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Swiss Measure
May 24, 2005
Rumor Mill

Now that Summer has finally arrived here in Europe, friends and I were able to carefully observe the sky both at day- and night times. The full moon trajectory of last night - compared to its trajectory during the two previous nights - was seemingly thousands of miles but at least about 60 degrees South of its "usual" line of journey. [Note: Moon seen in extreme South at this time, worldwide, plus effect of wobble in Europe at night.] The Sunset is North-NorthWest in Switzerland at about 9:15 pm, and sun rise is well before 5 am, making this here a 17-18 hours long day light at the end of May, and truly I cannot recall having ever noticed this. [Skymap expects sunset at 9:00 and rise at 6, assuming DST, so report is a day 1:15 longer than expected.] My precise planetary software data graphs just do NOT match what I observe at this time and at this longitude/latitude. What does it mean? Dunno ;-)
Swizerland, May 24, 2005