going on, either with Ol Cheesehead, or Mudda Oith.. perhaps BOTH? We had letters from folks who had lived in the SAME house for over 30 years telling us they were seeing the moon shining through a certain window in their homes, that it never cast light through , in over thirty years! Hmmm... so we weren't crazy! Although TONS of folks will argue that with Be that as it may, we kept thinking and thinking.. I figured with our limited resources, no big telescopes, etc.; we needed to figure out what kind of wobble the Earth was having, if any.

Cliff and I were writing for another website at the time, (I still do..); and I thought, hey, we need to look at Polaris, see if it is moving TOO MUCH, and that would give us a great starting point... Well, Cliff, being the ingenius dude he is, buried a fat railroad sleeper in the ground, and mounted a LASER to the top of the rail. Good steady rest, and pointing right at Polaris.Well, lo and behold, Cliff is getting readings, and observations of Polaris wiggling way too much.. we ALSO had a friend in Australia, named Jack, who was doing sightings of the Southern extended axis and he said he found a movement in the southern polar region, but seemed more so than the northern regions pole star movement.. hmmm... What we apparently have determined, from my perspective is this. There definately is a wobble going on with Earth, above and beyond the Chandlers wobble. I feel the "horizontal axis" of this wobble is stationed above the equator in the northern latitudes, about 20 degrees north. THUS, the wobble is less in the northern hemisphere, versus the southerns wobble which is more severe. ANY mention of this brings huge howls of protest, all kinds of slime comes out of the woodworks. My computer got hacked to DEATH, literally, had to get a NEW ONE!! Cliff was screwed with unmercifully too. We have found out over the years, the closer you are to the truth, the MORE the A**holes howl and point accusing fingers of insanity, touched, lunacy, you name it, we got called it, or accused of it.!! LOL.. SO we KNEW we were onto something, just what, and how severe, was the question?

I personally don't think the Earth has moved in its orbit, just wiggling while it doing its orbit thing! NOW, what the heck is causing the wiggle? A source of unknown GRAVITY influence? Planet X? A side effect of the increased OUTPUT of SOLAR ENERGY? The light has changed from the sun. It is brighter now. We are seeing the entire solar system be affected by the sun. So, this human cause of global warming is bulls**t in my opinion, and it is NOT a humble opinion on that! It tis the sun causing VAST majority of it all. But back to da moon, and the wiggling... Cliff, and our gang of knotheads need a good telescope.. and some equations and numbers to work with to figure out the amount of wiggle Earth is doing. From that, we SHOULD be able to figure out where the moon would be if the Earth wiggle is there, and moon is NOT wiggling. But anyhow.... We were ALSO seeing the US Naval Observatory, considered by most, to be the gurus of space; CHANGING its lunar tables as much as every three months, and in the meantime, moonrise and sets, were off at times, (early in our lame research), by as much as more than NINETY MINUTES! WHOA! Something is amiss, the gurus were never that FAR OFF! A lunar rise and set table should be set up, and NOT CHANGE! Why were they changing DATA every once in a while? To US, this, in a way, verified something was rotten in Denmark!
Hey Cliff, From the antipodes I also am observing Sigma Octantis, the South Celestial Pole, making irregular and ephemeral 'movements' in the night sky. The 'movements' when facing south is higher off the horizon and to the left of a land target. In other words, Earth sinks down and to the right in the evening sky, in a spiral effect. Using the naked-eye/hand at arm's length method the range of movement is 5+ degrees. And Venus, as Hesperus, is exceptionally bright.
Su Amigo, Juan Loco
Greetings, Don Juan de La Loco Motion! Yes! What you are seeing dovetails exactly with the motions of the earth up here. If I didn't know any better, I'd suspect we might even be on the same planet! (Yikes, what a thought!) Up here in the northern Hemisphere, Polaris is doing exactly the opposite of it's southern counterparts. Which, unlike most things these days, makes complete sense! It moves up and to the right! I estimate last night that it had moved at least 3.5 arc degrees by around 3 in the morning. I was unable to take any further readings at that point because, just like magic, in came the clouds! Talk about annoying! It seems like every time things get interesting in the night sky, some clown starts up the dry ice machine and fogs things up!
Just wanted to pass this on to you before I call it a day! My 3am reading of Polaris for June 29, 2005 showed that the North Star is still evidencing its return to the sudden radical movement that began just three days ago. (Earth wobble picking up once again) The appearance of the star's excess movement is still in full swing. It appears to be moving farther off center target and doing it earlier in the evening than weeks prior. I haven't seen action like this since the weeks in Dec. before the big Sumatra quake. There is one interesting difference in the movement that you may want to take note of, however. Back in Dec., Polaris's movements were from slightly west and above target center at 9 PM, to several arc points above and past target center to the East by 3 am.... In other words the earth was wobbling a soft figure eight that ran east to west (and back in the day) each night and was generally covering 4 to 5 arc points each night. Now, here's the interesting part. The movement now is in the other Direction! At 9PM the star is roughly 1 arc point above center. (more or less at the one o'clock position) but by 3AM the star has moved north to almost due magnetic south nearly 4 arc point! That means that the planet is now wobbling magnetic south to magnetic north each night! I guess it just can't make up it's mind, eh?
-Cliff, June 30